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A stained glass window made using good old fashioned tables, JavaScript, and a little bit of jQuery to get the window size. This pen is inspired by some modern stained glass pieces.

There are a lot of things I would like to improve on this. First is that performance is awful, there's a lot going on in here and it's not really optimized.

Second is to have the glass panes vary in height using "rowspan". I couldn't think of a good way to prevent rows from overlapping each other and eventually just gave up (for now) on the idea.

Third thing I'd like to change is figuring out why my SCSS wasn't working on fullscreen mode. I added in the compiled CSS, for some reason the color variables and rgba() functions didn't work in fullscreen and in the dashboard view.

Oh one last thing also would be to have the glass panes add/remove on window resize. I tried this briefly, but it's sort of tied to the performance issues mentioned above.


  1. Excellent class names!

  2. Very cool!

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