How to draw between people on the same whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboard

There is many solutions to draw among several people within the same online web canvas, this article is about – free online collaborative tool.

Free online whiteboard

This web application has a free version in which we can use a public blackboard with any collaborators. If you want to extend with feature of private whiteboards, then you can choose between different plant.

Integrated video and voice chat

The workspace is an infinite canvas, where you can draw without limits, being an ideal tool for meetings, presentations, brain storming, conferences with the integrated video and voice chat and other events in which the participation of more than one person is necessary.

Shape tools

There are four type of shape tools, each can be accessible with shortkeys. The line tool has the unique feature that joins the line segments automatically if they are near each other. The canvas is infinite in the xy-plane and practically infinite in the z direction, that's why it is called zoomable (vector graphics).

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