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              <form id="example_form">
  <div class="address_container">
    <div class="form-group">
      <label for="address">Search for address or postcode</label>
      <input type="text" class="form-control" id="address" placeholder="e.g. Manor Farm Barns, Framingham Pigot or NR14 7PZ" aria-owns="address_result" autocomplete="off" autocorrect="off">
    <button type="submit" class="btn btn-default" id="search">Search</button>
    <div id="address_status" aria-live="assertive" aria-atomic="true" role="status" class="sr-only"></div>
    <div id="address_results"></div>


<form id="output_form">
  <div class="form-group">
    <label for="address_line_1">Address line 1</label>
    <input type="text" class="form-control" id="address_line_1">
  <div class="form-group">
    <label for="address_line_2">Address line 2</label>
    <input type="text" class="form-control" id="address_line_2">
  <div class="form-group">
    <label for="posttown">Post town</label>
    <input type="text" class="form-control" id="posttown">
  <div class="form-group">
    <label for="postcode">Postcode</label>
    <input type="text" class="form-control" id="postcode">
<small>Test API key always returns data for NR14 7PZ</small>
              body {
  padding: 5%;
#address {
  margin-bottom: 20px;
#address_results {
  padding-top: 20px;
#address_results .radio {
  padding: 5px;
#address_results .radio:hover {
  background: #eee;

              // Replace with your API key, test key is locked to NR14 7PZ postcode search
var api_key = "PCW45-12345-12345-1234X";

var example_form = document.getElementById("example_form");

example_form.addEventListener("submit", function(e) {

  // The field we will use for search term input
  var address = document.getElementById("address");

  // Where we will put our search results
  var address_results = document.getElementById("address_results");

  // Accessible status messages for assisted technologies like screen readers
  var address_status = document.getElementById("address_status");

  address_search(address, address_results, address_status);

function address_search(input_element, address_results, status_element, page) {
  var page = page || 0;

  var address = input_element.value.trim();

  if (address != "") {
    // Remove any previous validation results
    if (page == 0) address_results.innerHTML = "";
    // Create a loading message
    var loading_html = document.createElement("div");
    loading_html.setAttribute("id", "address_loading");
    loading_html.textContent = "Searching addresses...";

    input_element.insertAdjacentElement("afterend", loading_html);

    status_element.textContent = "Searching addresses";

    // Country hard coded to GB for this example
    var country_code = "GB";
    // Create the URL to API including API key and encoded search term
    var address_url =
      "https://ws.postcoder.com/pcw/" +
      api_key +
      "/address/" +
      country_code +
      "/" +
      encodeURIComponent(address) +
      "?lines=2&page=" +
    // Call the API
    var address_request = new XMLHttpRequest();
    address_request.open("GET", address_url, true);

    address_request.onload = function() {
      if (address_request.status >= 200 && address_request.status < 400) {
        var data = JSON.parse(address_request.responseText);

        // For only one result, simply populate the fields, rather than asking the user to select from list
        if (data.length == 1) {
          select_address(data[0], address_results, status_element);
          status_element.textContent =
            '"' +
            data[0].summaryline +
            '" selected, address fields below populated';
        } else if (data.length > 1) {
          for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
            var address_option = document.createElement("div");
            address_option.className = "radio";

            address_option.onclick = (function(item) {
              return function(e) {
                // Only trigger if it's a click with the mouse, not caused by using arrow keys
                if (e.type === "click" && e.offsetX !== 0 && e.offsetY !== 0) {
                  select_address(item, address_results, status_element);

            address_option.onkeydown = (function(item) {
              return function(e) {
                // When using the keyboard, on return/enter select the item
                var code = e.keyCode || e.which;
                if (code == 13) {
                  select_address(item, address_results, status_element);

            var address_option_label = document.createElement("label");
            address_option_label.textContent = data[i].summaryline;

            var address_option_radio = document.createElement("input");
            address_option_radio.setAttribute("type", "radio");
            address_option_radio.setAttribute("name", "address_radio");
              "address_" + page + "_" + i
            address_option_radio.value = page + "_" + i;

            // Insert radio into label, at start

            // Insert label into option div, at end

            // Insert option div into output_element, at end
            address_results.insertAdjacentElement("beforeend", address_option);

          // Check if we have more than one page of results (Slight edge case)
          // Either let your user page through the results using button or
          // show a message to encourage them to refine their search.
          // Typically adding a house number or name along with postcode helps

          var last_index = data.length - 1;

          try {
            // Remove existing more button, if exists
          } catch (e) {}

          if (data[last_index].morevalues) {
            // Create the more button and add some context to text, using totalresutls element
            var show_more_button = document.createElement("button");
            show_more_button.textContent =
              data[last_index].totalresults +
              " addresses found, click to show next 100";
            show_more_button.setAttribute("id", "show_more_button");

            // Bind a click to the button which will pass the nextpage element through
            show_more_button.onclick = (function(last_item) {
              return function(e) {

            // Insert button at end of existing results

            // Accessible status message to say more than 100 addresses
            status_element.textContent =
              data[last_index].totalresults +
              " addresses found, showing 100 per page. This is page " +
              (parseInt(page) + 1) +
              ". Use tab to reach next page button, after address results.";
          } else {
            status_element.textContent = data.length + " addresses found";
        } else {
          address_results.textContent = "No addresses found";
          status_element.textContent = "No addresses found";
      } else {
        status_element.textContent = "Error occurred";
        address_results.textContent = "Error occurred";
        // Triggered if API does not return HTTP code between 200 and 399
        // More info - https://developers.alliescomputing.com/postcoder-web-api/error-handling
    address_request.onerror = function() {

      status_element.textContent = "Error occurred";

      address_results.textContent = "Error occurred";
      // Triggered if API cannot be reached
      // More info - https://developers.alliescomputing.com/postcoder-web-api/error-handling
  } else {
    // Could show an "Address search term is required" message here

function select_address(address, address_results, status_element) {
  address_results.innerHTML = "";

  status_element.textContent =
    '"' + address.summaryline + '" selected, address fields below populated';

  // Populate fields
  document.getElementById("address_line_1").value = address.addressline1 || "";
  document.getElementById("address_line_2").value = address.addressline2 || "";
  document.getElementById("posttown").value = address.posttown || "";
  document.getElementById("postcode").value = address.postcode || "";

  // Full list of response elements
  // https://developers.alliescomputing.com/postcoder-web-api/address-lookup

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