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<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, user-scalable=yes" />
    <title>Living In A Vacuum</title>

    body { margin: 0; }
    #title, #subtitle, #info, #summary { text-align: center; }
    #summary { margin: 0 10%; }
    #chapter { margin-top: 1em; }

    #edit-bar {
        margin-top: 2em; display: flex; justify-content: space-between; flex-wrap: wrap;
        position: -webkit-sticky; position: sticky; top: 0; left: 0;
        background: white; z-index: 999;
        font-family: BlinkMacSystemFont,-apple-system,"Segoe UI",Roboto,Oxygen,Ubuntu,Cantarell,"Fira Sans","Droid Sans","Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
        -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; text-size-adjust: 100%;
    #edit-bar-spacer { flex-grow: 1; }
    .button {
        background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #363636;
        border: 1px solid #dbdbdb; border-radius: 4px; box-shadow: none;
        margin: 0.5em; padding: 5px 12px;
        cursor:pointer;font-size: 0.9em;
        justify-content:center; text-align:center; white-space:nowrap;
        display: inline-flex; position: relative; vertical-align: top;
        user-select: none; text-decoration: none;
    .button.export-option { margin: 0.5em 0.2em 0.5em auto; }
    .button.export-buttons-shown { margin-left: 0.2em; margin-left: auto; } { font-weight: bold; }
    span.listened { font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; }
    #transcript.edit-mode { border-style: dashed; padding: 10px; }
    #transcript span { cursor: pointer; }
    #transcript.edit-mode span { cursor: text; }
    .transcript-base { margin: 0.5em; }

    @media all and (max-width: 900px) {
      .button.export-buttons-shown { margin: 0.5em; margin-left: auto; }
      .button.export-option { margin: 0.5em; margin-left: auto; }

    @media all and (max-width: 340px) {
      .button { margin: 0.2em; }

    @media print {
        #edit-bar { display: none; }
        .button { display: none; }
        span { background: white; }
        #transcript { border-style: none !important; padding: 0px !important; }


<div id="metadata">
<h1 id="title">Living In A Vacuum</h1>
<h4 id="subtitle">Reading</h4>

<p id="info">
2020, The F Plus<br>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<p id="summary">
Five lucky ridiculists from The F Plus Podcast were selected to visit the forums of VacuumLand.Org and read what they found there.
You’ll be happy to know that a love of vintage vacuum cleaners totally isn’t a fetish, except for the times when it is. But they’ve got some pretty incredible vacuum collections that they bring to conventions, and also, eventually, it will be time for poetry.


<div id="edit-bar">
    <a class="button" id="edit-transcript" onclick="enableEdit();" title="Enable/disable edit mode.">Edit Transcript</a>
    <a class="button" id="toggle-styling" onclick="removeStyling();" title="Words with low recognition confidence will be highlighted in red.">Remove Highlighting</a>
    <a class="button" id="add-audio-file" onclick="addAudioFile();" title="Add audio file which should be played along the transcript.">Add Audio File</a>
    <a class="button" id="toggle-play-on-click" title="Enable/disable click on word for audio playback." style="display: none;">Stop Play-on-click</a>

    <div id="edit-bar-spacer"></div>

    <a class="button export-option" id="save-changes" onclick="saveChanges();" style="display: none;" title="Save transcript editor with current changes for further editing or sharing.">Save Editor</a>
    <a class="button export-option" id="export-html" onclick="exportHTML();" style="display: none;" title="Export transcript as HTML for Word, Wordpress, etc.">Export HTML</a>
    <a class="button export-option" id="export-pdf" onclick="window.print(); hideExportButtons();" style="display: none;" title="Export transcript as PDF or to printer.">Export PDF</a>
    <a class="button export-option" id="export-webvtt" onclick="exportWebVTT();" style="display: none;" title="Export transcript as WebVTT for web players.">Export WebVTT</a>
    <a class="button" id="show-export-buttons" onclick="showExportButtons();">Export...</a>
    <a class="button" id="show-help" href="" target="_blank" title="Show transcript editor help.">?</a>

    <audio id="audio-player" preload="auto" style="display: none;">
        <source src="">

