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    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, user-scalable=yes" />
    <title>Let'S Stick Crystals Up Our Vaginas</title>

    body { margin: 0; }
    #title, #subtitle, #info, #summary { text-align: center; }
    #summary { margin: 0 10%; }
    #chapter { margin-top: 1em; }

    #edit-bar {
        margin-top: 2em; display: flex; justify-content: space-between; flex-wrap: wrap;
        position: -webkit-sticky; position: sticky; top: 0; left: 0;
        background: white; z-index: 999;
        font-family: BlinkMacSystemFont,-apple-system,"Segoe UI",Roboto,Oxygen,Ubuntu,Cantarell,"Fira Sans","Droid Sans","Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
        -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; text-size-adjust: 100%;
    #edit-bar-spacer { flex-grow: 1; }
    .button {
        background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #363636;
        border: 1px solid #dbdbdb; border-radius: 4px; box-shadow: none;
        margin: 0.5em; padding: 5px 12px;
        cursor:pointer;font-size: 0.9em;
        justify-content:center; text-align:center; white-space:nowrap;
        display: inline-flex; position: relative; vertical-align: top;
        user-select: none; text-decoration: none;
    .button.export-option { margin: 0.5em 0.2em 0.5em auto; }
    .button.export-buttons-shown { margin-left: 0.2em; margin-left: auto; } { font-weight: bold; }
    span.listened { font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; }
    #transcript.edit-mode { border-style: dashed; padding: 10px; }
    #transcript span { cursor: pointer; }
    #transcript.edit-mode span { cursor: text; }
    .transcript-base { margin: 0.5em; }

    @media all and (max-width: 900px) {
      .button.export-buttons-shown { margin: 0.5em; margin-left: auto; }
      .button.export-option { margin: 0.5em; margin-left: auto; }

    @media all and (max-width: 340px) {
      .button { margin: 0.2em; }

    @media print {
        #edit-bar { display: none; }
        .button { display: none; }
        span { background: white; }
        #transcript { border-style: none !important; padding: 0px !important; }


<div id="metadata">
<h1 id="title">Let'S Stick Crystals Up Our Vaginas</h1>
<h4 id="subtitle">Reading</h4>

<p id="info">
2020, The F Plus<br>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<p id="summary">
The capitalist innovators over at Chakrubs have a whole bunch of different crystals to sell you, and they know where you can cram it. From yoni eggs to yoni nunchucks, for spiritual healing, emotional welness, to get over a bad breakup, or just because you're bored - the answer was inside you the whole time.

This week, The F Plus is troubled by that clicking noise.


<div id="edit-bar">
    <a class="button" id="edit-transcript" onclick="enableEdit();" title="Enable/disable edit mode.">Edit Transcript</a>
    <a class="button" id="toggle-styling" onclick="removeStyling();" title="Words with low recognition confidence will be highlighted in red.">Remove Highlighting</a>
    <a class="button" id="add-audio-file" onclick="addAudioFile();" title="Add audio file which should be played along the transcript.">Add Audio File</a>
    <a class="button" id="toggle-play-on-click" title="Enable/disable click on word for audio playback." style="display: none;">Stop Play-on-click</a>

    <div id="edit-bar-spacer"></div>

    <a class="button export-option" id="save-changes" onclick="saveChanges();" style="display: none;" title="Save transcript editor with current changes for further editing or sharing.">Save Editor</a>
    <a class="button export-option" id="export-html" onclick="exportHTML();" style="display: none;" title="Export transcript as HTML for Word, Wordpress, etc.">Export HTML</a>
    <a class="button export-option" id="export-pdf" onclick="window.print(); hideExportButtons();" style="display: none;" title="Export transcript as PDF or to printer.">Export PDF</a>
    <a class="button export-option" id="export-webvtt" onclick="exportWebVTT();" style="display: none;" title="Export transcript as WebVTT for web players.">Export WebVTT</a>
    <a class="button" id="show-export-buttons" onclick="showExportButtons();">Export...</a>
    <a class="button" id="show-help" href="" target="_blank" title="Show transcript editor help.">?</a>

    <audio id="audio-player" preload="auto" style="display: none;">
        <source src="">

<div id="transcript" class="transcript-base">

<h2 id="chapter">Transcript</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[0:00]</small> <span title="0:00 - 0:13" data-start="00:00:00.017" data-end="00:00:12.573">I will be reading something from
I do I insert the egg how do I insert the egg I bought it and I.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Salty Sweet</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[0:13]</small> <span title="0:13 - 0:44" data-start="00:00:12.880" data-end="00:00:43.600">Music.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Reader Intros</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[0:44]</small> <span title="0:44 - 0:50" data-start="00:00:43.844" data-end="00:00:49.563">Welcome it's the f plus podcast it's an intimate place with.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[0:50]</small> <span title="0:50 - 0:56" data-start="00:00:50.208" data-end="00:00:55.856">Terrible Things read with enthusiasm in the room tonight we have boots rain gear,</span><br>
<span title="0:56 - 1:05" data-start="00:00:55.961" data-end="00:01:05.083">much like her name White Lotus she was able to bring my inner goddess up through the murky Waters that is societal and religious implications on women's sexuality.</span><br>
<span title="1:05 - 1:14" data-start="00:01:05.206" data-end="00:01:14.049">Sebelum nutshell Gulag that afternoon our entire Camp headed across the Playa for a DJ set on an art car and happened upon a.</span><br>
<span title="1:14 - 1:24" data-start="00:01:14.244" data-end="00:01:24.033">Crawl I can say with confidence that I have never seen that many dicks in my life poor tax cut so many crystals jammed in there you can just call me let you get.</span><br>
