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  1. Great way to explain these functions.

  2. @ZCKVNS Thanks :) Glad to hear it.

  3. Thanks! This was an awesome way to explain the concepts. And I always love seeing Vue on the front-page :)

  4. @hyrumwhite Really glad to hear that, Hyrum. Thanks :) Awesome to see another Vue-fellow here. 👏

  5. This made me laugh! Original idea and well executed! 👍

  6. @agrimsrud Thanks, Anders 👍 glad you liked it!

  7. Super cool and fun exempel, thanks a lot :-)

  8. @wrunkel Thanks Wanja, much appreciated 👍 :)

  9. This is really good! And funny! The Vue bonus is fantastic! I hope more soon!

  10. @ldmichiels Thanks Lucas :D very glad that you liked it. I'll see what I can think of next time. And I'll be sure to include Vue in some way ;)

  11. This is great. I didn't really understand .map .filter .reduce functional javascript methods until just now, thanks to this article. Really well explained, and the analogy works well to help wrap your head around these. Thank you @andersschmidt !

  12. @abottega Very happy to hear that it was useful to you, Adam. :)

  13. Let's taste it or test it :D🥄

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