<div id="transcript" class="transcript-base">

<h2 id="chapter">More Is More</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[0:00]</small> <span title="0:00 - 0:20" data-start="00:00:00.000" data-end="00:00:19.760">Music.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Reader Intros</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[0:20]</small> <span title="0:20 - 0:25" data-start="00:00:20.006" data-end="00:00:25.356">Add this one to your collection it's the f plus podcast a terrible place with terrible things,</span><br>
<span title="0:25 - 0:38" data-start="00:00:25.380" data-end="00:00:37.761">red with enthusiasm in the room tonight we have boots rain gear do you ever dream of X it happens to me quite often dreaming of me and flea markets finding several vax especially in the most desired of mine Achilles heel ease,</span><br>
<span title="0:38 - 0:44" data-start="00:00:37.785" data-end="00:00:44.018">when I bought my gold or yellow compact in the seventies the salesman called it a gold Pig with a 30-foot tail Dan.</span><br>
<span title="0:44 - 0:54" data-start="00:00:44.240" data-end="00:00:54.037">They call him Frank West but I call him Mister games it's Frank West hate on new vacuums isn't coming from normal consumers vacuum land members are not like normal people,</span><br>
<span title="0:54 - 1:00" data-start="00:00:54.214" data-end="00:01:00.150">School witty my beloved Dyson vacuum cleaner is full of wasps bees.</span><br>
<span title="1:00 - 1:07" data-start="00:01:00.435" data-end="00:01:06.613">Cetera and lemon wow chase the god of suction continues to smile on.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:07]</small> <span title="1:07 - 1:31" data-start="00:01:06.800" data-end="00:01:30.640">Music.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Hey F Plus!</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:31]</small> <span title="1:31 - 1:33" data-start="00:01:31.042" data-end="00:01:33.404">Hey f+ hey lemon.</span><br>
<span title="1:34 - 1:43" data-start="00:01:34.049" data-end="00:01:42.928">Hey I don't know if the rest of you have been paying attention to things that are happening but I sure haven't and.</span><br>
<span title="1:43 - 1:49" data-start="00:01:43.196" data-end="00:01:48.771">And I've been thinking about how nice it would be to return to an earlier time,</span><br>
<span title="1:49 - 1:56" data-start="00:01:48.975" data-end="00:01:56.018">hmm yeah how do you deal with long do you long to return back to an earlier time like.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[2:09]</small> <span title="2:09 - 2:19" data-start="00:02:08.978" data-end="00:02:18.883">But we practice three times a week and that is mandatory is there Mead there is there is meat I make myself an inn.</span><br>
<span title="2:19 - 2:27" data-start="00:02:19.295" data-end="00:02:26.661">Yeah you must bow for the king who's the king
Steve Steve okay Steve I'm okay with</span><br>
<span title="2:27 - 2:38" data-start="00:02:26.622" data-end="00:02:38.103">yeah so you know I've been thinking about an earlier time and it was an earlier time that actually was made aware that we were made aware of very very recently,</span><br>
<span title="2:38 - 2:46" data-start="00:02:38.163" data-end="00:02:45.665">we we were doing an episode called doing the robot that's episode 334 if you want to look through and.</span><br>
<span title="2:46 - 2:57" data-start="00:02:45.941" data-end="00:02:57.053">And as we were reading it we came across a site called vacuum or sorry dot org vacuum land dot org is a fansite.</span><br>
<span title="2:57 - 3:05" data-start="00:02:57.410" data-end="00:03:05.155">For vacuums people who enjoy vacuums they think vacuums are great they want to enthuse about vacuums.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[3:06]</small> <span title="3:06 - 3:13" data-start="00:03:05.674" data-end="00:03:12.519">Um and so as and so we looked at that and we were surprised and before the episode even came out</span><br>
<span title="3:12 - 3:23" data-start="00:03:12.435" data-end="00:03:22.953">secret gauge in 69 put together because that is one committed motherfucker that's how great our fans are,</span><br>
<span title="3:23 - 3:32" data-start="00:03:23.058" data-end="00:03:31.829">it's how great our fan is like it's a real stuff just like alone here like this</span><br>
<span title="3:32 - 3:41" data-start="00:03:31.718" data-end="00:03:41.416">through quantity we're losing all of our other fans just like you only have one just one giant one left welcome to secret agent cast this.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[3:43]</small> <span title="3:43 - 3:56" data-start="00:03:42.827" data-end="00:03:56.270">Anywho so we're going to be going to a vacuum land dot-org because as I said you know a fan site for vacuums but also the owner proprietor of vacuum land dot-org.</span><br>
<span title="3:57 - 4:09" data-start="00:03:56.690" data-end="00:04:09.404">Managed to actually build his own forums and by his own forums I mean this is all custom software the four times that power vacuum land forums is all CGI that this guy wrote himself.</span><br>
<span title="4:10 - 4:22" data-start="00:04:09.716" data-end="00:04:21.665">Wow well I mean he's a kindred spirit lemon Yeah well yeah absolutely except I'm not gonna build Forum software but yeah other than that lets you do everything else.</span><br>
<span title="4:22 - 4:32" data-start="00:04:21.933" data-end="00:04:31.910">Yeah exactly exactly yeah the vacuum of the day is a GE floor polisher vacuum Frank West is,</span><br>
<span title="4:32 - 4:43" data-start="00:04:31.916" data-end="00:04:43.370">is Paige 1000 times that's correct and do it again but but I'm going to start off just by a couple of the rules here of the show it's called the discuss-o-vac forums.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">The Rules Of Discuss-O-Vac</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[4:44]</small> <span title="4:44 - 4:50" data-start="00:04:43.916" data-end="00:04:50.257">Um so it's broken into some categories you got your vintage your contemporary your household your supermarket those look.</span><br>
<span title="4:50 - 4:58" data-start="00:04:50.479" data-end="00:04:57.827">The four classifications of vacuums and there's miscellanea latest posts and my posts not really sure,</span><br>
<span title="4:58 - 5:04" data-start="00:04:58.005" data-end="00:05:04.048">what that means but anyway Forum rules all information is to be used at your own risk,</span><br>
<span title="5:04 - 5:12" data-start="00:05:04.099" data-end="00:05:11.565">look you just you know what you're getting into and you're gonna do the vacuum world,</span><br>
<span title="5:12 - 5:23" data-start="00:05:11.571" data-end="00:05:23.187">vacuum underground there will be no use for profanity on these forums this will not be tolerated and can lead to immediate suspension I don't see how anyone could follow that rule it gets pretty heated,</span><br>
<span title="5:23 - 5:36" data-start="00:05:23.256" data-end="00:05:35.655">however well actually has the now that you mention it there's a private at private / upgraded forums as these forums are for adults only oh my God I can't wait to turn 18 and use the,</span><br>
<span title="5:36 - 5:49" data-start="00:05:35.697" data-end="00:05:48.744">upgraded vacuum Forum talk like an adult with me there's a there's a rule about sex and vulgar subjects and or pornography that has the same by section there,</span><br>
<span title="5:49 - 6:01" data-start="00:05:48.912" data-end="00:06:01.032">you can post items for sale that's okay posting quality there will be no text message style talk aloud in the postings a minimum of 20 words per post will be required in most cases.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[6:02]</small> <span title="6:02 - 6:10" data-start="00:06:01.687" data-end="00:06:10.152">You can't do inflammatory stuff and then you know no spam but let's dig right in,</span><br>
<span title="6:10 - 6:24" data-start="00:06:10.203" data-end="00:06:24.213">that's all the spam Bots are just like oh shit little goddess right into the the discuss-o-vac forums and then let's see I think Frank West,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Why Collect Vacuums?</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[6:24]</small> <span title="6:24 - 6:30" data-start="00:06:24.408" data-end="00:06:30.110">you're the New York City writer I'm the New York City writer hey New York City.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[6:31]</small> <span title="6:31 - 6:36" data-start="00:06:31.178" data-end="00:06:35.520">And I have to tell you I'm very glad I stumbled upon this board,</span><br>
<span title="6:36 - 6:46" data-start="00:06:35.616" data-end="00:06:46.458">I really had no idea they were so many vacuum collectors out there you know you know what you should be writer me too I'm glad I absolutely love this board and I had no idea agreed.</span><br>
<span title="6:47 - 6:55" data-start="00:06:46.842" data-end="00:06:54.857">I've always lived vacuums myself but never had the time or space to really cultivate a collection I do however have a small collection.</span><br>
<span title="6:55 - 7:08" data-start="00:06:55.268" data-end="00:07:07.658">Working collection that is a vintage telephone booth will get out that's an OshKosh oh God I'm sorry I'm sorry anyways my question here is.</span><br>
<span title="7:08 - 7:16" data-start="00:07:08.087" data-end="00:07:16.363">What drives you guys to collect vacuums okay is it a guy Fascination for shiny electrical devices with motors and lights.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[7:17]</small> <span title="7:17 - 7:22" data-start="00:07:16.928" data-end="00:07:22.269">Is it a yearning for a bygone era for gay men in particular</span><br>
<span title="7:22 - 7:36" data-start="00:07:22.203" data-end="00:07:35.835">is it a subconscious affinity for appliances we associate with our mother whoa wow oh man now you just did that to yourself kid this forms already going there huh</span><br>
<span title="7:36 - 7:40" data-start="00:07:35.724" data-end="00:07:39.733">huh okay okay</span><br>
<span title="7:40 - 7:50" data-start="00:07:39.658" data-end="00:07:49.699">I mean I guess if you're the only one who believes in The Stereotype maybe you got a prop it up yourself also what is your ultimate endgame in cultivating your collection.</span><br>
<span title="7:50 - 7:55" data-start="00:07:50.119" data-end="00:07:54.605">Is the end of the world.</span><br>
<span title="7:55 - 8:06" data-start="00:07:54.944" data-end="00:08:05.831">I have all the vacuum fucking wrap the vacuum cleaner around my neck and go like David Carradine my God director he's reached the end cave.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[8:07]</small> <span title="8:07 - 8:10" data-start="00:08:06.881" data-end="00:08:10.071">Is the action of acquisition feeding the subconscious need.</span><br>
<span title="8:11 - 8:20" data-start="00:08:10.572" data-end="00:08:20.036">Did any of you have dreams of Resurrection say the Hoover company to its former glory building top quality appliances and employing Legions of Americans once again.</span><br>
<span title="8:20 - 8:29" data-start="00:08:20.475" data-end="00:08:29.120">I'm just curious about what drives all you love you guys that feels like a question written by this second guy.</span><br>
<span title="8:30 - 8:35" data-start="00:08:29.702" data-end="00:08:34.863">Just so he could answer it our guards man 69,</span><br>
<span title="8:35 - 8:50" data-start="00:08:35.049" data-end="00:08:49.618">I am doing over there what you doing over there with your caps lock key buddy 69 in one caps lock ah I have been a one-man mission to restore Hoover company to its former glory,</span><br>
<span title="8:50 - 8:54" data-start="00:08:49.642" data-end="00:08:53.795">being their first and only wreck,</span><br>
<span title="8:54 - 9:02" data-start="00:08:53.936" data-end="00:09:02.041">the first and only recognize Hoover serves Prodigy is six years old and sales dealer at nine</span><br>
<span title="9:02 - 9:11" data-start="00:09:01.993" data-end="00:09:11.133">they said the baby out on a cloth and it's like which item does he choose and he walks over the vacuum cleaner that he's the one,</span><br>
<span title="9:11 - 9:19" data-start="00:09:11.265" data-end="00:09:19.163">oh my God he's the kwisatz haderach,</span><br>
<span title="9:19 - 9:32" data-start="00:09:19.241" data-end="00:09:31.793">my Hoover career began with the Hoover family themselves as span five owners of 38 years I have worked all its incarnations and have contributed and inspired many models and Designs they're lying UPS.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[9:32]</small> <span title="9:32 - 9:43" data-start="00:09:32.394" data-end="00:09:42.668">As for the TV I see the vacuum cleaners who knows okay TTI six years bad I host their presidents and vice presidents at the Fishin heads on a regular basis.</span><br>
<span title="9:43 - 9:51" data-start="00:09:42.926" data-end="00:09:51.121">I built that we know where the 69 come well they don't have a sock haha,</span><br>
<span title="9:51 - 10:05" data-start="00:09:51.208" data-end="00:10:05.372">damn it he got over for all of us I know how fucking much I was waiting for the opportunity to steal that one from all of you well I'm The Prodigy here.</span><br>
<span title="10:06 - 10:19" data-start="00:10:05.747" data-end="00:10:18.659">You guys are just record without me fuck it it's done hi Frank no you back Frank honestly this blows ha ha ha ha bye Frank.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[10:21]</small> <span title="10:21 - 10:25" data-start="00:10:20.610" data-end="00:10:24.970">I build prototypes of units of the past to inspire future product lines</span><br>
<span title="10:25 - 10:36" data-start="00:10:24.940" data-end="00:10:35.953">the Hoover anniversary edition was born in my 218 East Drinker Street the showroom in May 2007 and is standstill is a number one selling Floor Care line after six years.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[10:37]</small> <span title="10:37 - 10:43" data-start="00:10:37.003" data-end="00:10:43.091">I also find one to save the convertible line and created inspired the Hoover professional collection.</span><br>
<span title="10:44 - 10:49" data-start="00:10:43.521" data-end="00:10:49.231">I don't know why he's going by a student and we can just clearly docs him his many accomplishments.</span><br>
<span title="10:50 - 11:03" data-start="00:10:49.939" data-end="00:11:03.103">I recently hosted our new and amazing President Dan Gregory at our own John Long got something my God the name dropping is embarrassing oh come on if you have those names in your pocket you drop them too.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[11:04]</small> <span title="11:04 - 11:06" data-start="00:11:03.911" data-end="00:11:05.741">Cassidy and visit with him,</span><br>
<span title="11:06 - 11:14" data-start="00:11:05.927" data-end="00:11:14.140">which John truly enjoyed and even his getting any Hoover of his choice from the upcoming new upright collection when available,</span><br>
<span title="11:14 - 11:21" data-start="00:11:14.326" data-end="00:11:21.153">Guardsman 69 out thanks nice cars 169 and then Squiddy you are Guido.</span><br>
<span title="11:22 - 11:25" data-start="00:11:21.879" data-end="00:11:25.240">Okay why collect vacuum cleaners</span><br>
<span title="11:25 - 11:34" data-start="00:11:25.237" data-end="00:11:34.476">ten good reasons not going on Italian accent all right David Letterman top 10 could not maintain the Italian accent you know that,</span><br>
<span title="11:35 - 11:36" data-start="00:11:34.527" data-end="00:11:36.133">you're the Aunty Bunny Bread.</span><br>
<span title="11:36 - 11:45" data-start="00:11:36.445" data-end="00:11:45.387">That is so true you can maintain.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[11:46]</small> <span title="11:46 - 11:48" data-start="00:11:46.239" data-end="00:11:48.394">One pitch.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[11:50]</small> <span title="11:50 - 11:57" data-start="00:11:49.732" data-end="00:11:56.883">Collecting butterflies or post stamps must be so boring the only other option so sure.</span><br>
<span title="11:57 - 12:07" data-start="00:11:57.114" data-end="00:12:06.948">Collecting vacuum cleaners means being able to see a soul in an ordinary object like a vacuum cleaner that Ordinary People are usually unable to see.</span><br>
<span title="12:07 - 12:14" data-start="00:12:07.287" data-end="00:12:13.510">Three make an anime about you how are there any more bullet points that seems what is,</span><br>
<span title="12:14 - 12:25" data-start="00:12:13.561" data-end="00:12:25.357">what is the Autumn of this Dyson three searching for certain old machines is a rare treasure hunt and finding a missing rare to find model has no price.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[12:26]</small> <span title="12:26 - 12:34" data-start="00:12:26.498" data-end="00:12:34.188">For vintage vacuum cleaners like other everyday objects are a reflection of a gone by times design and technique</span><br>
<span title="12:34 - 12:42" data-start="00:12:34.095" data-end="00:12:41.525">we are proud to preserve a memory of it even if it's from an unusual point of view when you see them inside</span><br>
<span title="12:41 - 12:55" data-start="00:12:41.423" data-end="00:12:55.389">how they were built you get so much emotion for the good quality of materials intelligence and care of it than modern new brilliant idea which came to life and was often handmade or hand assembled by persons</span><br>