<span title="1:24 - 1:33" data-start="00:01:24.237" data-end="00:01:33.467">Buddy bread like media thought this episode was gonna be about shoving Crystal Gayle up in your lady business you're going to be disappointed so just stop listening now alright I'm sorry I'm.</span><br>
<span title="1:34 - 1:46" data-start="00:01:33.986" data-end="00:01:45.638">Kumquats up well it's impossible to avoid electrosmog all together especially while or obeying orders to stay indoors crystals can be.</span><br>
<span title="1:46 - 1:48" data-start="00:01:45.896" data-end="00:01:47.781">Of tools for cleansing your space.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:48]</small> <span title="1:48 - 1:57" data-start="00:01:48.408" data-end="00:01:56.639">Full electromagnetic radiation he reads the internet for you and why because he's Lou Fernandez pie do I insert the egg.</span><br>
<span title="1:57 - 2:00" data-start="00:01:57.113" data-end="00:01:59.691">The egg is stuck what should I do.</span><br>
<span title="2:00 - 2:13" data-start="00:02:00.246" data-end="00:02:12.546">What to do if the egg fell in the toilet and lemon I like that it started small making it very smooth to penetrate and also the cold feeling enhances the sensations.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[2:12]</small> <span title="2:12 - 2:25" data-start="00:02:12.400" data-end="00:02:25.200">Music.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Hey F Plus!</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[2:26]</small> <span title="2:26 - 2:32" data-start="00:02:25.893" data-end="00:02:31.919">Hey f+ hello hello hey is a bunch of.</span><br>
<span title="2:33 - 2:39" data-start="00:02:32.501" data-end="00:02:38.940">That's exciting yeah crowd another lemon I don't know how I keep luring you.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[2:40]</small> <span title="2:40 - 2:50" data-start="00:02:39.856" data-end="00:02:50.094">How would you realize what I'll make you read if you keep showing up for this says free snacks all the yeah and I'll provide them a little box with the stick under and I,</span><br>
<span title="2:50 - 2:56" data-start="00:02:50.127" data-end="00:02:55.550">for it every time I say I just I got an order in a Costco I promise it'll be here eventually.</span><br>
<span title="2:56 - 3:03" data-start="00:02:55.790" data-end="00:03:03.040">Why do the six of us has to have to all be on the top bunk and you get the bottom bunk the bottom bunk is really comfortable also I called dibs.</span><br>
<span title="3:03 - 3:10" data-start="00:03:03.496" data-end="00:03:09.935">Like all floor so so hey are you all feeling like a spiritually healthy.</span><br>
<span title="3:10 - 3:21" data-start="00:03:10.202" data-end="00:03:21.404">Pretty much we're here aren't we It's Been a Good Year so I'm feeling it I'm feeling it has been a good year real good year real real good here yeah.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[3:22]</small> <span title="3:22 - 3:31" data-start="00:03:21.851" data-end="00:03:31.028">All of you are going to be sticking crystals in your vagina's okay yay I think I have room yeah like that no sir</span><br>
<span title="3:31 - 3:43" data-start="00:03:30.935" data-end="00:03:43.064">I got like a pool cue and a few balls in there already but yeah I could probably pull and flags that like a magician yeah alright kitchen that I've had hidden in there it's where I keep all my snacks I'm gonna have to put this somewhere else,</span><br>
<span title="3:43 - 3:53" data-start="00:03:43.124" data-end="00:03:52.696">so we we have a document we're going to be looking at given to us by you've use salt and slim fairly recently and that document</span><br>
<span title="3:53 - 4:03" data-start="00:03:52.675" data-end="00:04:02.653">is about that in fact that that very thing but when we mentioned you know sort of like crystals that are be inserted into your vagina or like you know Yoni eggs,</span><br>
<span title="4:03 - 4:12" data-start="00:04:02.722" data-end="00:04:12.330">the name Gwyneth Paltrow comes up and I feel like we'd be doing ourselves a disservice we did not start with that so so I want to tell you about Jade eggs for your Yoni could I do</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Jade Eggs For Your Yoni</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[4:12]</small> <span title="4:12 - 4:22" data-start="00:04:12.156" data-end="00:04:21.998">Grace this is from this is from document given to us by Cheapskate a while ago thank you very much boots I just have a couple questions for you yeah.</span><br>
<span title="4:22 - 4:34" data-start="00:04:22.122" data-end="00:04:34.296">So from kegels are so I'm going to start off and from kegels to vaginal streaming steaming vaginal steaming vaginal steaming it's just - I hear about goo.</span><br>
<span title="4:34 - 4:48" data-start="00:04:34.419" data-end="00:04:48.267">A coupe about our interest and our sexual / reproductive system so when Beauty / Guru / ignorance of the / inspiration / friend Shiva Rose started to talk about Jade eggs we wanted to hear more.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[4:49]</small> <span title="4:49 - 5:03" data-start="00:04:48.588" data-end="00:05:02.806">The strictly guarded secret of Chinese royalty in Antiquity Queens of orientalism in there too right away that so many people died loves shoving racism up my hoo-ha it makes me feel so good.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[5:03]</small> <span title="5:03 - 5:13" data-start="00:05:03.154" data-end="00:05:13.293">Yeah Jade eggs were said to harness the power of energy work and Crystal healing Sheila Shiva Rose has been working with them for about seven years and Raves about the results.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Jade Egg Q&amp;A</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[5:13]</small> <span title="5:13 - 5:21" data-start="00:05:13.488" data-end="00:05:20.540">So I've got a Q&amp;A for you boots by which I mean Shiva Rose mmm how did you first learn about Jade eggs.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[5:23]</small> <span title="5:23 - 5:34" data-start="00:05:23.058" data-end="00:05:33.611">I learned about the Jade egg of through the yoga community that I was in nice sort of went down the rabbit hole researching The Practice</span><br>
