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                <h1>Under 18 Population Living in Poverty, 2014</h1>


                @import url(;
h1{font: small-caps 300 2em/1.5em 'Open Sans', sans-serif; text-align: center;margin: 20px auto 0;padding: 0;}
.land{ fill: #ccc; }
	stroke: #fff;
	fill: none;
	stroke-linejoin: round;
	stroke-linecap: round;
.states{fill: #aec7e8;}
.bubble{fill:red; fill-opacity: .5;}
.hover{stroke:#666; fill-opacity: .8;}




var width = 1000,
	height = 600;

var path = d3.geo.path()
	.projection(null) //albersUsa projection stated in Make file when creating the topojson data

var radius = d3.scale.sqrt() 
	.domain([0, 3e6]) // INPUT domain-range of possible input data values
	//To avoid distortion, make sure that the minimum "domain" and "range" values are both 0
	.range([0, 60]); // OUTPUT range of possible output values

var arc = d3.svg.arc()

var svg ='body').append('svg')
	.attr('height', height)
	.attr('width', width);

var toolTip ='body')
	.style('position', 'absolute')
	.style('padding', '0 10px')
	.style('background', '#fff')
	.style('opacity', 0)
  .style('font-family', 'Open Sans')
	.style('z-index', 1000);

d3.json('', function(error, usa){
	if (error) return console.log(error);

	//build the main land area
		.datum(topojson.feature(usa, usa.objects.nation))
		.attr('class', 'land')
		.attr('d', path); 

    // retrieve the features so that id is accessed
    .data(topojson.feature(usa, usa.objects.counties).features)
    .attr('id', function(d) { return; })
    .attr("class", "states states-hover")
    .attr('d', path)

         //add Tool Tip
    .on('mouseover', function(d, i){
			  .style('opacity', .9)
			  .style('left', (d3.event.pageX) + 'px')
			  .style('top', (d3.event.pageY) + 'px')  
			tempColor =; //store current color
			if( != null || != undefined){
				toolTip.html( + ", " +	
			} else {
		.on('mouseout', function(){
			 .style('opacity', 1)
			 .style('fill', tempColor)

	//build internal state lines
		.datum(topojson.mesh(usa, usa.objects.states, function(a, b) { 
			return a !== b; 
		})) //topojson.mesh
		.attr('class', 'border-states')
		.attr('d', path); 

	//show data as layered bubbles
		.attr("class", "bubble")
		.data(topojson.feature(usa, usa.objects.counties).features
			.sort(function(a, b) { //sort population low to high
				return -; 
			}) //sort
		) //data
   .on('mouseover', function(d, i){'class', 'hover')
		.on('mouseout', function(d, i){'class', '')
		.attr("transform", function(d) { 
			return "translate(" + path.centroid(d) + ")"; //Computes the projected centroid
		.attr("r", function(d) { 
			return radius(; //radius var with input (domain) and output (range)

}) //d3.json