<span title="12:55 - 13:01" data-start="00:12:55.233" data-end="00:13:01.159">not machines around Europe or USA China was still far to come,</span><br>
<span title="13:01 - 13:07" data-start="00:13:01.300" data-end="00:13:07.380">dun dun dun dun.</span><br>
<span title="13:08 - 13:18" data-start="00:13:07.683" data-end="00:13:17.606">Wrestler 8055 restoration on older models takes time experience much information and care and can be very relaxing.</span><br>
<span title="13:18 - 13:32" data-start="00:13:18.207" data-end="00:13:32.280">Six vacuum cleaners are probably the most interesting electrical devices hmm okay okay the most yeah probably probably the most incredible probably in a normal vintage households,</span><br>
<span title="13:32 - 13:41" data-start="00:13:32.475" data-end="00:13:41.282">they move light up transform into something else and room okay well okay now I'm on it again now I can see it.</span><br>
<span title="13:42 - 13:51" data-start="00:13:41.567" data-end="00:13:51.284">7 you should see the face of your guests.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[13:52]</small> <span title="13:52 - 14:05" data-start="00:13:51.668" data-end="00:14:05.147">When you show them your vacuum cleaner collection the one time they come over right here like would you like to see my Dyson hate,</span><br>
<span title="14:05 - 14:17" data-start="00:14:05.333" data-end="00:14:16.706">the more time passes in the more difficult it is to find some older models in their original spare parts it is really a great challenge,</span><br>
<span title="14:17 - 14:18" data-start="00:14:16.892" data-end="00:14:18.201">nine.</span><br>
<span title="14:19 - 14:30" data-start="00:14:18.513" data-end="00:14:29.651">Vacuum cleaners or floor polishers were not created for display or collecting reasons like a beautiful Vaz why not why didn't they do that that should have been part of the original plan.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[14:30]</small> <span title="14:30 - 14:33" data-start="00:14:30.027" data-end="00:14:33.054">Indeed they did not anticipate us,</span><br>
<span title="14:33 - 14:42" data-start="00:14:33.150" data-end="00:14:41.633">like a beautiful Vaz a picture chandelier their Destiny is usually service and they were often discarded,</span><br>
<span title="14:42 - 14:50" data-start="00:14:41.649" data-end="00:14:49.619">we're not working properly anymore replaced with smaller lighter models we love to give them a new life and opportunity,</span><br>
<span title="14:50 - 14:59" data-start="00:14:49.670" data-end="00:14:58.819">people throw away Electronics in the past but I'm a little worried about the vacuum cleaner Uprising at this point okay 10.</span><br>
<span title="14:59 - 15:05" data-start="00:14:59.122" data-end="00:15:04.715">I don't know if there's this subconscious affinity for appliances we associate with our mothers could be</span><br>
<span title="15:05 - 15:16" data-start="00:15:04.640" data-end="00:15:15.815">but for sure there's a sort of imprinting from the early years we all remember the first vacuum cleaners on our life the guilty ones.</span><br>
<span title="15:16 - 15:18" data-start="00:15:16.100" data-end="00:15:17.697">When it all began,</span><br>
<span title="15:18 - 15:29" data-start="00:15:17.919" data-end="00:15:28.652">Italian friend in massive vorwerk collector I'm probably pronouncing that wrong and we're going to get vacuum cleaner heads in the hell yeah that sounds great that sounds great come on in.</span><br>
<span title="15:29 - 15:34" data-start="00:15:28.893" data-end="00:15:33.820">Pack your heads like all the requests we've had to make a separate forum for vacuum</span><br>
<span title="15:34 - 15:45" data-start="00:15:33.709" data-end="00:15:44.838">cleaners enthusiasts we keep turning them down but I feel like scratching I feel like with this episode we're just going to get so many listen man we know what happens when we let you guys congregate okay</span><br>
<span title="15:45 - 15:51" data-start="00:15:44.692" data-end="00:15:50.645">you know one or two at a time that's nine he get a group together you got trouble.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[15:51]</small> <span title="15:51 - 16:02" data-start="00:15:51.101" data-end="00:16:01.736">So you want me to continue with the name drop here I hope so I'm only if they're great and I can't see Italian friend and massive or work collector Tommy Milan.</span><br>
<span title="16:02 - 16:06" data-start="00:16:02.093" data-end="00:16:05.769">With a hyphen in it for some reason,</span><br>
<span title="16:06 - 16:18" data-start="00:16:05.847" data-end="00:16:17.841">visited me in December and brought me the best Christmas present ever the Italian Lisa 1957 floor polisher model Ellie s ALU.</span><br>
<span title="16:18 - 16:25" data-start="00:16:18.162" data-end="00:16:24.637">/ one first one that I've been searching for for at least six years so after,</span><br>
<span title="16:25 - 16:33" data-start="00:16:24.662" data-end="00:16:32.568">collecting every all the advertising about this machine for years I finally got one it's the blue on The Middle</span><br>
<span title="16:32 - 16:40" data-start="00:16:32.494" data-end="00:16:39.923">yes I also spent a wonderful Sunday with Tommy a very kind and funny person in a giant</span><br>
<span title="16:40 - 16:47" data-start="00:16:39.902" data-end="00:16:47.476">flea market and enjoyed a great Chinese meal what more what more could you want no literally nothing.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[16:48]</small> <span title="16:48 - 16:57" data-start="00:16:48.085" data-end="00:16:56.848">That's the life man vacuums and Chinese food I take this occasion to share this picture of this beautiful machine with you and here it is wow.</span><br>
<span title="16:57 - 17:05" data-start="00:16:57.259" data-end="00:17:05.364">Wow wow that was that was quite the machine green wow I like that he artfully flanked it with two other</span><br>
<span title="17:05 - 17:15" data-start="00:17:05.289" data-end="00:17:14.537">just so you know I have other vacuum cleaners.</span><br>
<span title="17:15 - 17:26" data-start="00:17:14.786" data-end="00:17:25.610">All right so we're going to be going to another thread here this is thread number 23152.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Anthony Had An Aunt</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[17:26]</small> <span title="17:26 - 17:29" data-start="00:17:26.066" data-end="00:17:28.878">Again it is custom built software</span><br>
<span title="17:29 - 17:42" data-start="00:17:28.866" data-end="00:17:41.787">yeah so thread number of mm or 23152 starts off with a photo of a child from Awkward Family Photos that's the Opie not particularly interesting but.</span><br>
<span title="17:42 - 17:49" data-start="00:17:42.144" data-end="00:17:48.611">But he's just a the Opie there Electrolux 137 starts talk about you know,</span><br>
<span title="17:49 - 17:59" data-start="00:17:48.644" data-end="00:17:59.161">what it was like growing up really being into vacuums and asked other people to share their stories and and Boots Anthony had an aunt is that right.</span><br>
<span title="17:59 - 18:07" data-start="00:17:59.383" data-end="00:18:07.425">Anthony had an aunt yes yes yes that's true I'm Anthony.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[18:08]</small> <span title="18:08 - 18:10" data-start="00:18:08.251" data-end="00:18:09.874">I had an aunt.</span><br>
<span title="18:10 - 18:19" data-start="00:18:10.492" data-end="00:18:19.083">Who hated my interest in vacuums when I was a boy so much so both her and her husband would call me silly names,</span><br>
<span title="18:19 - 18:22" data-start="00:18:19.269" data-end="00:18:22.126">Bobo of queer</span><br>
<span title="18:22 - 18:36" data-start="00:18:22.015" data-end="00:18:35.611">spring to mind when I was 11 years old I paid her back by changing the wires around in the plug on her twin tub and electrocuting her she never teased all guess your Dad's here,</span><br>
<span title="18:36 - 18:45" data-start="00:18:35.825" data-end="00:18:45.451">okay okay so this is a horror movie directed by John Waters okay are we a true crime broadcast now,</span><br>
<span title="18:46 - 18:54" data-start="00:18:45.673" data-end="00:18:54.462">and why is there so much homophobia by these vacuum cleaner people here to me seems like he was a regular at 11 year old but he Harbors a dark secret,</span><br>
<span title="18:55 - 19:03" data-start="00:18:54.549" data-end="00:19:03.357">no the lethal arms no the lethal twin tub didn't kill her if only she had been touching the TAPS at the time</span><br>
<span title="19:03 - 19:18" data-start="00:19:03.210" data-end="00:19:18.084">but it did throw her across the kitchen bouncing her off the cooker and causing her to be deaf in one ear for the rest of her life and then everyone forgot I forgot the beginning of that to say hi again,</span><br>
<span title="19:18 - 19:25" data-start="00:19:18.243" data-end="00:19:24.584">my name is Brian Kirby class.</span><br>
<span title="19:25 - 19:35" data-start="00:19:25.175" data-end="00:19:34.549">My mother was not thrilled with my love of vacuums as a child comma comma and was ashamed and embarrassed about.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[19:35]</small> <span title="19:35 - 19:49" data-start="00:19:35.267" data-end="00:19:49.286">She would not even talk about vacuum cleaners when I was around or let me talk about it she considers of consider he's a vacuum cleaner to be nothing more than a fancy garbage can how dare she.</span><br>
<span title="19:50 - 20:04" data-start="00:19:49.553" data-end="00:20:03.735">She even went as far as making sure I was not there or included when the time came to buy a new vacuum when I was a kid my God something I never forgot.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[20:05]</small> <span title="20:05 - 20:10" data-start="00:20:05.343" data-end="00:20:10.045">I told her in later years that's the one thing she could have done,</span><br>
<span title="20:10 - 20:24" data-start="00:20:10.150" data-end="00:20:24.035">happy you fucked up as a mother this one specific event,</span><br>
<span title="20:26 - 20:39" data-start="00:20:26.021" data-end="00:20:39.339">if you would have been able to buy a vacuum cleaner with his mom everything else would have been fine my son please I don't have long left I just want to let you know.</span><br>
<span title="20:40 - 20:48" data-start="00:20:40.047" data-end="00:20:48.287">The thing about the vacuum cleaner still stupid I'm sorry I don't I'm really not sorry about it even like 16.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[20:49]</small> <span title="20:49 - 20:55" data-start="00:20:49.400" data-end="00:20:54.850">I'm at peace now.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[20:56]</small> <span title="20:56 - 21:04" data-start="00:20:56.467" data-end="00:21:03.807">Yeah she just grunted and walked off shaking her head would have been such a crime to let a six or seven year old come to the store.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[21:05]</small> <span title="21:05 - 21:08" data-start="00:21:04.785" data-end="00:21:08.038">Yeah maybe haha oh well</span><br>
<span title="21:08 - 21:17" data-start="00:21:08.026" data-end="00:21:16.653">I got my wish and revenge and in the end several years later when I was able to drive and had my own money I took that awful machine she bought,</span><br>
<span title="21:17 - 21:24" data-start="00:21:16.668" data-end="00:21:24.062">and I traded it for a machine I wanted as I was the one who did all the vacuuming of chords good</span><br>
<span title="21:24 - 21:33" data-start="00:21:23.924" data-end="00:21:32.722">oh my God my revenge is as cool as that other guys Revenge yeah
she was miffed.</span><br>
<span title="21:33 - 21:48" data-start="00:21:33.007" data-end="00:21:47.801">But she never mentioned it again after I told her since I'm the one that does the vacuuming she wouldn't touch a vacuum cleaner for life depended on it I should be at least able to have the one I liked we never discussed it again.</span><br>
<span title="21:48 - 21:55" data-start="00:21:48.446" data-end="00:21:55.210">And it never haunted me my father was no help either comma comma every comments twice.</span><br>
<span title="21:56 - 22:01" data-start="00:21:55.585" data-end="00:22:00.962">He was indifferent comma comma didn't care one way or the other comic, but both,</span><br>
<span title="22:01 - 22:08" data-start="00:22:01.022" data-end="00:22:07.588">grandmother's possessive and most of my the rest of my family loved the fact that I was interested in vacuums cama cama</span><br>
<span title="22:07 - 22:17" data-start="00:22:07.342" data-end="00:22:16.509">and would you let me use theirs whenever I visited comma comma in fact single comma I did most all of the vacuuming at one Grandma's house Comic-Con,</span><br>
<span title="22:17 - 22:20" data-start="00:22:16.560" data-end="00:22:20.389">she loved and appreciated the fact that she didn't have to do it.</span><br>
<span title="22:21 - 22:29" data-start="00:22:20.980" data-end="00:22:29.148">Hey ya bright I'm Brian Kirby you're right listen living well is the best revenge.</span><br>
<span title="22:29 - 22:34" data-start="00:22:29.370" data-end="00:22:33.875">Maybe better than I thought you're getting your aunt hey maybe maybe.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[22:35]</small> <span title="22:35 - 22:40" data-start="00:22:34.592" data-end="00:22:40.338">Hey I'm G Xin I am not sure my mother ever understood,</span><br>
<span title="22:40 - 22:47" data-start="00:22:40.488" data-end="00:22:47.234">she let me play with the vacuum as a child but I also remember her telling me to stop this obsession,</span><br>
<span title="22:47 - 22:57" data-start="00:22:47.312" data-end="00:22:56.803">if my grand dad side cut out pictures of vacuums for magazines for me she would get upset with them for supporting my enthusiasm okay.</span><br>
<span title="22:57 - 23:00" data-start="00:22:57.277" data-end="00:23:00.278">My teachers at school gave me a hard time about it too.</span><br>
<span title="23:01 - 23:13" data-start="00:23:00.662" data-end="00:23:13.421">The one person who really supported me my dad Derek a ah so sorry my dad Derek a Allah who I only I can only wish to emulate as I grow older.</span><br>
<span title="23:14 - 23:17" data-start="00:23:13.752" data-end="00:23:17.067">He would take me to every store to see the vacuums</span><br>
<span title="23:17 - 23:25" data-start="00:23:17.055" data-end="00:23:25.043">organized for me to see all the vacuums I think work kit me pamphlets and brochures on any vacuum he could,</span><br>
<span title="23:25 - 23:31" data-start="00:23:25.176" data-end="00:23:30.868">spent his Saturdays take me to vacuum repair shops around Cape Town</span><br>
<span title="23:31 - 23:41" data-start="00:23:30.865" data-end="00:23:40.869">he organized a tour of the Electrolux Factory when I was 14 and a secure job in my school holidays they're.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[23:42]</small> <span title="23:42 - 23:45" data-start="00:23:41.731" data-end="00:23:45.433">The Phantom vacuum that's my dad.</span><br>
<span title="23:46 - 23:55" data-start="00:23:45.827" data-end="00:23:54.535">The friends that tease me of school now support my business and knows teachers all by their vacuums from me.</span><br>
<span title="23:55 - 24:00" data-start="00:23:54.865" data-end="00:23:59.936">Life is a funny thing now I have the power.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[24:01]</small> <span title="24:01 - 24:05" data-start="00:24:00.843" data-end="00:24:05.463">I have to say though this is kind of like therapy now I'm having all these weird vacuum memories from childhood,</span><br>
<span title="24:06 - 24:11" data-start="00:24:05.650" data-end="00:24:11.018">like please tell me I'm not the only one that's going through that right now.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[24:17]</small> <span title="24:17 - 24:24" data-start="00:24:17.380" data-end="00:24:23.927">Somebody else goes goes Thrills from us one Squiddy on here I see.</span><br>
<span title="24:24 - 24:33" data-start="00:24:24.176" data-end="00:24:32.821">I mean I could legit talk about my Dyson for about 10 minutes but I'm not gonna answer that it's fine.</span><br>
<span title="24:33 - 24:35" data-start="00:24:33.197" data-end="00:24:34.766">Psych cast.</span><br>
<span title="24:35 - 24:45" data-start="00:24:34.997" data-end="00:24:45.407">Next thread here is called vacuuming up wasps comma bees Etc that's supposed 28,000 332 Heelys what you got there,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Vacuuming Up Wasps</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[24:46]</small> <span title="24:46 - 24:52" data-start="00:24:45.602" data-end="00:24:52.086">hi I'm Nick clonic I'm in Bonney Lake Washington and here's an unusual subject.</span><br>
<span title="24:52 - 24:56" data-start="00:24:52.453" data-end="00:24:56.056">Today I will time Mom's apartment for dinner.</span><br>
<span title="24:57 - 25:04" data-start="00:24:56.531" data-end="00:25:03.582">What we were eating we heard something buzzing near the ceiling lights I looked up and it was a wasp yes.</span><br>
<span title="25:04 - 25:10" data-start="00:25:03.930" data-end="00:25:10.172">So after eating I whipped out the Dyson plugged it in it was still on and scared the heck out of me,</span><br>