<span title="5:34 - 5:41" data-start="00:05:33.555" data-end="00:05:41.002">there was not as much information about it then as there is now that's because you made up the information</span><br>
<span title="5:41 - 5:50" data-start="00:05:40.999" data-end="00:05:50.302">he's been hard at work on his cell still true though credit's due
but it made intuitive sense to me.</span><br>
<span title="5:51 - 5:58" data-start="00:05:50.650" data-end="00:05:58.404">The word for our womb Yoni translates his sacred place and it is a sacred place,</span><br>
<span title="5:59 - 6:07" data-start="00:05:58.500" data-end="00:06:06.803">it's where many women access their intuition their power and their wisdom their brain is up here</span><br>
<span title="6:07 - 6:12" data-start="00:06:06.737" data-end="00:06:12.132">yeah didn't know that this is my vulva when you talk to me</span><br>
<span title="6:12 - 6:21" data-start="00:06:11.994" data-end="00:06:21.242">so I've been doing it right all these years okay ha ha joke's on you women have been respected this lifetime.</span><br>
<span title="6:22 - 6:25" data-start="00:06:21.555" data-end="00:06:25.068">In the ancient language is garbage fire.</span><br>
<span title="6:26 - 6:32" data-start="00:06:25.570" data-end="00:06:32.162">It is this inner sanctum that we can access when it's not in use creating life.</span><br>
<span title="6:33 - 6:45" data-start="00:06:32.564" data-end="00:06:44.909">Sadly most people use it as a psychic trash bin storing old or negative energy I see it as a psychic trash
yeah oh my God by that.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[6:46]</small> <span title="6:46 - 6:52" data-start="00:06:46.014" data-end="00:06:51.715">I see it as a place to celebrate ourselves as sexual powerful beings or as mothers,</span><br>
<span title="6:52 - 6:56" data-start="00:06:51.757" data-end="00:06:56.099">it's not a place to carry negative or on dealt with emotions,</span><br>
<span title="6:56 - 7:07" data-start="00:06:56.114" data-end="00:07:06.938">I've always a little psychic trash bin now I've always been into crystals so learning about Jade eggs which are gems.</span><br>
<span title="7:07 - 7:15" data-start="00:07:07.178" data-end="00:07:15.247">Alright okay so so okay great I'm gonna skip I'm gonna skip a bunch of this shit.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[7:16]</small> <span title="7:16 - 7:25" data-start="00:07:15.838" data-end="00:07:25.078">I'm going to skip a bunch of the spiritualist shit because I'm already on the hook so how do we start now when you first get your egg boil it for a few minutes to make sure it's clean.</span><br>
<span title="7:25 - 7:33" data-start="00:07:25.228" data-end="00:07:32.847">For its Sacred Space so it's like making sure your feet are clean when you enter a temple because you've boiled your feet.</span><br>
<span title="7:33 - 7:42" data-start="00:07:32.970" data-end="00:07:41.750">Yes I've been doing that every time we show for my feet since Aegina for me it's not about physical cleansing</span><br>
<span title="7:42 - 7:56" data-start="00:07:41.738" data-end="00:07:56.027">you can put it out under the light of a full moon to cleanse a recharge it like a crystal I want to go to your tattoo parlor yeah or you can burn Sage</span><br>
<span title="7:56 - 8:05" data-start="00:07:55.997" data-end="00:08:05.372">I will not see forever let's mention that she's a werewolf that's where why we have an autoclave we have a window just just the vagina turns into a wolf,</span><br>
<span title="8:05 - 8:14" data-start="00:08:05.378" data-end="00:08:13.978">I will not stay whether or not you're going to burn that sage in or outside of your vagina it's I saw that movie and ironically it was a full moon production.</span><br>
<span title="8:14 - 8:18" data-start="00:08:14.281" data-end="00:08:18.056">See see the facts are in yeah.</span><br>
<span title="8:18 - 8:25" data-start="00:08:18.188" data-end="00:08:25.123">The egg does absorb energy so really clearing it when you first get it is a great thing to do.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[8:26]</small> <span title="8:26 - 8:35" data-start="00:08:25.570" data-end="00:08:34.557">Before I insert an egg I do a ritual I place it on a beautiful piece of fabric light a candle maybe even burn some Sage.</span><br>
<span title="8:35 - 8:40" data-start="00:08:34.797" data-end="00:08:40.355">For my ritual I imagine pure light flowing between me and the egg</span><br>
<span title="8:40 - 8:49" data-start="00:08:40.280" data-end="00:08:49.222">pour a little wine for the egg a little bit for yourself then I think it's important to set an intention as you would in meditation before putting the egg in,</span><br>
<span title="8:49 - 8:59" data-start="00:08:49.273" data-end="00:08:58.665">its first and foremost about clearing energy in a cleansing so your intention could be about releasing past relationships.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[8:59]</small> <span title="8:59 - 9:05" data-start="00:08:59.490" data-end="00:09:05.165">M - anything appreciate period I'm going to set the intention.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[9:06]</small> <span title="9:06 - 9:14" data-start="00:09:06.224" data-end="00:09:14.320">Be able to get this thing out of me when we're done you know I sort of cut out the middleman and just don't shove it up there anymore,</span><br>
<span title="9:14 - 9:24" data-start="00:09:14.335" data-end="00:09:23.628">attention is not to go to the ER again over this yeah or maybe see that cute doctor oh no,</span><br>
<span title="9:24 - 9:33" data-start="00:09:23.671" data-end="00:09:32.973">Specific Instructions come with each egg explaining exactly how to insert it use your finger.</span><br>
<span title="9:33 - 9:37" data-start="00:09:33.195" data-end="00:09:37.474">And don't get discouraged remember that one open vagina</span><br>
