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A magic trick developed using HTML and CSS only... and not a single line of JavaScript! The great magician Al will guess your card using his mental powers.

This magic trick/joke is a CSS only variation of a funny Garfield magic trick that I saw online a few years back (I found a video of it and even have the cards in the same order to play a hommage, aka copied it shamelessly).

No images or JavaScript code were harmed in the making of this CSS magic trick... because none were used :P


  1. This is such a clever trick! Took me a long time to figure it out.

  2. God I was FUMING for like 4 minutes, I thought there was some like eye-tracking JS hidden in the imports until I realized i had just been made a FOOL of

  3. Nice idea! I took about 2 minutes to figure out... very clever to trick somebody like this ;)

  4. Dumbest 'trick'.

  5. Fantastic! Clever idea, I got fooled. Nice "trick" :-)

  6. At first I thought this Alvaro guy was using Java or something to view my eye movements, but then I was like "hey! there's no webcam on my PC, and he can't be online 24/7!", and then I found out that NONE of the cards in the first group of 6, were present in the second group of 5; so whatever card you chose (even all of them), they wouldn't be present in the final group of cards! ☺

  7. Cool stuff... Good tricky work.....:)

  8. Clever! You fooled me twice before I figured it out :)

  9. After 1 game, i know what the trick is already 'cause i have watch a youtube video on it

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