Today I want to get into some very good reasons why I chose to teach myself front end web development. If you're looking for a way out of that job you don't like, or are looking for the perfect skill to learn that will allow you to elevate yourself in life, I suggest you teach yourself what I call the golden three: html, css, and javascript or jquery. You can learn at your own pace and in two to three years from now you will be better off than you were before because you will have gained a marketable skill that you can use to generate a good income. If that's not a good enough reason for you, here's a few more to get your motivation going.

1. No college degree required.

No need to sit in a class room learning outdated or unnecesary material. Instead you can teach yourself the latest technologies for free with resources like Codecademy, this blog, Codepen of course, and these two books HTML&CSS and Javascript&jQuery. Although the books aren't free, they are easy to learn from and I highly recommend them. Not to mention it's a lot cheaper than paying for college courses.

2. You learn a trade.

Learning to code is a highly valuable skill that you can benefit from within 2 to 3 years of practice. Kinda like plumbing or auto mechanics. It's a skill that allows you to, after you become proficient, go anywhere and find a great paying job or better yet employ yourself. You can have this one skill and still put food on the table.

3. All you need is internet and a laptop.

The requirements to learn and be productive are super minimal. All you need is internet and a working computer. THAT'S IT! You can use the free wi-fi at McDonald's or Starbucks if need be. These are the only two things that you need to check off the to-do list to get started.

4. Be your own boss.

Not looking forward to punching the clock? Build your skill set and hire yourself! You could become a freelancer and be your own boss.

5. Work for a company.

Employment as a jr. web developer is what I want to accomplish. Landing your dream job is definitley within reach. Why not work at a place that includes ping pong tables and beer? Free lunches, open vacation policies. The perks that could come along with working for some of these places are a big bonus in my book.

6. Become an entrepreneur and start a business.

If you have that burning entrepreneural spirit within you, learning to code will not only allow you to be able to manisfest all your ideas YOURSELF, you also won't have to look for, rely on, or spend any money on a technical founder.

7. Jobs.

The amount of employers that are looking for people with these skills is insane. I'm not going to post any stats but trust when I say that opportunities will be coming left and right once you establish yourself in the community and put together a nice portfolio.

8. Six figure salary potential.

You can make some serious money working as a web developer. I live in California close to the bay area. Web developers here are averaging over $90,000 a year. Depening on your skill set this can be a lot more. You also allow yourself the potential to reach financial freedom with stock options if you're lucky. Think of the early google, facebook, apple and microsoft employees.

9. You can literally build your ideas from nothing.

Code is weightless. You don't need a physical product to earn a profit. Your website can run on autopilot. If you're running an ecommerce store it's open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You're able to create value through your typing fingers with very low overhead. No buildings to rent. No electric bill to pay. You can build minimum viable products for yourself to test out. It's like a super power.

10. Work from anywhere.

Freedom is the number one reason why I chose to learn to code. You don't have to be tied down to the physical location of a job if you don't want to. The internet is everywhere. You're laptop is portable. The idea of being able to take a trip somewhere at the spur of a moment and still be able to make money and get important work done is very appealing to me.


I know I said freedom is my number one reason but I left another super important reason out.

Connect with everyone. World wide.

The fact that you can connect with an unlimited amount of people half way across the world in an instant is incredible. We who are fortunate enough to live in a time where it's easy and possible to do so should take advantage.

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