<span title="9:37 - 9:49" data-start="00:09:37.417" data-end="00:09:48.754">if you want to buy him a China's you more now will you just let me crank this thing open and then we can get started yeah these things are pretty good.</span><br>
<span title="9:49 - 9:54" data-start="00:09:48.868" data-end="00:09:53.795">If you stand up when the egg falls out don't worry it's totally normal.</span><br>
<span title="9:54 - 10:09" data-start="00:09:53.999" data-end="00:10:08.631">You should always listen to your body the exfil out don't listen to your body stick it back in there you need to move up an egg,</span><br>
<span title="10:09 - 10:23" data-start="00:10:08.736" data-end="00:10:23.070">yeah I started out my throat never stop to the red eggs student has become the master to what an emu
ooh yeah you we had you had a platypus and I guess it's The Next Step Up is.</span><br>
<span title="10:23 - 10:25" data-start="00:10:23.347" data-end="00:10:24.574">Emu.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[10:25]</small> <span title="10:25 - 10:35" data-start="00:10:25.021" data-end="00:10:35.386">We're sorry okay I should have figured out something now that's quite a jump but that's nature okay I've got the rest of this paragraph is just everything you just said pretty to Kiwi</span><br>
<span title="10:35 - 10:48" data-start="00:10:35.293" data-end="00:10:48.439">anyway so so that was the document from Cheapskate we might be getting to more of that during 24 terrible hours AKA garbage day AKA garbage year</span><br>
<span title="10:48 - 10:54" data-start="00:10:48.346" data-end="00:10:54.479">but I want to skip over to this your booze documents we're going to be looking at the website,</span><br>
<span title="10:55 - 11:04" data-start="00:10:54.503" data-end="00:11:04.364"> chak are UBS chakrubs acrylate erotic Naruto fanfiction.</span><br>
<span title="11:05 - 11:16" data-start="00:11:04.505" data-end="00:11:16.049">The the cover image that we saw recently was sort of the the painting on the Sistine Chapel with Adam and God except for its God handing Eve.</span><br>
<span title="11:16 - 11:27" data-start="00:11:16.244" data-end="00:11:26.554">Wait hold up anyway so so we're gonna you know so what are chakrubs I'm going to answer that real quick for you their body safe they're made from the Earth.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[11:27]</small> <span title="11:27 - 11:32" data-start="00:11:26.768" data-end="00:11:32.100">They reduce stress they extract repressed emotions they</span><br>
<span title="11:32 - 11:45" data-start="00:11:31.980" data-end="00:11:44.694">remove blocks caused by sexual trauma hmm they create deeper intimacy with the self and with your partner they encourage self awareness and mindfulness and they set the tone to create your intentions of Wellness but but Bunny Bread hmm,</span><br>
<span title="11:45 - 11:54" data-start="00:11:44.763" data-end="00:11:53.624">I have a question that I want to ask you hear from this document yeah and so who thought this was a good idea,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[11:54]</small> <span title="11:54 - 12:01" data-start="00:11:53.639" data-end="00:12:00.907">well this doesn't question oh okay,</span><br>
<span title="12:01 - 12:10" data-start="00:12:01.012" data-end="00:12:09.558">why do bees lemon white hippies think that might prove out yeah goddamnit spoilers here.</span><br>
<span title="12:10 - 12:19" data-start="00:12:09.843" data-end="00:12:18.948">Many ways in 2001 2011 scuse me when I had the idea for chakrubs
I knew decision.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[12:19]</small> <span title="12:19 - 12:31" data-start="00:12:19.269" data-end="00:12:30.696">I made a decision to really go for it in terms of making it a reality I was 23 at the time and it was time for me to take control over my life and my happiness.</span><br>
<span title="12:31 - 12:44" data-start="00:12:30.954" data-end="00:12:43.839">I had stayed with the boyfriend to whom I lost my virginity to for six years never whom I lost my purse like non-stop social event yeah no no is Perpetual know I was really stretched out at that point.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[12:45]</small> <span title="12:45 - 12:57" data-start="00:12:44.538" data-end="00:12:57.189">So I was ready for the Emu never truly feeling sexually satisfied or empowered I felt that I was now old enough to start something funny things that's just called being a heterosexual woman.</span><br>
<span title="12:58 - 13:02" data-start="00:12:57.600" data-end="00:13:02.185">Oh okay,</span><br>
<span title="13:02 - 13:08" data-start="00:13:02.282" data-end="00:13:07.749">I didn't know heterosexuals existed all right that I could now be taken seriously.</span><br>
<span title="13:08 - 13:15" data-start="00:13:08.052" data-end="00:13:14.636">My father is an inventor my mother the CEO of the company that sells his invention globally,</span><br>
<span title="13:15 - 13:29" data-start="00:13:14.651" data-end="00:13:28.508">I'd had many I have no I had no idea you came from money that is such a surprise that this the my pillow knee always have the best ideas literally ever label problems that they like to solve this is like this the my pillow guy</span><br>
<span title="13:28 - 13:37" data-start="00:13:28.496" data-end="00:13:36.925">yeah well I mean the pillow gets shoved in a different place no Carlson yeah shoving an egg and it was business you.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[13:38]</small> <span title="13:38 - 13:45" data-start="00:13:37.561" data-end="00:13:44.685">That's why he's making the face is thanks.</span><br>
<span title="13:45 - 13:57" data-start="00:13:44.907" data-end="00:13:57.171">And it's shifting during interviews that's why his head rotates like that yeah I've had many business ideas of my own in the past but I've never followed through on any of them,</span><br>
<span title="13:57 - 14:04" data-start="00:13:57.177" data-end="00:14:03.896">you don't say chakrubs however unfolded so naturally that I felt it was destiny.</span><br>
<span title="14:04 - 14:08" data-start="00:14:04.154" data-end="00:14:08.037">I was living in out Los Angeles another shocker for everybody keeping score</span><br>
