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I saw this in some magazine I cant remember. Tried to make it in css..


  1. Awesome effect - using ems for positioning makes it a bit more flexible, and you can use javascript to keep the markup clean. Progressive enhancement amiright? http://codepen.io/joeyhoer/pen/snBpK

  2. This is a good example of why pseudo elements need to be able to pull the content of an element, not just attributes. That would be perfect for this, it's a shame that you have to put "FUTURE" in the HTML twice. Neat effect though, well done!

  3. @tjacobdesign I did this in a hurry I forgot about pseudo elements.. Updated... :)

  4. @althamash Hey, no worries. I was complaining, because there's no good way to do this without writing the word "FUTURE" twice. In your current example, once in the HTML, and once in the CSS. I wish there was a way for the CSS to pull that text from the HTML, like you can with the content: attr() syntax, but there isn't yet.

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