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Here you can Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et.

              <pre><code class="lang-bzw">options
  -mp 0,10,10,10,10,50
  -set _gravity -15
  +f GM{1}

# comment here
  name Box box copy copy
  position 0 0 0 # another box comment
  size 5 5 10
  rotation 45
  matref toast

  pos 0 0 0
  size 10 10 15

  position 0 10 0
  color 1

  position 20 10 0
  team 1
  flag G
  zoneflag R*
              hljs.registerLanguage("bzw",function(a){var z=[a.C(/#/,/$/,{r:0})];return{cI:!0,k:{keyword:"world options waterLevel dynamicColor textureMatrix material transform physics arc base box cone define group link mesh meshbox meshpyr pyramid sphere teleporter tetra weapon zone face endface enddef drawInfo lod end ",built_in:"size flagHeight noWalls freeCtfSpawns height materials red green blue alpha scale spin shift center fixedscale fixedspin fixedshift texture addtexture notextures notexcolor notexalpha texmat dyncol ambient diffuse color specular emission shininess resetmat spheremap noradar noshadow noculling nosorting nolighting alphathresh groupalpha occluder linear angular slide death divisions flatshading angle ratio position rotation size shift shear scale spin texsize phydrv ricochet smoothbounce matref top bottom inside outside startside endside pos position size rot rotation passable drivethrough shootthrough ricochet color oncap top bottom sides obstacle outside texsize texoffset border from to vertex normal texcoord noclusters passable vertices normals texcoords edge bottom startside endside flipz angle hemisphere hemi radius tilt initdelay delay type trigger eventteam zoneflag flag safety name phydrv team tint ",literal:"good bad R* G* B* P* A BU CS CL G GM IB ID JP L LG MG MQ N OO PZ QT F R SE SH SW ST SR SB TH T US V WG B BY CB FO JM LT M NJ O RC RO RT TR WA GroundMaterial WaterMaterial LinkMaterial LeftSkyboxMaterial RightSkyboxMaterial FrontSkyboxMaterial BackSkyboxMaterial TopSkyboxMaterial BottomSkyboxMaterial "},c:[{cI:!1,rB:!0,rE:!0,b:"options",e:"end",l:"[-+_]?[a-zA-Z]+",k:{keyword:"options",built_in:"-a -adminlagannounce -admsg -advertise -autoTeam -b -c -cr -density num -disableBots -f +f -fb -g -h -handicap -help -helpmsg -j -jitterdrop -jitterwarn -lagannounce -lagdrop -lagwarn -maxidle -mp -mps -ms -mts -offa -packetlossdrop -packetlosswarn -poll -q +r -rabbit +s -s -sa -sb -set -sl -spamtime -spamwarn -speedtol -srvmsg -st -sw -synctime -t -tftimeout -time -timemanual -tk -printscore -tkkr -trackplayhistory -vars -worldsize ",literal:"_agilityAdVel _agilityTimeWindow _agilityVelDelta _ambientLight _angleTolerance _angularAd _avenueSize _baseSize _boxBase _boxHeight _burrowDepth _burrowSpeedAd _burrowAngularAd _coldetDepth _coldetElements _countdownResumeDelay _cullDepth _cullDist _cullElements _cullOccluders _disableBots _disableSpeedChecks _disableHeightChecks _drawCelestial _drawClouds _drawGround _drawGroundLights _drawMountains _drawSky _enableDistanceCheck _endShotDetection _explodeTime _flagAltitude _flagEffectTime _flagHeight _flagPoleWidth _flagPoleSize _flagRadius _fogMode _fogDensity _fogStart _fogEnd _fogColor _fogNoSky _friction _gmActivationTime _gmAdLife _gmTurnAngle _gravity _handicapScoreDiff _handicapVelAd _handicapAngAd _handicapShotAd _identifyRange _inertiaAngular _inertiaLinear _jumpVelocity _laserAdVel _laserAdRate _laserAdLife _latitude _lgGravity _lockOnAngle _longitude _lRAdRate _maxBumpHeight _maxFlagGrabs _maxLOD _mirror _momentumLinAcc _momentumAngAcc _momentumFriction _mGunAdVel _mGunAdRate _mGunAdLife _muzzleFront _muzzleHeight _noClimb _noShadows _noSmallPackets _notRespondingTime _obeseFactor _pauseDropTime _positionTolerance _pyrBase _pyrHeight _radarLimit _rainBaseColor _rainDensity _rainEndZ _rainMaxPuddleTime _rainPuddleSpeed _rainPuddleColor _rainPuddleTexture _rainRoofs _rainSpread _rainSpeed _rainSpeedMod _rainSpins _rainStartZ _rainTexture _rainTopColor _rainType _rejoinTime _rejumpTime _reloadTime _rFireAdVel _rFireAdRate _rFireAdLife _shieldFlight _shockAdLife _shockInRadius _shockOutRadius _shockInRadius _shotRadius _shotRange _shotSpeed _shotTailLength _shotsKeepVerticalVelocity _skyColor _spawnMaxCompTime _spawnSafeRadMod _spawnSafeSRMod _spawnSafeSWMod _speedChecksLogOnly _srRadiusMult _squishFactor _squishTime _syncTime _syncLocation _tankAngVel _tankExplosionSize _tankHeight _tankLength _tankRadius _tankSpeed _tankWidth _targetingAngle _teleportBreadth _teleportHeight _teleportTime _teleportWidth _thiefAdLife _thiefAdRate _thiefAdShotVel _thiefTinyFactor _thiefVelAd _thiefDropTime _tinyFactor _trackFade _updateThrottleRate _useLineRain _useRainPuddles _useRainBillboards _velocityAd _wallHeight _weapons _wideAngleAng _wingsGravity _wingsJumpCount _wingsJumpVelocity _wingsSlideTime _worldSize "}},{b:"name",e:/$/,rB:!0,k:{built_in:"name"}},a.CNM].concat(z)}});

$("pre code").each(function(i, block) {

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