<span title="14:08 - 14:18" data-start="00:14:07.917" data-end="00:14:17.769">and hosting the creator of the web series spirit science which is dedicated to teaching people about spirituality from a scientific perspective so gibberish</span><br>
<span title="14:18 - 14:26" data-start="00:14:17.694" data-end="00:14:25.799">yes and now redirects to a want to buy this domain page from a scientific perspective.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[14:26]</small> <span title="14:26 - 14:35" data-start="00:14:26.174" data-end="00:14:34.972">It's Soul has vacated from that domain he taught me a great deal about chakras and crystals I was working at the pleasure Chest a sex toy shop</span><br>
<span title="14:35 - 14:44" data-start="00:14:34.843" data-end="00:14:43.596">at the time as part of a kind of removing shame experiment oh God that's when you think about me you think she's filled with shame</span><br>
<span title="14:44 - 14:53" data-start="00:14:43.575" data-end="00:14:53.246">no no she's not that's that's the point oh no no yes yes because you're because you're 23 you have several failed businesses in the age of 23</span><br>
<span title="14:53 - 15:00" data-start="00:14:53.109" data-end="00:14:59.701">so you can't just like fucking work at a sex toy store like a pleb no it has to be like a Growing Experience for you.</span><br>
<span title="15:00 - 15:12" data-start="00:14:59.905" data-end="00:15:11.926">I'm learning from everything around me always my co-workers were non-judgmental open and accepting of others it was a great experience and helped me in many ways read the patience of saints</span><br>
<span title="15:12 - 15:14" data-start="00:15:11.851" data-end="00:15:13.754">I've known</span><br>
<span title="15:14 - 15:27" data-start="00:15:13.670" data-end="00:15:27.275">I've known a number of people who've worked a sex toy shops and they are not non-judgmental they are not they never have funny stories where they make fun of the people to walk again that's kind of why they take the job just like yeah.</span><br>
<span title="15:28 - 15:30" data-start="00:15:27.551" data-end="00:15:29.535">Thank you for buying this cockring.</span><br>
<span title="15:30 - 15:40" data-start="00:15:29.784" data-end="00:15:40.373">I bless you I spoke with many different people about their desires and Fantasies and even medical needs.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[15:41]</small> <span title="15:41 - 15:50" data-start="00:15:40.667" data-end="00:15:50.285">One night I tagged along with my houseguests to the home of a woman with whom he intended to discuss some business venture as well as their respective spiritual philosophies,</span><br>
<span title="15:50 - 16:01" data-start="00:15:50.291" data-end="00:16:01.160">she showed us her collection of crystals and when she produced one that was particularly a slap it out of her hand and shove it in her crotch just like elegant</span><br>
<span title="16:01 - 16:10" data-start="00:16:01.085" data-end="00:16:10.117">this mid-conversation not even break eye contact give me that oh that's my paperweight,</span><br>
<span title="16:16 - 16:21" data-start="00:16:16.118" data-end="00:16:21.091">when she produced one that was particularly phallic and shape something clicked Within Me</span><br>
<span title="16:21 - 16:32" data-start="00:16:21.034" data-end="00:16:31.947">see I found another one in there are they connected there might be two parts of the same piece.</span><br>
<span title="16:32 - 16:47" data-start="00:16:32.070" data-end="00:16:46.747">My lunch crystal found my late afternoon Crystal I've been looking for this biotic for years and I am so for me and I knew one place to hide it.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[16:47]</small> <span title="16:47 - 16:55" data-start="00:16:47.482" data-end="00:16:54.732">I hadn't felt drawn to any of the items at the toy store as many of them were made of</span><br>
<span title="16:55 - 17:04" data-start="00:16:54.711" data-end="00:17:04.373">we're battery operated and created by men oh yeah the shape like a foot yeah with a vagina in the soul,</span><br>
<span title="17:04 - 17:07" data-start="00:17:04.434" data-end="00:17:07.443">yeah crystals are found in caves which are,</span><br>
<span title="17:07 - 17:16" data-start="00:17:07.449" data-end="00:17:15.545">womanly the molecular structures of crystals on the other hand are so perfect vibrate at and admit</span><br>
<span title="17:16 - 17:27" data-start="00:17:15.506" data-end="00:17:26.978">very strong very harmonious very healthy frequencies hey you know what else vibrates oh my God,</span><br>
<span title="17:27 - 17:35" data-start="00:17:26.984" data-end="00:17:35.188">this foot I design this is like a horny version of that part from A Mighty Wind.</span><br>
<span title="17:36 - 17:40" data-start="00:17:35.518" data-end="00:17:40.419">My rating on color frequencies oh yeah,</span><br>
<span title="17:41 - 17:55" data-start="00:17:40.524" data-end="00:17:54.984">several horny parts to Mighty win that is true is extremely sexy movie I was yeah I was aroused through most of it combining those frequencies with a person's own Sexual Energy might not only increase pleasure but might also help facilitate personal awareness and growth,</span><br>
<span title="17:55 - 18:00" data-start="00:17:55.062" data-end="00:18:00.304">the name came to be almost instantly I actually shouted it that night.</span><br>
<span title="18:01 - 18:10" data-start="00:18:00.527" data-end="00:18:10.324">Chakrubs it's Miss raised in the air the camera spins around of uber oh that's taken.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[18:12]</small> <span title="18:12 - 18:23" data-start="00:18:11.699" data-end="00:18:23.143">It's actually shouted it out that nice spontaneously in the midst of this meeting of spiritual Minds I'll never forget how everyone turned and looked at me their eyebrows raised in shock and Mild reproof.</span><br>
<span title="18:23 - 18:33" data-start="00:18:23.338" data-end="00:18:32.947">Mild the fact that even people so dedicated to self nurture and open-mindedness had such Hang-Ups about sexuality was yet another sign so.</span><br>
