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The "glitch" effect, recreated with animated CSS custom properties. Pure CSS. It doesn't work in Firefox for now, but will work in the next version. I have no idea why i called it like that.


  1. Make animation faster to match "heartbeat", and set glitches timings to subdivisions of the heartbeat. Simplified font type and made it white to give it more impact (personal taste).

    And you'll have this > https://codepen.io/Canilho/pen/BRgXmd Not suitable for people that can suffer from epileptic attacks :S

  2. Freaking awesome glitch! It's pretty frustrating to get this to workin in Firefox, been trying it myself.

  3. Fantastic job, @alexnoz ! Forking this pen myself to play a bit as well. Keep it up!

  4. i'm so fucking confused... where have you set the green and pink colors for the distortion? are these determined by the browser or something?

  5. @tOkyO1, see the line #56 in CSS section. These colors are shadows whose x-offset depends on --left variable, so when it is changed, the shadows are translated to the left or to the right (if --left is negative).

  6. oh, yes, you're right. i don't know how i missed that :/ i even specifically looked at the filter property below that and to myself i was like "okay, the drop shadow doesn't effect the colors..." lol. must've been staring at a screen for too long

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