<span title="25:10 - 25:23" data-start="00:25:10.268" data-end="00:25:22.802">grab the hose and vacuum up the WASP now it's trapped inside the canister and and still alive oh oh dear what you got there is a wasp gun,</span><br>
<span title="25:23 - 25:32" data-start="00:25:22.988" data-end="00:25:32.056">now do you think a vacuum cleaner would be an effective weapon against bees wasps yellow jackets and the like.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[25:33]</small> <span title="25:33 - 25:42" data-start="00:25:32.558" data-end="00:25:42.076">I couldn't get a good picture of the WASP inside the Dyson canister okay so this is a good opportunity for me to talk about my Dyson oh so.</span><br>
<span title="25:42 - 25:45" data-start="00:25:42.325" data-end="00:25:44.777">Thank God all right.</span><br>
<span title="25:45 - 25:53" data-start="00:25:45.125" data-end="00:25:53.050">It's really great I got my head cut between my between my Palms my hands good thank you I'm,</span><br>
<span title="25:53 - 25:57" data-start="00:25:53.056" data-end="00:25:57.101">so it looks like a Gears of War gun</span><br>
<span title="25:57 - 26:09" data-start="00:25:57.026" data-end="00:26:09.434">and it's like okay well now I'm interested yes I know my case just went from like sort of looking over your shoulder just I just suddenly snapped and I'm making full life</span><br>
<span title="26:09 - 26:15" data-start="00:26:09.350" data-end="00:26:15.366">yes disconcerting to be honest it has a trigger</span><br>
<span title="26:15 - 26:30" data-start="00:26:15.282" data-end="00:26:29.689">so it's like you're really using a gun it's a canister and it's about like maybe two and a half three feet long and it has a trigger so you can walk around like shooting it like a gun it scares the shit out of my dog which is fun and</span><br>
<span title="26:30 - 26:38" data-start="00:26:29.596" data-end="00:26:37.953">it's amazing I'm not going to talk about like how it works or anything but when I hold it in my hand I feel like a big strong.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[26:39]</small> <span title="26:39 - 26:40" data-start="00:26:38.598" data-end="00:26:40.140">Woman who's going to vacuum.</span><br>
<span title="26:41 - 26:51" data-start="00:26:40.741" data-end="00:26:51.006">I think you found your home Squiddy okay well maybe maybe after the recording a squid it just may be recording you could maybe just kind of talk to me about it for a bit like we could go a little so I guess I can take maybe a picture of it,</span><br>
<span title="26:51 - 26:56" data-start="00:26:51.138" data-end="00:26:56.309">did you just ditch these guys right now,</span><br>
<span title="26:56 - 27:04" data-start="00:26:56.495" data-end="00:27:03.835">all right catch you later hey I'm Columbus hey Columbus I have this to say</span><br>
<span title="27:04 - 27:17" data-start="00:27:03.724" data-end="00:27:17.482">haha James James and Marcus it is certainly it certainly has its pros and cons I have an adorable little miniature dashing</span><br>
<span title="27:17 - 27:27" data-start="00:27:17.254" data-end="00:27:27.249">who is in so inquisitive at anything moving a wasp tackled her and her little head swelled up twice its size</span><br>
<span title="27:27 - 27:33" data-start="00:27:27.147" data-end="00:27:32.507">tackle deer do your a wasp tackled reduction yes,</span><br>
<span title="27:33 - 27:37" data-start="00:27:32.603" data-end="00:27:37.197">okay where were the wasp and the Dawson playing football at the time.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[27:39]</small> <span title="27:39 - 27:51" data-start="00:27:38.517" data-end="00:27:50.655">Yes okay I think I have a clue on this might use Google Translate I don't know maybe to me she is my child and goes to work with me and I'm travel where I go.</span><br>
<span title="27:51 - 28:00" data-start="00:27:51.039" data-end="00:28:00.378">After a Celesta mind shot she settled but yes in protection of my child wasps certainly need to be watched.</span><br>
<span title="28:01 - 28:08" data-start="00:28:00.699" data-end="00:28:08.255">By only killing it I found that there is usually a nest somewhere hidden underneath a sideboard to my chair,</span><br>
<span title="28:08 - 28:18" data-start="00:28:08.261" data-end="00:28:18.481">and brother on effective to follow it then bring in Kirby or Hoover something with metal fan as the nests is a mud like cocoon,</span><br>
<span title="28:19 - 28:25" data-start="00:28:18.505" data-end="00:28:24.882">I had no idea that Kirby was an actual line of vacuum cleaner yeah,</span><br>
<span title="28:25 - 28:30" data-start="00:28:25.041" data-end="00:28:29.770">that makes a lot of sense what there must have been a lawsuit with Nintendo at some point right.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[28:31]</small> <span title="28:31 - 28:36" data-start="00:28:31.280" data-end="00:28:36.477">And I should probably know that and I don't okay nevermind sorry,</span><br>
<span title="28:37 - 28:48" data-start="00:28:36.555" data-end="00:28:48.432">I mean it's just like a proper name versus a patented I don't know I guess I mean the thing of the thing that stands out is that like you know the f+ as well as the several over websites are made in a software called</span><br>
<span title="28:48 - 28:58" data-start="00:28:48.420" data-end="00:28:57.731">and finding documentation is very painful Kirby was Kirby was named after a lawyer who defended them so that they could keep the Donkey Kong copyright.</span><br>
<span title="28:58 - 29:06" data-start="00:28:58.016" data-end="00:29:05.932">Oh that's fascinating yeah so now you know that thanks Frank you're welcome okay.</span><br>
<span title="29:06 - 29:17" data-start="00:29:06.235" data-end="00:29:16.798">Strangely that you mentioned that killing Abby is not a good gesture to Nature many people think that way yes and as a matter of fact once a bee sting someone or something it dies.</span><br>
<span title="29:17 - 29:29" data-start="00:29:17.056" data-end="00:29:28.528">Like with a snake I also believe the only good wasp is a dead one huh
and then actual name,</span><br>
<span title="29:29 - 29:36" data-start="00:29:28.570" data-end="00:29:36.342">very interesting thanks actual name there's a lot of self African vacuum cleaner fans.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[29:37]</small> <span title="29:37 - 29:40" data-start="00:29:36.987" data-end="00:29:39.799">Didn't I uncheck rate / like.</span><br>
<span title="29:40 - 29:47" data-start="00:29:40.273" data-end="00:29:47.217">Yeah I'm not really sure what a check rate is check crate check rate /</span><br>
<span title="29:48 - 30:00" data-start="00:29:47.673" data-end="00:29:59.577">So this next thread here Squiddy your sub ofan Frank West you are kirbys the best</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Slurs For People Who Don'T Like Vacuums</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[29:59]</small> <span title="29:59 - 30:05" data-start="00:29:59.466" data-end="00:30:05.338">and and Heelys your Marks here but I have a question I want to ask you here.</span><br>
<span title="30:06 - 30:10" data-start="00:30:05.596" data-end="00:30:09.722">My name is vacuum suck 213.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[30:11]</small> <span title="30:11 - 30:18" data-start="00:30:10.503" data-end="00:30:17.680">Vacuums suck vacuum suck ya back inside back Humes Huck.</span><br>
<span title="30:18 - 30:22" data-start="00:30:18.047" data-end="00:30:22.389">Anyway so so word for the nonce.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[30:23]</small> <span title="30:23 - 30:33" data-start="00:30:23.169" data-end="00:30:33.470">I watched a movie today maybe you've all heard of it it's called Harry Potter well in that they call non-magic people Muggles what would you call non vacuum lovers,</span><br>
<span title="30:34 - 30:38" data-start="00:30:33.683" data-end="00:30:38.278">who rules Honker or heifers today.</span><br>
<span title="30:39 - 30:52" data-start="00:30:38.842" data-end="00:30:51.646">How about dirty Dusty we should call them The Dirties oh they keep Rollin Rollin Rollin it's because this is a clean website.</span><br>
<span title="30:52 - 30:54" data-start="00:30:51.958" data-end="00:30:54.176">I cannot write it on here but</span><br>
<span title="30:54 - 31:07" data-start="00:30:53.966" data-end="00:31:07.292">those who know me know exactly what words them thank God yeah I save all my worst epithets for the people that don't like vacuum cleaners,</span><br>
<span title="31:09 - 31:18" data-start="00:31:09.089" data-end="00:31:17.752">alright okay so this is about vacuum cleaners and films and movies my name is super sweeper and hi all</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Vacuums In Films And Movies</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[31:18]</small> <span title="31:18 - 31:27" data-start="00:31:17.723" data-end="00:31:26.998">the original thread is no longer posted sigh I've taken the Liberty to start this new one I am way over due to list the vacuums I've seen,</span><br>
<span title="31:27 - 31:32" data-start="00:31:27.040" data-end="00:31:31.634">keeps coming up my Google Calendar let's start off with the Lesser interesting cleaners</span><br>
<span title="31:31 - 31:45" data-start="00:31:31.496" data-end="00:31:45.308">on an episode of The Andy neck word Storage Wars Texas the victor one pull the unit from a Kirby 500 series and red with a fuller placement tan bag then making the statement of looks as this thing's ready for the recycling bin terrible.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[31:46]</small> <span title="31:46 - 31:52" data-start="00:31:46.260" data-end="00:31:51.907">Now the Twilight Zone on an episode of mr. Dingle the Strong see link.</span><br>
<span title="31:52 - 32:04" data-start="00:31:52.147" data-end="00:32:04.456">Vacuum cleaner salesman has given the super strength under the observation of visitors from Mars pausing the video at 115 reveals this neat looking back you move back,</span><br>
<span title="32:05 - 32:11" data-start="00:32:04.660" data-end="00:32:10.650">similar drums does that of a filter Queen almost but.</span><br>
<span title="32:11 - 32:16" data-start="00:32:10.881" data-end="00:32:16.438">With a motor protruding from the top and attachments around said motor.</span><br>
<span title="32:17 - 32:30" data-start="00:32:16.840" data-end="00:32:30.329">Anyone willing to Hazard a guess definitely not one in your local market but only one available at your local Wards said Ward's only available in the Twilight Zone ha ha ha.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[32:40]</small> <span title="32:40 - 32:46" data-start="00:32:39.589" data-end="00:32:46.191">Boots take Basin man one please yeah yeah man I'm Tyson Man 1.</span><br>
<span title="32:47 - 32:52" data-start="00:32:46.611" data-end="00:32:51.835">Check out the movie Reefer Madness made about 10 years ago</span><br>
<span title="32:52 - 33:00" data-start="00:32:51.823" data-end="00:33:00.333">it's a musical however over half of the movie takes place at a 1930s living room and there's a Hoover</span><br>
<span title="33:00 - 33:10" data-start="00:33:00.240" data-end="00:33:10.074">725 sitting on its own oriental rug through most of the movie what did you think of the movie there Dyson man you like the movie,</span><br>
<span title="33:10 - 33:15" data-start="00:33:10.206" data-end="00:33:14.692">I'd like with the vacuum cleaner,</span><br>
<span title="33:15 - 33:21" data-start="00:33:14.743" data-end="00:33:20.651">I only saw the last half because the first half well sort of distracted I don't know.</span><br>
<span title="33:21 - 33:30" data-start="00:33:21.072" data-end="00:33:30.356">Helios take MJM 0424 just saw the movie with Jane Wyman and loot the loot.</span><br>
<span title="33:31 - 33:44" data-start="00:33:30.641" data-end="00:33:44.372">The ring-a-ding girl is Maggie McNamara orangutan Gaya Reckoning girls are making McNamara she was in a film called the Moon is blue with Bill Holden and David Niven my God Universal for its day because the word virgin is mentioned,</span><br>
<span title="33:44 - 33:50" data-start="00:33:44.460" data-end="00:33:49.855">hold dear also in the film this is eaten in David David's apartment where in the tub runs over,</span><br>
<span title="33:50 - 33:58" data-start="00:33:49.924" data-end="00:33:57.840">David and holding get some towels the Lyndon / broom closets pop it up and you can see Hoover 29 the closet</span><br>
<span title="33:58 - 34:04" data-start="00:33:57.792" data-end="00:34:04.132">why doesn't the site have a movie review section.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[34:05]</small> <span title="34:05 - 34:20" data-start="00:34:04.994" data-end="00:34:19.535">It's like yeah it's like the mr. skin for yeah she wine 235 Scarlett Johansson's vacuum dude.</span><br>
<span title="34:20 - 34:25" data-start="00:34:20.145" data-end="00:34:25.306">You get a full-on shot both sides vacuum man.</span><br>
<span title="34:26 - 34:33" data-start="00:34:25.690" data-end="00:34:33.453">Full frontal vacuum hey I'm gonna have a who've.</span><br>
<span title="34:34 - 34:44" data-start="00:34:33.801" data-end="00:34:44.499">You gotta have a hook God usernames I love um.</span><br>
<span title="34:45 - 34:54" data-start="00:34:44.946" data-end="00:34:53.987">You'll see Hoover
Constellation and John Waters female troubles starring Divine as Dawn Davenport.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[34:55]</small> <span title="34:55 - 35:00" data-start="00:34:54.686" data-end="00:35:00.072">She gives birth and choose the umbilical cord right next to it oh</span><br>
<span title="35:00 - 35:10" data-start="00:34:59.962" data-end="00:35:10.191">okay I also remember that scene from female trouble because black him right but you and I remember that scene very differently.</span><br>
<span title="35:11 - 35:21" data-start="00:35:10.566" data-end="00:35:21.219">Was it not a Hoover I feel like I remember being over gave I watch it again I would appreciate some of those subjects that mr. Waters put in this film I'm gonna tell you.</span><br>
<span title="35:22 - 35:33" data-start="00:35:21.900" data-end="00:35:32.517">Like from now on anytime I see a vacuum in a movie I'm just wake up
oh no worries we've done this to everybody to.</span><br>
<span title="35:33 - 35:37" data-start="00:35:32.775" data-end="00:35:37.054">There's a certain Allure to this website also.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[35:38]</small> <span title="35:38 - 35:47" data-start="00:35:38.122" data-end="00:35:46.848">Great seeing everybody Divine did a great job doing to that chord I just think we need to make the vacuum cleaner more in focus.</span><br>
<span title="35:47 - 36:01" data-start="00:35:47.097" data-end="00:36:01.495">I feel like this is really important to the scene I feel a lot of people are going to notice I guess but then we'll have to you know sort of like blur out Divine that's all right she doesn't really pop for the camera and the camera does not enjoy her.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[36:04]</small> <span title="36:04 - 36:12" data-start="00:36:04.094" data-end="00:36:12.019">Okay so I have a very very very long post that I've titled psychic connections my name is Charles.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Aeoliandave And The Twingle</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[36:13]</small> <span title="36:13 - 36:21" data-start="00:36:12.574" data-end="00:36:21.417">Okay now I'm going to go out on a limb and ask a very strange question and if any of you heard of or do you think you have sweeper psychic connections.</span><br>
<span title="36:22 - 36:23" data-start="00:36:21.738" data-end="00:36:23.064">Okay is that it was weird.</span><br>
<span title="36:24 - 36:33" data-start="00:36:23.647" data-end="00:36:33.453">What I mean is back in the day when I did a lot of thrift shopping all I had to do is walk in the store and stand there for a moment if there was anything exciting in their vacuum cleaner wise,</span><br>
<span title="36:34 - 36:43" data-start="00:36:33.540" data-end="00:36:42.950">I would get mildly excited sort of a tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach mmm,</span><br>
<span title="36:43 - 36:54" data-start="00:36:43.065" data-end="00:36:54.059">same feeling I had when I was a little boy and I'd go exploring and one of the church ladies homes and find an Electrolux are a curvy or especially the Electrolux polisher.</span><br>
<span title="36:55 - 37:02" data-start="00:36:54.524" data-end="00:37:01.702">Stronger that feeling was the more I just knew that there was an amazing find in there.</span><br>
<span title="37:02 - 37:09" data-start="00:37:02.140" data-end="00:37:08.535">When it was a polisher that was tucked away I always knew it.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[37:10]</small> <span title="37:10 - 37:14" data-start="00:37:09.630" data-end="00:37:14.089">Sometimes it's some real digging and sleuthing and poking around and when there was some other</span><br>
<span title="37:14 - 37:25" data-start="00:37:14.086" data-end="00:37:24.802">with me they think that I lost my mind when I did announce there's an Electrolux polish here in here somewhere the door,</span><br>
<span title="37:25 - 37:30" data-start="00:37:24.934" data-end="00:37:30.419">poke up his nose like a dog and just Scurry in One Direction.</span><br>