<span title="18:33 - 18:47" data-start="00:18:33.268" data-end="00:18:46.657">That's what was going on but yes yes it was yet no it was I should have so many things in my vagina when I came in and she only started freaking out when it was her precious crystals when I did with the phone the cat no problem but no most precious Crystal.</span><br>
<span title="18:47 - 18:51" data-start="00:18:47.068" data-end="00:18:50.726">Anyways they had big-time Hang-Ups about sexuality these folks.</span><br>
<span title="18:51 - 19:03" data-start="00:18:51.246" data-end="00:19:03.131">And the world needed chakrubs it's simply didn't make sense to me that this aspect of the Human Condition the ability to feel sexual pleasure was something we should feel ashamed it's not a new idea.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[19:04]</small> <span title="19:04 - 19:05" data-start="00:19:04.128" data-end="00:19:04.770">It is.</span><br>
<span title="19:05 - 19:20" data-start="00:19:05.037" data-end="00:19:19.894">The name is so I Invented Sex positivity you guys I did me rich white girl I did it all means copyrighting me I'm gonna Sue anyone or text or text I believe what you're trying to say is thank you.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[19:21]</small> <span title="19:21 - 19:28" data-start="00:19:20.566" data-end="00:19:28.365">As the days passed I spoke with many people about chakrubs these conversations were some of the best conversations I've had in my life.</span><br>
<span title="19:28 - 19:33" data-start="00:19:28.488" data-end="00:19:32.965">When you combine the topics of spirituality and sexuality you really get to know people.</span><br>
<span title="19:33 - 19:47" data-start="00:19:33.106" data-end="00:19:47.360">For many hand jobs and I'm sure at no point did you talk about the extreme markup that you can charge with these things no no no that's that's the sexuality part he was getting I mean if you feel like you want to give a donation to my church then</span><br>
<span title="19:47 - 19:57" data-start="00:19:47.357" data-end="00:19:56.902">by all means I have research to try to find anything like this without much luck I hope you so many vaginas to see if there are crystals already in there nope sure.</span><br>
<span title="19:57 - 20:05" data-start="00:19:57.034" data-end="00:20:05.400">So obviously at that point you didn't go to Yoni or Yoni like I can spell Yoni or egg or Kang ke</span><br>
<span title="20:05 - 20:13" data-start="00:20:05.298" data-end="00:20:13.277">there were some decorative phallic-shaped crystals but I could not find any company dedicated to to providing pleasure products made out of actual crystals.</span><br>
<span title="20:13 - 20:27" data-start="00:20:13.481" data-end="00:20:27.375">Probably because of what doctors say about it shortly thereafter I moved to Santa Cruz to work for a small independent radio station I've lived in the middle of the redwood forest with other musicians a whole humblebrag my God oh my God</span><br>
<span title="20:27 - 20:32" data-start="00:20:27.363" data-end="00:20:32.236">God knows I can get Richard wider my buddy and daddy.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[20:33]</small> <span title="20:33 - 20:48" data-start="00:20:33.106" data-end="00:20:47.540">I had my mission it was my new life's purpose anyway then I moved to Portland and hung out with his folk troop why are you why are you begging on Portland man oh you're right none of this sounds like Portland you're right I'm sorry,</span><br>
<span title="20:48 - 20:55" data-start="00:20:47.636" data-end="00:20:55.390">hey if the crystal fits there it doesn't help,</span><br>
<span title="20:55 - 21:03" data-start="00:20:55.441" data-end="00:21:02.637">there I met an incredible group of women who taught me about compassionate communication and the power of Womanhood,</span><br>
<span title="21:03 - 21:15" data-start="00:21:02.679" data-end="00:21:15.240">these women became my first Focus Groove one day we sat in a circle and Drew our own designs discussing which crystals we'd use and eventually testing out the first-ever.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[21:15]</small> <span title="21:15 - 21:28" data-start="00:21:15.498" data-end="00:21:28.383">Yeah all right and then and then some bragging awesome that's great really happy for you story cool it's awesome that people like you always land on your feet am really happy for you,</span><br>
<span title="21:28 - 21:37" data-start="00:21:28.452" data-end="00:21:36.737">you're the fucking Wyatt Coke dildos I got some frequently asked questions for you port X isn't right,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Chakrubs Q&amp;A</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[21:37]</small> <span title="21:37 - 21:40" data-start="00:21:36.761" data-end="00:21:39.789">no but we'll do it anyone great awesome</span><br>
<span title="21:40 - 21:47" data-start="00:21:39.687" data-end="00:21:46.964">question number one where does the crystal that you use to craft chakrubs come from is it ethical.</span><br>
<span title="21:47 - 21:55" data-start="00:21:47.159" data-end="00:21:55.192">Chakrubs are created from crystals and we Source most of them from us a city in Brazil that is abundant with them,</span><br>
<span title="21:55 - 22:07" data-start="00:21:55.198" data-end="00:22:07.138">Crystal's take many hundreds of years to form which is why it's extra insulting that we're using him for this because of that they aren't the most renewable resource,</span><br>
<span title="22:07 - 22:17" data-start="00:22:07.207" data-end="00:22:17.292">um however because they last a lifetime if properly cared for it reduces the need to purchase other silicone or plastic products that get thrown away over time.</span><br>
<span title="22:17 - 22:19" data-start="00:22:17.451" data-end="00:22:19.255">Wait do you guys buy into.</span><br>
<span title="22:20 - 22:30" data-start="00:22:19.630" data-end="00:22:30.373">Peak Yoni egg theory you know I swear to God Robert Reich has been blogging about that for like 10 years.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[22:31]</small> <span title="22:31 - 22:39" data-start="00:22:31.171" data-end="00:22:39.132">We have we have been working with the lapidary Who crafts chakrubs for many years and have formed good relationships with them,</span><br>
