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  1. Hello there. Thank you for this PEN. Flexbox is amazing! I have a question.

    I forked your PEN here https://codepen.io/dragontheory/pen/yLBeEvR and created a HEADER and two ASIDEs and then moved the HEADER and FOOTER outside of the MAIN. It all seems to work. My question is how to get the individual columns to scroll, NOT the body? Thank you again.

  2. Hello, @dragontheory
    if I am getting you right than try this one. https://codepen.io/jigneshpanchalmj/pen/ExYPGbE

  3. @jigneshpanchalmj,

    That's exactly the behavior I was looking for! Thank you very much for you time and effort! The header, footer, etc, heights may change though. Is there a way to allow Flex to do the calculations for us rather than depending on the -118px? Ultimately I want to and allow for multiple scrollable sections in a single column within this scaffolding. Like this https://codepen.io/dragontheory/pen/VoXjNV

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