<span title="37:31 - 37:38" data-start="00:37:30.831" data-end="00:37:37.936">Hi I'm Marcy this is my boyfriend Charles there's an Electrolux washer here Charles no no Charles come on.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[37:39]</small> <span title="37:39 - 37:45" data-start="00:37:39.293" data-end="00:37:44.580">We've been five and trying to get them to do small talk for at least 15 minutes before he goes and looks for your vacuum.</span><br>
<span title="37:45 - 37:49" data-start="00:37:44.856" data-end="00:37:49.477">Their time for that later Taiwanese woman.</span><br>
<span title="38:03 - 38:18" data-start="00:38:03.491" data-end="00:38:17.897">Okay yeah so then I look until I found it after a while they'd say oh come on there's obviously not one here but I look under a wrinkled planket or housecoats and something there would be,</span><br>
<span title="38:22 - 38:36" data-start="00:38:22.459" data-end="00:38:35.686">I could tell you story after Story like this of walking into a thrift shop or junk store garage sale and old vac shop and knowing whether it would be worthwhile to do a lot of scrounging around there I do know that a couple of other,</span><br>
<span title="38:36 - 38:43" data-start="00:38:35.854" data-end="00:38:43.086">hardcore collectors have experienced this with their most beloved machines because we have talked about it over the years with me.</span><br>
<span title="38:43 - 38:47" data-start="00:38:43.389" data-end="00:38:47.497">It's always been about the polishers don't ask me why but.</span><br>
<span title="38:48 - 39:00" data-start="00:38:47.746" data-end="00:38:59.956">From as far back as I can remember I have been absolutely obsessed with them I told a long boring story here that secret agent 69 cut out my mom has kidded that she thinks my</span><br>
<span title="39:00 - 39:06" data-start="00:38:59.872" data-end="00:39:05.582">association with the waxer is because it reminds me of flying saucers.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[39:06]</small> <span title="39:06 - 39:14" data-start="00:39:05.913" data-end="00:39:13.648">Another interest of has a child but that's a story for another forum and then I made a joke I guess I'll come on.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[39:14]</small> <span title="39:14 - 39:24" data-start="00:39:14.096" data-end="00:39:23.803">Okay Q theremin Hui you yeah yeah yeah you gotta read that heel is yeah it was that worth it it was worth it sounds like.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[39:24]</small> <span title="39:24 - 39:28" data-start="00:39:24.385" data-end="00:39:27.908">Well it's me only aeolian Dave,</span><br>
<span title="39:28 - 39:40" data-start="00:39:28.031" data-end="00:39:39.773">boy oh boy can I get some aioli on this Dave yeah I'm already Steve it's Dave who was an alien yeah from the planet Emerson I don't know.</span><br>
<span title="39:40 - 39:48" data-start="00:39:40.409" data-end="00:39:48.370">I sure yeah aeolian day boy oh boy somebody named aioli also and also the person in a cave.</span><br>
<span title="39:49 - 39:54" data-start="00:39:48.736" data-end="00:39:53.870">You Leann Dave hey Jolene Dave,</span><br>
<span title="39:54 - 40:07" data-start="00:39:53.976" data-end="00:40:06.888">one liked vacuums the other it's locked inside Kelly likes vacuums more.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[40:08]</small> <span title="40:08 - 40:14" data-start="00:40:08.244" data-end="00:40:13.621">Boy oh boy I go to work for a few hours this thread explodes,</span><br>
<span title="40:14 - 40:24" data-start="00:40:13.799" data-end="00:40:23.839">I Echo Pete and Charles as as a firm believer in the personal logically unexplainable events but I was there and saw for myself,</span><br>
<span title="40:24 - 40:32" data-start="00:40:24.043" data-end="00:40:32.418">you know that thing episodes I just know there's a pony under that pile kotik episodes.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[40:33]</small> <span title="40:33 - 40:42" data-start="00:40:33.244" data-end="00:40:41.970">I've met I don't know there's a pony under that pile shirts appear pleasure to be among such company of avid Seekers.</span><br>
<span title="40:43 - 40:49" data-start="00:40:42.525" data-end="00:40:48.784">Man my Twingle is associated with anything to do with pipe organ pieces.</span><br>
<span title="40:49 - 40:59" data-start="00:40:49.007" data-end="00:40:58.678">Late 1800 s quack boxes and medical devices and of course anything mechanically / electrically entry Queen.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[40:59]</small> <span title="40:59 - 41:14" data-start="00:40:59.278" data-end="00:41:14.216">I mean I get it actually that's kind of cool but is he allowed to talk about pipe organs oh God they're getting to Lemon yeah sorry sorry I'm gonna join the pipe organ flow let me Pitch I think he means by Twingle I think he means like.</span><br>
<span title="41:15 - 41:21" data-start="00:41:14.789" data-end="00:41:20.526">Paranormal connection okay now I don't get it anymore so yeah,</span><br>
<span title="41:21 - 41:28" data-start="00:41:20.676" data-end="00:41:28.286">perhaps some of my rerouted brain circuitry response the faint residual Half-Life new</span><br>
<span title="41:28 - 41:38" data-start="00:41:28.193" data-end="00:41:37.946">neutronic eliminations what you want to talk about your electroshock therapy is he's about to yeah I made that word up.</span><br>
<span title="41:38 - 41:39" data-start="00:41:38.285" data-end="00:41:39.341">Joke.</span><br>
<span title="41:40 - 41:49" data-start="00:41:39.815" data-end="00:41:48.766">I credit the Twingle to all those electric sockets I3 being stuck metal objects into</span><br>
<span title="41:49 - 41:57" data-start="00:41:48.719" data-end="00:41:56.878">oh that's your own electroshock therapy that you did yourself you self-administered electroshock therapy coast of personal body trauma,</span><br>
<span title="41:57 - 42:03" data-start="00:41:57.073" data-end="00:42:03.332">well someone had to do it might as well be me.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[42:04]</small> <span title="42:04 - 42:13" data-start="00:42:03.968" data-end="00:42:12.586">Hey Oli or not Dave I'm saving the state so much money you're welcome NHS I'm gonna assume everyone's British right.</span><br>
<span title="42:13 - 42:16" data-start="00:42:13.160" data-end="00:42:15.710">This guy's Canadian actually.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[42:17]</small> <span title="42:17 - 42:24" data-start="00:42:16.671" data-end="00:42:23.641">So I threw these two objects into to complete the circuit from tot Hood to adult adolescence.</span><br>
<span title="42:24 - 42:36" data-start="00:42:24.205" data-end="00:42:36.163">Okay I learned about the resistance and flammability of various materials in this Hood gosh this is like a precocious fourteen-year-old isn't it.</span><br>
<span title="42:37 - 42:40" data-start="00:42:36.854" data-end="00:42:40.412">This language is too poetic.</span><br>
<span title="42:41 - 42:51" data-start="00:42:40.887" data-end="00:42:50.576">I mean if you put your that's as much stuff at sockets that long you might always be stuck in that state yeah I don't know he's got the Twingle.</span><br>
<span title="42:51 - 42:58" data-start="00:42:51.194" data-end="00:42:58.471">There's that since I'm the only one who stayed in short with blue eyes of my family I must be a foundling thing.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[42:59]</small> <span title="42:59 - 43:07" data-start="00:42:59.296" data-end="00:43:07.113">This is absolutely not true of course I was showered with buckets of love and courage my mom and dad but early on I said on a different path and the family saw coming.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[43:09]</small> <span title="43:09 - 43:12" data-start="00:43:08.551" data-end="00:43:12.200">Who I am fun.</span><br>
<span title="43:13 - 43:26" data-start="00:43:12.881" data-end="00:43:25.766">Huh I tell few about my interest because once started I reach a fever pitch of enthusiasm for the subject and most listeners glaze over and politely excuse themselves Dave been trying to do that Dave.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[43:27]</small> <span title="43:27 - 43:38" data-start="00:43:26.798" data-end="00:43:37.631">Am I talking to Dave or am I talking to baolian right now there is no Dave only aeolian.</span><br>
<span title="43:38 - 43:52" data-start="00:43:38.141" data-end="00:43:51.665">Vrroom vrroom it's it's enough to take something unfixable return it to them fixed but get to kindred spirit folks together and they have no need of social Indulgence from standards by hmm,</span><br>
<span title="43:52 - 44:00" data-start="00:43:51.807" data-end="00:44:00.389">hmm no need of social Indulgence bystanders by hmm.</span><br>
<span title="44:01 - 44:11" data-start="00:44:00.809" data-end="00:44:10.858">So the family story okay the family stories how Davey got a tin plate flying helicopter attached to a hand crank by a long spiral cable for V Christmas.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[44:12]</small> <span title="44:12 - 44:17" data-start="00:44:11.792" data-end="00:44:16.872">What fucking decade that's the story they tell all the time they every Christmas.</span><br>
<span title="44:17 - 44:23" data-start="00:44:17.265" data-end="00:44:22.588">Easter remember how Davey got a tin plate flying helicopter attached to a hand crank.</span><br>
<span title="44:23 - 44:31" data-start="00:44:23.152" data-end="00:44:31.392">So is Davey from the like fucking 20s or is he from the future I'm not really sure yes yes.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[44:33]</small> <span title="44:33 - 44:40" data-start="00:44:32.956" data-end="00:44:40.313">Just now when play with anything else all day when it stopped working I took it apart after dinner my room using things from my mom's sewing kit and fixed it.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[44:41]</small> <span title="44:41 - 44:48" data-start="00:44:41.346" data-end="00:44:48.029">Then there was my dear cat Austin who looked like no other cat the neighborhood Who cross the road front of my car on the way home and passed pause on the curb,</span><br>
<span title="44:48 - 44:57" data-start="00:44:48.233" data-end="00:44:56.869">when it later I pulled in the driveway of up half a block b told my neighbors teen struck and killed by a car three hours earlier.</span><br>
<span title="44:57 - 45:05" data-start="00:44:57.316" data-end="00:45:04.593">That was 15 years ago and since then all my kids two cats have been indoor or outdoor or on the screen porch only so it goes.</span><br>
<span title="45:05 - 45:14" data-start="00:45:04.851" data-end="00:45:14.450">Thank you for sharing stories and links dang how did I miss that white and gold polish your Dave thanks Dave Dingus oh my God Dave.</span><br>
<span title="45:15 - 45:18" data-start="00:45:15.150" data-end="00:45:17.565">I like the cat story though Dave</span><br>
<span title="45:18 - 45:26" data-start="00:45:17.526" data-end="00:45:25.676">gotta say so so that section that's actually an secret agent has title daily aeolian Dave and the Twingle</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Yes, It Is A Fetish!</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[45:26]</small> <span title="45:26 - 45:34" data-start="00:45:25.511" data-end="00:45:34.102">there's more there's more Twingle related content in the document on TF P LW s but the next section is called yes it is a fan</span><br>
<span title="45:34 - 45:40" data-start="00:45:34.045" data-end="00:45:39.846">yeah I've been edging this whole time thank God.</span><br>
<span title="45:40 - 45:48" data-start="00:45:40.455" data-end="00:45:48.263">Okay yeah so you know how hard it is to edge with a vacuum sucking to it.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[45:49]</small> <span title="45:49 - 45:58" data-start="00:45:49.088" data-end="00:45:57.553">Actually yeah that makes sense you should see a doctor that's not great yeah no it's up it's a pro.</span><br>
<span title="46:00 - 46:13" data-start="00:45:59.873" data-end="00:46:12.974">Anyway these are my new finds and yet another gay collector is there a link I'm Edgar hi hi a few of the latest a few pics of the latest finds I'll be moving to another house next month so it may be a bit quicker,</span><br>
<span title="46:13 - 46:15" data-start="00:46:13.052" data-end="00:46:15.495">a bit quit but I will be back.</span><br>
<span title="46:16 - 46:25" data-start="00:46:15.879" data-end="00:46:24.875">Is it just me or are a lot of vacuum collectors gay I know a few collectors in person and all of them are gay funny could be there is a link,</span><br>
<span title="46:25 - 46:34" data-start="00:46:24.899" data-end="00:46:34.219">there this is the new finds our egg vampire 502 and a Phillips p50 both from the mid-80s.</span><br>
<span title="46:35 - 46:45" data-start="00:46:34.595" data-end="00:46:45.409">And then the return of Dyson man was that you boots I think that was you right yes yeah it's a decent man.</span><br>
<span title="46:46 - 46:56" data-start="00:46:45.802" data-end="00:46:55.969">If you count my time six years as presidents of the vacuum cleaner collectors club as well as a curator of the vacuum cleaner Museum,</span><br>
<span title="46:56 - 47:03" data-start="00:46:56.029" data-end="00:47:03.036">I've met Oakland both those fucking things I've met thousands of guys who are dedicated vacuum collectors.</span><br>
<span title="47:03 - 47:10" data-start="00:47:03.366" data-end="00:47:10.255">Every single one of them has been gay
some didn't know it at the time.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[47:11]</small> <span title="47:11 - 47:21" data-start="00:47:11.432" data-end="00:47:21.004">But I told them the the the first the the big featured article on vacuum cleaner collectors club dot-org.</span><br>
<span title="47:22 - 47:30" data-start="00:47:21.514" data-end="00:47:29.718">Who the heck collects vacuums and then the second one is you could vacuums join us.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[47:31]</small> <span title="47:31 - 47:38" data-start="00:47:31.084" data-end="00:47:37.892">But if you have an annual convention so it's like a gay recruiting thing this is yeah Evangelical nightmare.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[47:39]</small> <span title="47:39 - 47:44" data-start="00:47:38.970" data-end="00:47:43.807">But it is always manifested itself sooner or later don't know why.</span><br>
<span title="47:44 - 47:57" data-start="00:47:44.083" data-end="00:47:57.301">Of all the collectors I've met and spoken at length about this we all seem to share a common childhood with relation to vacuums finding them in the storage closet at homes of relatives and Friends of our parents etcetera,</span><br>
<span title="47:57 - 48:06" data-start="00:47:57.496" data-end="00:48:05.538">standing at amazement at the vacuum display at stars remembering the demonstration vividly of a door-to-door cleaner.</span><br>
<span title="48:06 - 48:10" data-start="00:48:05.905" data-end="00:48:09.913">Watching the salesman at Sears demonstrate cleaners Etc.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[48:10]</small> <span title="48:10 - 48:20" data-start="00:48:10.289" data-end="00:48:19.600">I imagined there would actually be a straight vacuum collector somewhere cast him out oh my God.</span><br>
<span title="48:20 - 48:29" data-start="00:48:19.930" data-end="00:48:29.313">So while boots was reading we were spending some time on some other sites the 35th annual vacuum cleaners Club Convention will be in Atlanta Georgia</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">The Vacuum Cleaners Club Convention Xxxv</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[48:29]</small> <span title="48:29 - 48:33" data-start="00:48:29.310" data-end="00:48:32.923">I'll June 11 through June 13 2020 footnote,</span><br>
<span title="48:33 - 48:42" data-start="00:48:32.929" data-end="00:48:41.899">event has been rescheduled to the coronavirus we are planning to have the convention in Atlanta in 2021 I hope that that means that they had a virtual zoom car</span><br>
<span title="48:42 - 48:54" data-start="00:48:41.761" data-end="00:48:53.899">Fritz appreciating back and clean it's a promise with all the vacuums going it gets so fucking wild the vacuuming competitions what's like it</span><br>
<span title="48:54 - 49:06" data-start="00:48:53.806" data-end="00:49:06.367">do you think another different classifications are there like stock vacuums versus like heavily modified vacuums yeah yeah so they have some human sunglasses they have some beeps off okay so they have taped off Lanes</span><br>
<span title="49:06 - 49:15" data-start="00:49:06.328" data-end="00:49:14.793">and then each contestant has his own vacuum cleaner and then that's to clean that specific just videos of it.</span><br>
<span title="49:15 - 49:17" data-start="00:49:15.141" data-end="00:49:16.746">There is</span><br>
<span title="49:17 - 49:27" data-start="00:49:16.653" data-end="00:49:26.721">yeah it is the bottom homes though actually oh goodbye marble racing</span><br>
<span title="49:27 - 49:32" data-start="00:49:26.619" data-end="00:49:32.167">this is the new way there's so many Spectators for this event.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[49:33]</small> <span title="49:33 - 49:44" data-start="00:49:33.443" data-end="00:49:44.239">Oh man oh man oh man it was in Spokane wow oh can man you could have gone could,</span><br>