<span title="22:39 - 22:48" data-start="00:22:39.219" data-end="00:22:47.693">we can confidently assure you that the labor practices are legal and ethical as far as that's all the questions I have was a close one.</span><br>
<span title="22:48 - 22:49" data-start="00:22:47.915" data-end="00:22:49.295">In the country that we're doing.</span><br>
<span title="22:50 - 22:58" data-start="00:22:49.851" data-end="00:22:58.424">Right we also make regular contributions to a number of organizations in an effort to minimize our Environmental.</span><br>
<span title="22:59 - 23:05" data-start="00:22:58.871" data-end="00:23:04.635">Now the Yoni Craftsman Union are carbon cut print 416 hey okay.</span><br>
<span title="23:05 - 23:14" data-start="00:23:04.929" data-end="00:23:13.800">Including Friends of the earth International the Arbor Day Foundation and The International Institute for sustainable development</span><br>
<span title="23:14 - 23:27" data-start="00:23:13.689" data-end="00:23:26.970">I know information on how much we're giving or what any of these organizations organizations are mostly we donate with thoughts or whether it's so awesome prayers and we dial in their General drag we do,</span><br>
<span title="23:27 - 23:30" data-start="00:23:27.048" data-end="00:23:29.643">we like to do a in-kind Yoni egg</span><br>
<span title="23:30 - 23:44" data-start="00:23:29.524" data-end="00:23:43.642">distribution for a pre-owned yeah we give one to all the 24 valence in Brazil says exactly the favelas is sweet right hand them out yeah hat most of the people who.</span><br>
<span title="23:44 - 23:54" data-start="00:23:43.873" data-end="00:23:53.977">Do that do not return yeah take an egg leave an egg tray it's not popular people are not fond of the instruction.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[23:55]</small> <span title="23:55 - 24:06" data-start="00:23:54.703" data-end="00:24:06.490">As we grow we are focused on doing all we can to be a company that is responsible and trustworthy great-great-great-great do chakrubs hurt are they cold.</span><br>
<span title="24:07 - 24:21" data-start="00:24:06.604" data-end="00:24:20.875">Chakrubs our tools oh created for your cold chakrubs don't kill people they are cold they cannot be reasoned with,</span><br>
<span title="24:21 - 24:30" data-start="00:24:20.909" data-end="00:24:30.301">it's just going to keep coming chakrubs our tools created for your pleasure that are completely smooth and come in various shapes to suit your desires.</span><br>
<span title="24:31 - 24:41" data-start="00:24:30.802" data-end="00:24:40.536">None of those shapes are cool they can be cold can be but warm up quickly to your body temperature or you can hold it under warm water before your session,</span><br>
<span title="24:41 - 24:52" data-start="00:24:40.543" data-end="00:24:51.564">if you have never used a hard toy before like steel or glass and have only silicone or soft with toys it may be a new sensation but it won't hurt,</span><br>
<span title="24:52 - 25:01" data-start="00:24:51.606" data-end="00:25:01.188">chakrubs are completely smooth and we receive tons of glowing testimonials from our beloved customers who share their love of our products</span><br>
<span title="25:01 - 25:05" data-start="00:25:01.185" data-end="00:25:05.338">yeah we'll get to that later in the episode I have one more question for you part X because</span><br>
<span title="25:05 - 25:19" data-start="00:25:05.200" data-end="00:25:18.841">I'm a woman who is very much in touch with my own body hmm is it safe to use a Yoni egg while wearing an ie IUD police got nothing that's where that click is coming from okay.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[25:19]</small> <span title="25:19 - 25:27" data-start="00:25:19.342" data-end="00:25:27.474">It's like cutting a spider's web we haven't seen any evidence that using a Yoni ikaw Ang side an IUD is harmful.</span><br>
<span title="25:28 - 25:38" data-start="00:25:27.651" data-end="00:25:37.638">We haven't asked we just gonna keep these eyes shut hard to do the amount of conflicting information that surrounds these products what.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[25:38]</small> <span title="25:38 - 25:44" data-start="00:25:38.337" data-end="00:25:44.137">Like which ours Riu garbage rocks there's us and then there's everybody else will you recognize all of the.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[25:45]</small> <span title="25:45 - 25:56" data-start="00:25:44.828" data-end="00:25:55.957">Dildo disinformation yeah we recommend speaking to your doctor if you have any concealed expelled or charting no doctor is gonna say yes of that rocket but that's where that doctor.</span><br>
<span title="25:56 - 25:57" data-start="00:25:56.072" data-end="00:25:57.344">Not just going to be like.</span><br>
<span title="25:58 - 26:08" data-start="00:25:57.620" data-end="00:26:08.092">I'm sorry what yeah you wouldn't know yeah go ahead with the couch Rock sure yeah please don't please stop doing that to yourself okay so it's time for us to look at some dildos</span><br>
<span title="26:08 - 26:16" data-start="00:26:07.973" data-end="00:26:16.302">by the way though there is one answer that also yes you can in fact a bring chakrubs and Yoni eggs on airplanes</span><br>
<span title="26:16 - 26:25" data-start="00:26:16.273" data-end="00:26:24.846">thank goodness all right now I know one place you can put it.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">The Heart</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[26:25]</small> <span title="26:25 - 26:33" data-start="00:26:25.203" data-end="00:26:33.101">So it's time for us to look at dildos and we're going to talk about the heart first and I don't know who.</span><br>
<span title="26:33 - 26:43" data-start="00:26:33.404" data-end="00:26:43.021">This is the this is the original heart kind of stupid Powers heart anyway another planet all right all right.</span><br>
