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A Rock-Paper-Scissor game developed in HTML+CSS without any JavaScript.


  1. Well done! Your CSS pseudorandomness still amazes me.

  2. wow very cool !

  3. First time I saw CSS randomness and it took some time until I figured out how it works. Good job!

  4. @Sagamir Thanks! It is something that I've used in other pens in the past: the dice in this CSS Snakes and Ladders game, or the "AI" on this CSS Tic-Tac-Toe (notice how the computer doesn't always respond the same way to patterns).

  5. Wow, Could someone kindly explain what is happening here!

  6. Hey, That looks cool. Can I translate your article from css-tricks into Russian for

  7. @BlackStar1991 Hi Andry, thanks for your interest in the article, but it is not me the one that you need to ask. You will have to contact the CSS-Tricks team or talk to @chriscoyier about translating and/or syndicating. Thanks again!

  8. I just add the html portion where please. Very cool

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