<span title="49:44 - 49:47" data-start="00:49:44.416" data-end="00:49:46.814">oh man.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[49:48]</small> <span title="49:48 - 49:56" data-start="00:49:47.594" data-end="00:49:55.951">You got you got Kenny they're looking into Eureka you got Shawn showing us some vintage bags there's a okay it looks like it's not a race,</span><br>
<span title="49:56 - 50:08" data-start="00:49:56.047" data-end="00:50:08.248">they all just go up and down once and they see which one was the cleanest it's still a competition but it's a it's a yes it's a cleanliness competition even better that's even better</span><br>
<span title="50:08 - 50:15" data-start="00:50:08.200" data-end="00:50:14.946">that's much better so do you think like there's any like scandals if you like mod your vacuum or you like supposed to,</span><br>
<span title="50:15 - 50:24" data-start="00:50:14.952" data-end="00:50:24.047">no you might if I remove it there's brackets you know I'm just imagining one dude rolling up with like an underlit vacuum it's got hydraulics on it just.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[50:25]</small> <span title="50:25 - 50:35" data-start="00:50:24.936" data-end="00:50:35.318">Hey Emmanuel Dave gets a one-year ban for a wax vacuum imagine what it looks like when the people at the convention are hanging out with each other.</span><br>
<span title="50:36 - 50:44" data-start="00:50:35.630" data-end="00:50:43.609">If you guess guys sitting around not making eye contact looking at their phones you were right winner that food is.</span><br>
<span title="50:44 - 50:58" data-start="00:50:44.173" data-end="00:50:58.481">Looks gross all right all right we got to get packed I mean to be fair that's also about what half of f plus license no okay that's not yes don't catch Too Many Stones here mr. Glass House.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[51:00]</small> <span title="51:00 - 51:02" data-start="00:50:59.765" data-end="00:51:02.334">Um I'm one of the people looking at there.</span><br>
<span title="51:03 - 51:13" data-start="00:51:02.808" data-end="00:51:13.064">Scooty your name is I believe it's sanitary will.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Vacuum In A Miniskirt</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[51:14]</small> <span title="51:14 - 51:22" data-start="00:51:13.944" data-end="00:51:21.851">I have always been into vacuums and have collected for about 20 years now I'm 30 and I'm not gay.</span><br>
<span title="51:22 - 51:32" data-start="00:51:22.307" data-end="00:51:31.897">I have always loved and been addicted to women okay becoming less convincing as time goes on,</span><br>
<span title="51:32 - 51:40" data-start="00:51:32.002" data-end="00:51:39.999">I honestly find it very sexy when I have a girlfriend and she uses one of my Santa tears.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[51:41]</small> <span title="51:41 - 51:53" data-start="00:51:40.708" data-end="00:51:53.035">I don't I'm I'm I'm lost by your jargon they're my last ex girlfriend surprised me for my birthday last year yes I came home from work and she was,</span><br>
<span title="51:53 - 52:02" data-start="00:51:53.239" data-end="00:52:02.073">just vacuuming my living room with my yeah if my 1986 sanitaire SC 886 be in a miniskirt.</span><br>
<span title="52:02 - 52:16" data-start="00:52:02.358" data-end="00:52:16.477">So I don't know why you mentioned that detail it was awesome we lipstick on a pig was she worried the miniskirt I was the best okay okay just came</span><br>
<span title="52:16 - 52:22" data-start="00:52:16.411" data-end="00:52:21.860">okay that was awesome sexy girl using a sexy vacuum,</span><br>
<span title="52:22 - 52:32" data-start="00:52:21.938" data-end="00:52:31.600">unrelated I always found the shape of the 800 series sanitariums especially 886 has beautiful.</span><br>
<span title="52:32 - 52:39" data-start="00:52:32.030" data-end="00:52:38.874">That's not unrelated that's super duper related especially directly related to what you just said especially the shape.</span><br>
<span title="52:39 - 52:49" data-start="00:52:39.177" data-end="00:52:49.119">Of the hood and I don't even use a period I just vanish boots found a picture of his just a normal and it is.</span><br>
<span title="52:49 - 52:58" data-start="00:52:49.449" data-end="00:52:58.067">Wait wait maybe do you plebeians okay you're right you're right you're right it's like how I can't tell the difference in Death Metal I just can't tell the difference.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[52:59]</small> <span title="52:59 - 53:05" data-start="00:52:58.874" data-end="00:53:04.666">You know what I fucking hate that vacuum cleaner like those are pretty oh God.</span><br>
<span title="53:05 - 53:18" data-start="00:53:04.951" data-end="00:53:17.647">Strong hey yeah stomp on it yeah she was holding my God I'm like the vacuum cleaner Dominatrix and I will step on your vacuum cleaner.</span><br>
<span title="53:18 - 53:27" data-start="00:53:17.986" data-end="00:53:27.351">You're a clean little vacuum cleaner and I'll drop shit all over the ground so you can vacuum it up with your vacuum cleaner clips for sale.</span><br>
<span title="53:28 - 53:36" data-start="00:53:27.601" data-end="00:53:35.697">Vacuum this fucking stack of pennies can you I have a horse joke wasps in my pocket.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Kirbydude Really Likes Kirbys, Everybody</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[53:36]</small> <span title="53:36 - 53:51" data-start="00:53:36.315" data-end="00:53:50.991">Achilles your name is kirbydude you sure to listen to like kirbys hey kirbydude do you like kirbys at all do you want to talk about kirbys welcome to Old kirbys just a message to share,</span><br>
<span title="53:51 - 53:53" data-start="00:53:51.106" data-end="00:53:52.648">once you have a Kirby fetish,</span><br>
<span title="53:53 - 54:04" data-start="00:53:52.735" data-end="00:54:03.829">always you have a Kirby finish the old machines the best machines the sound of a curvy life and the way the big bag looks when it's turned on is just sexy.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[54:05]</small> <span title="54:05 - 54:09" data-start="00:54:04.717" data-end="00:54:08.537">Had a good-looking woman cleaning with the hose and some of the attachments</span><br>
<span title="54:16 - 54:21" data-start="00:54:15.961" data-end="00:54:20.708">I'll make your motor scream baby,</span><br>
<span title="54:21 - 54:32" data-start="00:54:20.795" data-end="00:54:31.663">up and down and Wallah heaven on Earth it's impossible not to watch and love if you have a true Kirby fetish.</span><br>
<span title="54:32 - 54:39" data-start="00:54:32.129" data-end="00:54:38.973">This is damn I got you I don't even think you can buy a Kirby vacuo no I found okay I found some Kirby but I'm clean.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[54:40]</small> <span title="54:40 - 54:44" data-start="00:54:39.655" data-end="00:54:43.970">Sounds great.</span><br>
<span title="54:45 - 54:50" data-start="00:54:44.561" data-end="00:54:49.938">Trevor Trevor hates it though Dango what is Trevor Trevor says.</span><br>
<span title="54:50 - 55:00" data-start="00:54:50.322" data-end="00:55:00.066">Look at the profile of kirbydude a very strange and rather inarticulate posting for someone born in 1955.</span><br>
<span title="55:01 - 55:15" data-start="00:55:00.540" data-end="00:55:15.010">No that's exactly what iconic someone went in 1955 to post like you let old people on the internet quote and a good-looking woman cleaning with a hose attachments here in the motor screen up and down while I have it on Earth I do not know how to interpret that other than</span><br>
<span title="55:15 - 55:17" data-start="00:55:14.881" data-end="00:55:16.999">blatantly sexually suggestive,</span><br>
<span title="55:17 - 55:27" data-start="00:55:17.221" data-end="00:55:26.740">the last line in his profile if you don't see things my way look harder kirbydude if you really are a vacuum cleaner Aficionado please,</span><br>
<span title="55:27 - 55:39" data-start="00:55:26.845" data-end="00:55:39.072">feel free to post here and share the passion we share if you are repelled by the fact that many of us posters members here are gay well I can say is well we'll play nice if you do that's been my experience at least</span><br>
<span title="55:39 - 55:40" data-start="00:55:39.070" data-end="00:55:39.910">real name.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[55:41]</small> <span title="55:41 - 55:50" data-start="00:55:40.609" data-end="00:55:49.830">And then and then kirbydude you have a response there you talking to Terry you know give daf-2 Terry which is nice be a response there for Trevor.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[55:51]</small> <span title="55:51 - 55:59" data-start="00:55:50.674" data-end="00:55:59.247">Thank you Terry for being nice you get an Elvis thank you thank you very much.</span><br>
<span title="56:00 - 56:10" data-start="00:55:59.694" data-end="00:56:09.590">I have eight kirbys formed the late 40s to a classic gold cover to a green dat a couple of the old ones or parts I paid $25 for all of them,</span><br>
<span title="56:10 - 56:19" data-start="00:56:09.767" data-end="00:56:18.557">I got them from the husband of a wife who passed away and used to sell refurbs he wanted to clear his garage so I got a good deal.</span><br>
<span title="56:19 - 56:21" data-start="00:56:18.860" data-end="00:56:21.257">Trevor you are far too proper,</span><br>
<span title="56:21 - 56:36" data-start="00:56:21.398" data-end="00:56:36.120">look at the ads from vacuum cleaners when women are uses models the skirts are flying in the air they have one leg dangling up harlots you have a smile on their face everyone has an opinion thanks.</span><br>
<span title="56:36 - 56:45" data-start="00:56:36.486" data-end="00:56:45.050">And I have opinions about queuing on so he was all caps in the previous one and now he is zero.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[56:46]</small> <span title="56:46 - 56:51" data-start="00:56:45.822" data-end="00:56:51.487">My tank comes down to defend himself okay he has one cap he capitalizes the team.</span><br>
<span title="56:52 - 56:58" data-start="00:56:51.727" data-end="00:56:57.527">Yes he did do that that was polite my dang grandkids broke my keyboard.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[56:59]</small> <span title="56:59 - 57:04" data-start="00:56:58.623" data-end="00:57:04.081">But it did some kind of setting now all the big letters are small letters I don't quite know how to fix it.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">A Frustrated Young Vacuum Fan</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[57:05]</small> <span title="57:05 - 57:14" data-start="00:57:04.834" data-end="00:57:13.551">Before moving into the next section we have just a quick hit here is that Opie that says the Opie is why am I fastened with vacuum cleaners</span><br>
<span title="57:13 - 57:18" data-start="00:57:13.495" data-end="00:57:18.241">blah blah blah blah blah more discussion about being gay fuck</span><br>
<span title="57:18 - 57:25" data-start="00:57:18.140" data-end="00:57:24.966">but anyway Greg vacs 28 says I came across this case on YouTube a few days back.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[57:25]</small> <span title="57:25 - 57:34" data-start="00:57:25.197" data-end="00:57:34.481">Take a look at his Video Collection it's mostly fans vacuums and small appliances some he demonstrates and often includes the proper names of appliances in the title then,</span><br>
<span title="57:35 - 57:41" data-start="00:57:34.596" data-end="00:57:41.332">he smashes them yeah am I wrong in thinking he is a frustrated closeted</span><br>
<span title="57:41 - 57:49" data-start="00:57:41.294" data-end="00:57:48.687">it's Crest young person who's afraid to admit he has an interest in Appliance I've seen videos of people who simply</span><br>
<span title="57:49 - 57:59" data-start="00:57:48.612" data-end="00:57:58.824">we get off and damaging things they don't really care what they are and certainly no carrots models or tear to demonstrate them they want a dangerous thing because consider the state Heath from whoa,</span><br>
<span title="57:59 - 58:04" data-start="00:57:58.929" data-end="00:58:03.892">oh my God and then someone keeps talking about the gay thing woo this is,</span><br>
<span title="58:04 - 58:10" data-start="00:58:03.916" data-end="00:58:10.392">yeah yeah yeah it's it's something hey f+ oh no,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">It'S Time For Poetry!!!</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[58:10]</small> <span title="58:10 - 58:25" data-start="00:58:10.416" data-end="00:58:24.759">it's tiger poetry yeah it's only one thing mean that it means with lemon says hey I plus like that
secret agent 69 you know it's,</span><br>
<span title="58:25 - 58:27" data-start="00:58:24.765" data-end="00:58:27.145">quality and quantity here,</span><br>
<span title="58:27 - 58:41" data-start="00:58:27.241" data-end="00:58:41.323">if you go to th e FP l dot u s at this point you can probably get it's time for poetry stickers drawn by puppy time I think they'll probably be available at a time here this unless they sell that look good the puppy sold out in four days.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[58:42]</small> <span title="58:42 - 58:49" data-start="00:58:41.672" data-end="00:58:49.255">Anyway so Frank West,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Eureka Chrome Top Poem</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[58:49]</small> <span title="58:49 - 58:57" data-start="00:58:49.423" data-end="00:58:57.447">do you think you can give me your poem about your Eureka Chrome top yes I am Camelot shadow.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[58:58]</small> <span title="58:58 - 59:08" data-start="00:58:58.128" data-end="00:59:08.114">My new Eureka Chrome top I love her it was love at first sight when I spotted her standing stoic lie in the Goodwill.</span><br>
<span title="59:09 - 59:18" data-start="00:59:08.724" data-end="00:59:17.936">I ran over and put my arms around her scooping her up so that no one else could claim my precious find
chalant lie,</span><br>
<span title="59:18 - 59:32" data-start="00:59:17.942" data-end="00:59:32.375">I function chalant lie I found her in to hear the voice they said this poetry reading would be quiet and no giggling for us shove off me I plugged her in to hear the four of her heartbeat.</span><br>
<span title="59:33 - 59:39" data-start="00:59:32.670" data-end="00:59:38.956">Sheep herd and it was music to my ears,</span><br>
<span title="59:39 - 59:48" data-start="00:59:39.007" data-end="00:59:48.264">I kept her close to me and under my watchful eye as I breathlessly laid my money down and she was mine.</span><br>
<span title="59:49 - 59:54" data-start="00:59:48.982" data-end="00:59:54.278">Carried her out to the faithful Volvo where she fit just right in the back seat.</span><br>
<span title="59:55 - 1:00:00" data-start="00:59:54.797" data-end="01:00:00.426">Getting her cleaned up and soon will twirl are a seventh in the dance of dust.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:00:01]</small> <span title="1:00:01 - 1:00:05" data-start="01:00:01.216" data-end="01:00:05.044">I do love my vax,</span><br>
<span title="1:00:05 - 1:00:19" data-start="01:00:05.078" data-end="01:00:19.331">okay there's a come LOL hey I'm be back six awesome the dance of dust that's hilarious,</span><br>
<span title="1:00:20 - 1:00:27" data-start="01:00:19.544" data-end="01:00:26.542">there's just nothing like Chrome on vacuums it really dresses them up yeah but it's just a reskin safari.</span><br>
<span title="1:00:27 - 1:00:40" data-start="01:00:27.007" data-end="01:00:39.811">Lemon yeah I feel like you're going to use chromium in that particular case may be a boy.</span><br>
<span title="1:00:40 - 1:00:50" data-start="01:00:40.286" data-end="01:00:49.705">I've never found anything that classic at a thrift store my back's are like children I'm very protective of them as for dancing with vacuums how about.</span><br>
<span title="1:00:50 - 1:00:58" data-start="01:00:50.008" data-end="01:00:57.699">Cobweb Calypso Dust Bunny Waltz tract inter Tango etcetera,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">A Vacuum Slam Poem</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:01:08]</small> <span title="1:01:08 - 1:01:15" data-start="01:01:07.995" data-end="01:01:15.199">love the brushroll
Vibra groom one replacement $50.</span><br>
<span title="1:01:16 - 1:01:25" data-start="01:01:15.646" data-end="01:01:24.508">I knew she was special proper slam poetry at this point I knew she was special but had no idea.</span><br>
<span title="1:01:25 - 1:01:30" data-start="01:01:24.730" data-end="01:01:29.639">It was that old true old vax are hard to find.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:01:31]</small> <span title="1:01:31 - 1:01:36" data-start="01:01:30.986" data-end="01:01:35.517">This is one of my best files only set.</span><br>
<span title="1:01:36 - 1:01:46" data-start="01:01:36.028" data-end="01:01:45.564">To a mid 50s Hoover afraid and blue love the Deep Roar of the motor the motor has a nice deep sound too.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:01:47]</small> <span title="1:01:47 - 1:01:56" data-start="01:01:46.920" data-end="01:01:55.781">Have to clean up the brush roll and area underneath pop on a new belts.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:01:57]</small> <span title="1:01:57 - 1:02:03" data-start="01:01:57.075" data-end="01:02:02.956">At at refresh wash bag and go for a spin yeah.</span><br>
<span title="1:02:04 - 1:02:13" data-start="01:02:03.647" data-end="01:02:13.471">Dance of dust you freak of Mambo Mambo Lowell.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:02:15]</small> <span title="1:02:15 - 1:02:18" data-start="01:02:14.998" data-end="01:02:18.332">This guy really loves writing poetry.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Poetry Discussion</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:02:21]</small> <span title="1:02:21 - 1:02:28" data-start="01:02:20.922" data-end="01:02:28.487">I mean if I was that good at writing poetry I love it too Kevin that shadow your vacuum poetry is Sublime,</span><br>
<span title="1:02:29 - 1:02:39" data-start="01:02:28.637" data-end="01:02:38.911">you described the romance with a Eureka just perfect come on how do you spell Eureka.</span><br>
<span title="1:02:39 - 1:02:52" data-start="01:02:39.395" data-end="01:02:51.875">The discuss what your drink is in your name why are you spelling it wrong
tariqa Prince yiou space Rik way.</span><br>
<span title="1:02:52 - 1:02:56" data-start="01:02:52.322" data-end="01:02:55.862">Like a King of Fighters character.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:02:57]</small> <span title="1:02:57 - 1:03:06" data-start="01:02:56.661" data-end="01:03:05.828">Yo Rica perfect the description of the motor hum and the brushroll vibration deserves a Pulitzer.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:03:07]</small> <span title="1:03:07 - 1:03:13" data-start="01:03:07.194" data-end="01:03:12.940">But the one thing I forgot to mention is that distinctive intoxicating Eureka Williams aroma</span><br>
<span title="1:03:13 - 1:03:25" data-start="01:03:12.856" data-end="01:03:24.940">the entranced owner would be greeted with the unique scent when they first open the box and set eyes on the treasure within and then stayed with their vacs forever more,</span><br>
<span title="1:03:25 - 1:03:37" data-start="01:03:25.108" data-end="01:03:36.760">I can smell a Eureka bare floor brush from miles away.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:03:38]</small> <span title="1:03:38 - 1:03:41" data-start="01:03:37.666" data-end="01:03:41.459">Mark Wait.</span><br>
<span title="1:03:42 - 1:03:52" data-start="01:03:41.960" data-end="01:03:51.776">That's asked at the only difference with me is that for some reason I always thought that my beloved Eureka's were men.</span><br>
<span title="1:03:52 - 1:03:56" data-start="01:03:52.322" data-end="01:03:56.259">Oops too much information there.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:03:57]</small> <span title="1:03:57 - 1:04:03" data-start="01:03:57.201" data-end="01:04:03.479">Okay
okay okay okay,</span><br>
<span title="1:04:04 - 1:04:16" data-start="01:04:03.629" data-end="01:04:15.803">well I guess you're just sort of being horny in the middle of this poetry thread but that's fine yeah you be you man hey man it's all about the experience of the Poetry whatever makes you feel you're not.</span><br>
<span title="1:04:16 - 1:04:22" data-start="01:04:16.205" data-end="01:04:22.428">Touche to tushy tushy tushy.</span><br>
<span title="1:04:23 - 1:04:37" data-start="01:04:22.876" data-end="01:04:37.129">Guilty of having a you Rica moment so this is a joke or they just fell Eureka wrong and so it's called on I mean it's I mean if you don't know it's a good one that's a good joke.</span><br>
<span title="1:04:37 - 1:04:44" data-start="01:04:37.423" data-end="01:04:43.701">That's you Eureka you you Erica,</span><br>
<span title="1:04:44 - 1:04:52" data-start="01:04:43.743" data-end="01:04:51.947">so the way that this post is formatted I thought it was another poem until okay yeah the Eureka is an actual brand of vacuum cleaner so,</span><br>
<span title="1:04:52 - 1:04:58" data-start="01:04:52.043" data-end="01:04:57.582">I guess it's like a don't take the lord's name in vain kind of thing.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:04:59]</small> <span title="1:04:59 - 1:05:02" data-start="01:04:58.678" data-end="01:05:02.155">No graven images.</span><br>
<span title="1:05:02 - 1:05:12" data-start="01:05:02.432" data-end="01:05:12.292">You know they have to be like the Scottish vacuum you can't say it or the you know oh I see I see good luck with the vacuum know,</span><br>
<span title="1:05:12 - 1:05:20" data-start="01:05:12.397" data-end="01:05:20.052">yes I can get down with the words which was cathartic with this Outburst as it has been a while since I was so moved.</span><br>
<span title="1:05:21 - 1:05:26" data-start="01:05:20.688" data-end="01:05:26.038">Gasp of wrestling with that bag removal got me worked up low.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:05:27]</small> <span title="1:05:27 - 1:05:32" data-start="01:05:26.918" data-end="01:05:31.728">I'm not sure if I think vacs are he's or she's but that's just the way the words fell out.</span><br>
<span title="1:05:32 - 1:05:40" data-start="01:05:32.409" data-end="01:05:39.749">I can't get the sound / vibration of the Hoover I think model 63 from 1954.</span><br>
<span title="1:05:40 - 1:05:44" data-start="01:05:40.007" data-end="01:05:44.277">That he found that sort of goes through your whole body.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:05:45]</small> <span title="1:05:45 - 1:05:52" data-start="01:05:44.967" data-end="01:05:52.163">Bag is dry and just waiting for some spare time to clean the brush roll and area prop on a belt and take her out for a spin.</span><br>
<span title="1:05:53 - 1:06:01" data-start="01:05:52.538" data-end="01:06:00.526">Hmm maybe let him go for a rhyme fellow law,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">There'S A Washing Machine Forum Too!?</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:06:01]</small> <span title="1:06:01 - 1:06:13" data-start="01:06:00.532" data-end="01:06:12.760">it isn't until the very very last post or the very very last piece of content in this document that we learn that vacuum land dot-org has a sister site,</span><br>
<span title="1:06:13 - 1:06:25" data-start="01:06:12.793" data-end="01:06:24.904">if you weren't if you weren't in deep enough you should know that vacuum land dot-org has a sister site called Atomic washer dot-org.</span><br>
<span title="1:06:25 - 1:06:33" data-start="01:06:25.234" data-end="01:06:32.718">Yeah I know it's the same site design same Forum software oh my God Riot split up into imperial deluxe super,</span><br>
<span title="1:06:33 - 1:06:40" data-start="01:06:32.751" data-end="01:06:40.307">Shoppers I can't read that font cash do you think someone will make a doc from this for us.</span><br>
<span title="1:06:41 - 1:06:49" data-start="01:06:40.718" data-end="01:06:49.093">Well I don't know I don't know if your company about suggesting it's like a Cajun 69,</span><br>
<span title="1:06:49 - 1:07:00" data-start="01:06:49.190" data-end="01:06:59.725">I mean I would be surprised if there was enough different stuff in here but like but if only 6000 washing machines and they look very good you.</span><br>
<span title="1:07:00 - 1:07:03" data-start="01:06:59.983" data-end="01:07:02.651">And make it dark.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:07:03]</small> <span title="1:07:03 - 1:07:12" data-start="01:07:03.143" data-end="01:07:12.211">Squiddy that's irresponsible the man has a problem stop enabling I'm just saying is all.</span><br>
<span title="1:07:13 - 1:07:21" data-start="01:07:12.550" data-end="01:07:20.790">They have a picture of the day and a patent of the day hey everybody the dirty laundry forum is a forum for,</span><br>
<span title="1:07:21 - 1:07:34" data-start="01:07:20.877" data-end="01:07:33.610">upgraded adult members only oh my god oh no I hope nobody makes a eye doc of the dirty laundry for it's it's the forum for anything that might,</span><br>
<span title="1:07:34 - 1:07:40" data-start="01:07:33.688" data-end="01:07:39.830">controversial oh no don't do that,</span><br>
<span title="1:07:40 - 1:07:45" data-start="01:07:39.935" data-end="01:07:45.169">hey so everybody who fucks the washing machine right that's why we're all in this one yeah cool</span><br>
<span title="1:07:45 - 1:07:51" data-start="01:07:45.139" data-end="01:07:51.200">none of it is this stuff because this stuff was all publicly available so</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">A Washing Machine Poem</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:07:51]</small> <span title="1:07:51 - 1:08:00" data-start="01:07:51.152" data-end="01:07:59.896">curious I'm definitely curious anyway boots this this last poem here because we don't have Jack Chick so we can't get the one</span><br>
<span title="1:08:00 - 1:08:05" data-start="01:07:59.767" data-end="01:08:05.415">specifically for him but the last poem here comes from the sister Forum Atomic washer dot-org.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:08:06]</small> <span title="1:08:06 - 1:08:12" data-start="01:08:06.186" data-end="01:08:11.707">My name is Ariston for life and this poem is called.</span><br>
<span title="1:08:12 - 1:08:21" data-start="01:08:12.019" data-end="01:08:21.340">Russian Ariston for Life Jesus it's like you don't even belong to the washing cleaner forums true.</span><br>
<span title="1:08:22 - 1:08:29" data-start="01:08:21.859" data-end="01:08:28.541">Anyway this pose is called washing trouble The Intercept struggles,</span><br>
<span title="1:08:29 - 1:08:37" data-start="01:08:28.710" data-end="01:08:37.157">and the candy cries this is the future before our eyes the Electrolux moans the Hoover's squeaks,</span><br>
<span title="1:08:37 - 1:08:47" data-start="01:08:37.334" data-end="01:08:47.491">and the Pico can't stay on its feet the Hotpoint Wines in the zoo see screeches the Frigidaire died from too many.</span><br>
<span title="1:08:48 - 1:08:55" data-start="01:08:47.785" data-end="01:08:54.531">Glitches that was quite the D evolution of a poem,</span><br>
<span title="1:08:55 - 1:09:06" data-start="01:08:54.591" data-end="01:09:06.036">the Miele lasts but not forever even the Ariston can't keep it together the phage are freaks out and despair,</span><br>
<span title="1:09:06 - 1:09:15" data-start="01:09:06.141" data-end="01:09:14.894">and how did the Bendix get all the way over there
the whirlpool bangs from wall to wall.</span><br>
<span title="1:09:15 - 1:09:18" data-start="01:09:15.179" data-end="01:09:18.135">The service dances up the hall.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:09:19]</small> <span title="1:09:19 - 1:09:28" data-start="01:09:18.663" data-end="01:09:27.947">The boetsch works but only just give it time and it will fail just like the many that did before.</span><br>
<span title="1:09:28 - 1:09:35" data-start="01:09:28.440" data-end="01:09:35.050">Hey hey boots can you can you back up two stanzas I get to have one note,</span><br>
<span title="1:09:35 - 1:09:44" data-start="01:09:35.137" data-end="01:09:44.151">you know take it or leave it but I just have one know it was what's your name dance hall Crashers by Wang Chung</span><br>
<span title="1:09:44 - 1:09:56" data-start="01:09:44.113" data-end="01:09:55.738">like that show I can't actually remember how that the world paying Banks from wall to wall</span><br>
<span title="1:09:56 - 1:10:04" data-start="01:09:55.690" data-end="01:10:04.317">that's good enough I'll just proceed mmm.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:10:06]</small> <span title="1:10:06 - 1:10:07" data-start="01:10:06.420" data-end="01:10:07.459">The boss,</span><br>
<span title="1:10:19 - 1:10:25" data-start="01:10:18.564" data-end="01:10:24.562">I still Last of Us that was unbroken is it done accomplished.</span><br>
<span title="1:10:25 - 1:10:32" data-start="01:10:24.992" data-end="01:10:31.683">These days machine aren't meant to last and that my friends it makes me sad.</span><br>
<span title="1:10:32 - 1:10:39" data-start="01:10:32.059" data-end="01:10:39.336">Mmm back in the day that lasted forever and sadly now they can't but what are we supposed to do.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:10:40]</small> <span title="1:10:40 - 1:10:46" data-start="01:10:40.413" data-end="01:10:46.051">But just sit and hope our dreams will come true.</span><br>
<span title="1:10:55 - 1:11:04" data-start="01:10:54.907" data-end="01:11:04.056">Wow I did not anticipate being move like amused and then turned on and then just emotionally moved all in one episode.</span><br>
<span title="1:11:05 - 1:11:09" data-start="01:11:04.782" data-end="01:11:09.205">And also I felt like it really shown a light back on us.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:11:10]</small> <span title="1:11:10 - 1:11:19" data-start="01:11:10.426" data-end="01:11:19.431">You know it is it is it is a reflection back on us much like the Chrome that's on top of a vacuum cleaner yeah are we not all just</span><br>
<span title="1:11:19 - 1:11:26" data-start="01:11:19.429" data-end="01:11:25.661">Vacuums in the closets of our own lives you know we're all made of vacuums.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Society Doesn'T Exist In Vacuums, But Vacuums Exist In Society.</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:11:27]</small> <span title="1:11:27 - 1:11:39" data-start="01:11:26.775" data-end="01:11:39.138">You know what Society doesn't exist in vacuums but vacuums exist in society,</span><br>
<span title="1:11:39 - 1:11:47" data-start="01:11:39.306" data-end="01:11:47.177">I think that's it right yeah of course plus what do we learn.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">What Did We Learn?</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:11:48]</small> <span title="1:11:48 - 1:12:02" data-start="01:11:47.894" data-end="01:12:01.832">Like I think I love vacuum cleaners yeah these guys are good more than washing machines like I'm I'm yeah I'm I like these I like these people yeah we've had a lot of fun here tonight I don't really like the gay stuff.</span><br>
<span title="1:12:02 - 1:12:07" data-start="01:12:02.316" data-end="01:12:06.910">Okay hold on.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:12:07]</small> <span title="1:12:07 - 1:12:19" data-start="01:12:07.429" data-end="01:12:18.937">Squiddy is not a fan of gay people around you just say right now I'm trying to put a weird shit.</span><br>
<span title="1:12:19 - 1:12:28" data-start="01:12:19.303" data-end="01:12:28.001">Yeah I mean I feel like I feel like the what I liked about this because when we when we talked about when we talk about it when we first discovered it.</span><br>
<span title="1:12:28 - 1:12:36" data-start="01:12:28.269" data-end="01:12:36.004">We talked about the flashlight Forum how the seemed to be kind of similar to the flashlight Forum which was a form that kind of put our teeth on edge because like,</span><br>
<span title="1:12:36 - 1:12:43" data-start="01:12:36.083" data-end="01:12:43.279">it feels like you guys have a fetish but like that never that shoot never dropped kind of uncomfortable and the fact that they like,</span><br>
<span title="1:12:43 - 1:12:47" data-start="01:12:43.447" data-end="01:12:47.087">in brace a bunch of this other stuff like there</span><br>
<span title="1:12:47 - 1:13:01" data-start="01:12:46.967" data-end="01:13:00.950">they're fixated but they're also aware of it which is great like go go for it go for it and also like not the best Forum in the world but like you built before and by yourself that's awesome yeah and frankly saves shit from the garbage and collected why not,</span><br>
<span title="1:13:01 - 1:13:05" data-start="01:13:01.109" data-end="01:13:04.695">yeah and like clay like on it like the.</span><br>
<span title="1:13:05 - 1:13:11" data-start="01:13:05.160" data-end="01:13:11.473">The like taking old mechanical things and like fixing them and liking them and learning about them it's like.</span><br>
<span title="1:13:12 - 1:13:16" data-start="01:13:11.822" data-end="01:13:16.344">Of all the nerd passions the one that is definitely done the least harm to society</span><br>
<span title="1:13:16 - 1:13:28" data-start="01:13:16.341" data-end="01:13:28.398">hell yeah like like you know I like by like BioShock 2 like I can't I can't disagree that like some of these old vacuum cleaners look cool but definitely look cool I don't wanna spend personally the time repairing them but that's awesome that you do that.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:13:29]</small> <span title="1:13:29 - 1:13:39" data-start="01:13:29.331" data-end="01:13:39.030">Yeah I would definitely say that of all the fs episodes that I've been a part of this is all right like these dudes are fine.</span><br>
<span title="1:13:39 - 1:13:49" data-start="01:13:39.315" data-end="01:13:48.770">Wait wait wait wait wait but you were also in the one where people are putting come and food so yeah I did not like that actually I want to like kind of.</span><br>
<span title="1:13:49 - 1:13:54" data-start="01:13:49.235" data-end="01:13:53.784">Call you guys out for that.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:13:54]</small> <span title="1:13:54 - 1:15:04" data-start="01:13:53.680" data-end="01:15:03.920">Music.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Freaky Fever</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:15:04]</small> <span title="1:15:04 - 1:15:13" data-start="01:15:03.765" data-end="01:15:13.179">Boom away folks yeah yeah yeah it didn't suck.</span><br>


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        if (i == 0) { seconds += parseInt(splitStrg[splitStrg.length - 1]); }
        if (i == 1) { seconds += parseInt(splitStrg[splitStrg.length - 2]) * 60; }
        if (i == 2) { seconds += parseInt(splitStrg[splitStrg.length - 3]) * 3600; }
    return seconds;

function pad(num, size) {
    var s = num + "";
    while (s.length < size) s = "0" + s;
    return s;

function secToTimeString(seconds) {
    var ss = Math.round(seconds);
    var cmin = Math.floor(ss / 60);
    var csec = ss % 60;

    if (cmin < 60) {
        return cmin + ":" + pad(csec, 2);
    } else {
        var ch = Math.floor(cmin / 60);
        var cm = cmin % 60;
        return ch + ":" + pad(cm, 2) + ":" + pad(csec, 2);

function removeActiveClass() {
    var elements = document.querySelectorAll('');
    for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
        // elements[i].classList.add("listened");

function addAudioFile() {
    var txt;
    var url = prompt(
        'Please enter complete URL for the audio file, which should be played along the transcript\n(a local path should start with "file:///"):',
    if (url == null || url == "") { return; }

    var audio = document.getElementById('audio-player');
    var oldSources = document.querySelectorAll('source');
    for (var i=0; i<oldSources.length; i++) {

    var source = document.createElement('source');
    source.src = url;


function addAudioPlayer() {
    var audio = document.getElementById('audio-player');

    document.getElementById('add-audio-file').style = '';
    document.getElementById('toggle-play-on-click').style = 'display: none;';

    audio.oncanplay = function() {
        AUDIO_PLAYER = audio;

        // highlight current audio segment
        if (HAVE_TIMESTAMPS) {
            AUDIO_PLAYER.ontimeupdate = function() {
                if (ARE_PLAYING) {
                    var curTime = secToTimeString(AUDIO_PLAYER.currentTime);
                    elements = document.querySelectorAll('span[title="' + curTime + '"]');
                    for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {

        // setup click handlers to play audio on mouse click
        if (HAVE_TIMESTAMPS) {
            var elements = document.getElementsByTagName('span');
            for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
                if (elements[i].getAttribute('data-start') === null) {  // no data-start attribute
                    try {
                        elements[i].removeEventListener("click", clickHandlerTimestamp);
                    } catch(err) { }
                    elements[i].addEventListener("click", clickHandlerTimestamp);
        } else {
            var elements = document.querySelectorAll('span[data-start]');
            for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
                try {
                    elements[i].removeEventListener("click", clickHandlerSegment);
                } catch(err) { }
                elements[i].addEventListener("click", clickHandlerSegment);


        var button = document.getElementById('add-audio-file'); = "display: none;";


function clickHandlerTimestamp(e) {
    var target = ( ? : e.srcElement;
    var timeString = target.title;
    var timeSec = getSecondsFromString(timeString);
    playAudioSegment(timeSec -0.6, timeSec + 3.4);

function clickHandlerSegment(e) {
        var target = ( ? : e.srcElement;
        var startTimeStrg = target.getAttribute("data-start").split(".")[0];
        var endTimeStrg = target.getAttribute("data-end").split(".")[0];
        var startSec = getSecondsFromString(startTimeStrg);
        var endSec = getSecondsFromString(endTimeStrg) + 1;
        playAudioSegment(startSec, endSec);

function enableAudioClickPlayback() {
    var button = document.getElementById('toggle-play-on-click');
    button.innerText = 'Stop Play-on-click'; = "";
    button.onclick = function() { disableAudioClickPlayback(); } ;

function disableAudioClickPlayback() {
    ARE_PLAYING = false;
    var button = document.getElementById('toggle-play-on-click');
    button.innerText = 'Activate Play-on-click'; = "";
    button.onclick = function() { enableAudioClickPlayback(); } ;
    PLAYBACK_ON_CLICK = false;

function playAudioSegment(start_sec, end_sec) {
    if (AUDIO_PLAYER !== null && PLAYBACK_ON_CLICK) {
        if (PAUSE_TIMEOUT !== null) { clearTimeout(PAUSE_TIMEOUT); }

        AUDIO_PLAYER.currentTime = start_sec;;
        ARE_PLAYING = true;

        var length_ms = (end_sec - start_sec) * 1000;
        PAUSE_TIMEOUT= setTimeout(function(){
            PAUSE_TIMEOUT = null;
            ARE_PLAYING = false;
        }, length_ms);

function setupTranscriptChangeListeners() {
    var trans = document.getElementById('transcript');
    trans.addEventListener("keyup", function(e){
        var editedNode = window.getSelection().anchorNode.parentNode;

        // set background of already edited spans back to white
            var clearNode = editedNode;
            if (clearNode.tagName == "SPAN") {
                if (clearNode.getAttribute("data-start") !== null) {
                    // if we click into the parent span, we have to get the next node!
                    clearNode = window.getSelection().anchorNode.nextSibling;
                if (clearNode.tagName == "SPAN" && clearNode.getAttribute("title") !== null) {
           = 'background: white;';

        // change all speaker names if we change one speaker
        if (editedNode.tagName == "B" && editedNode.getAttribute("data-spk") !== null) {
            var curSpeaker = editedNode.getAttribute("data-spk");

            var elements = document.querySelectorAll('b[data-spk="' + curSpeaker + '"]');
            for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
                if (elements[i] !== editedNode) {
                    elements[i].innerText = editedNode.innerText;

            // for WebVTT export
            var elements = document.querySelectorAll('span[data-spk="' + curSpeaker + '"]');
            var label = editedNode.innerText;
            if (label[label.length -1] == ":") {
                label = label.substring(0, label.length - 1);
            for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
                elements[i].setAttribute("data-label", label);


ARE_PLAYING = false;

window.addEventListener("load", function(){
        var button = document.getElementById('toggle-styling');
        if (button !== null) { button.remove(); }




                body { font-family:"Noto Serif TC",serif; }

#metadata { 
  h1 { font-size:160%; font-weight:600; margin-bottom:0.5em; }
  p { margin-bottom:1em; }

.transcript-base { line-height:180%; padding:2rem;
  h2 { font-size:200%; margin-bottom:0.5em; font-weight:600;  }