<span title="26:43 - 26:52" data-start="00:26:43.288" data-end="00:26:52.113">Congratulations guys that's our 50th Captain Planet joke.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[26:53]</small> <span title="26:53 - 26:59" data-start="00:26:52.750" data-end="00:26:58.532">See ya so let's see I guess just tell me about it won't you please.</span><br>
<span title="26:59 - 27:04" data-start="00:26:58.880" data-end="00:27:04.321">I'm so glad you asked about the heart it's a one of our greatest items.</span><br>
<span title="27:05 - 27:15" data-start="00:27:04.660" data-end="00:27:15.384">Just want to look at it myself probably not a grow I mean it's what I thought it was going to look like but I just want to make sure.</span><br>
<span title="27:16 - 27:17" data-start="00:27:15.589" data-end="00:27:16.663">The heart.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[27:17]</small> <span title="27:17 - 27:26" data-start="00:27:17.353" data-end="00:27:26.466">The is original is sculpted from Pure rose quartz like my phone it's that's good that's right and that's it just like lemons,</span><br>
<span title="27:27 - 27:36" data-start="00:27:26.571" data-end="00:27:35.838">and just like the iPhone it's a crystal of unconditional love it's gentle Stone speaks directly to the heart chakra.</span><br>
<span title="27:36 - 27:38" data-start="00:27:35.961" data-end="00:27:38.142">To help dissolve emotional wounds,</span><br>
<span title="27:38 - 27:51" data-start="00:27:38.148" data-end="00:27:51.276">and provide a circulation of divine loving energy throughout the entire Aura also the feeling that you have a rock in your vagina I've been missing that on my life actually.</span><br>
<span title="27:52 - 28:02" data-start="00:27:51.571" data-end="00:28:01.539">Well by Reawakening the heart to its own innate love the user feels a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment allowing them the capacity,</span><br>
<span title="28:02 - 28:12" data-start="00:28:01.581" data-end="00:28:12.018">to truly give and receive love from others call can it assess what that look a little like just as I thought sex toy right it's just gonna sex toy that's going to help me come great good done right is that it.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[28:13]</small> <span title="28:13 - 28:18" data-start="00:28:13.014" data-end="00:28:18.274">No okay absolutely not sure</span><br>
<span title="28:18 - 28:30" data-start="00:28:18.190" data-end="00:28:30.013">you can put it in and out or whatever supposed to leave it in there big rocks in your vagina are like rocks in a bird's crop,</span><br>
<span title="28:30 - 28:39" data-start="00:28:30.091" data-end="00:28:39.358">they help you digest the penis oh yeah that's like it gizzard when you think about it yeah that's that's why</span><br>
<span title="28:39 - 28:49" data-start="00:28:39.274" data-end="00:28:49.386">that's why few women have teeth inside of their vaginas we need and we've got we've got chakrubs and good eggs yeah we got well let me gastroliths in there it's great.</span><br>
<span title="28:50 - 28:59" data-start="00:28:49.725" data-end="00:28:59.037">Let me tell you it can specifically assist you with in case you were wondering it can assist you with revealing the beauty and yourself to build confidence,</span><br>
<span title="28:59 - 29:12" data-start="00:28:59.079" data-end="00:29:12.450">The Pride you'll feel when you know that you have a rock inside of your vagina yeah teaching the true essence of love and attracting it in all forms yourself erotic romantic,</span><br>
<span title="29:13 - 29:20" data-start="00:29:12.537" data-end="00:29:20.282">can your vagina you just happy to see me I'm happy to see you in a platonic sense yes.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[29:21]</small> <span title="29:21 - 29:25" data-start="00:29:21.071" data-end="00:29:25.350">Fostering a generous Outlook that enhances feelings of compassion and forgiveness.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[29:26]</small> <span title="29:26 - 29:32" data-start="00:29:26.013" data-end="00:29:32.309">Providing Comfort to those who are grieving or in pain hey I thought I know you're having a hard time that</span><br>
<span title="29:32 - 29:42" data-start="00:29:32.261" data-end="00:29:42.382">I have a four inch piece of quartz in my vagina I think my biggest you know I was having a bad day because it's me,</span><br>
<span title="29:47 - 29:54" data-start="00:29:46.692" data-end="00:29:53.815">we're providing Comfort to those who are grieving and pain simulating stimulating sensual imagination.</span><br>
<span title="29:54 - 29:59" data-start="00:29:54.164" data-end="00:29:59.307">Healing internal childhood wound just the way and Bri programming.</span><br>
<span title="29:59 - 30:11" data-start="00:29:59.493" data-end="00:30:11.262">Just one wound and reprogramming the heart to receive love balancing yin yang energy releasing blockages in the heart chakra be the thing that you shoved up your hoo-ha.</span><br>
<span title="30:12 - 30:17" data-start="00:30:11.673" data-end="00:30:16.591">I know that this is sort of like a psychic psychic-ish.</span><br>
<span title="30:17 - 30:24" data-start="00:30:16.984" data-end="00:30:24.414">Plaque on your aorta okay my bad</span><br>
<span title="30:24 - 30:34" data-start="00:30:24.384" data-end="00:30:33.992">stimulating the root chakra to rejuvenate the physical body and dissolving anger resentment and fear.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[30:35]</small> <span title="30:35 - 30:36" data-start="00:30:34.683" data-end="00:30:36.468">Calgon.</span><br>
<span title="30:37 - 30:46" data-start="00:30:36.636" data-end="00:30:45.686">Oh that's nice wow it arrives in a keepsake box chakrubs are rocks so they do not require batteries,</span><br>
<span title="30:46 - 30:57" data-start="00:30:45.728" data-end="00:30:56.633">the Box required that think of all of the other things that don't require batteries so many things you can shove in there that don't require batteries you'd be surprised</span><br>
<span title="30:57 - 31:05" data-start="00:30:56.576" data-end="00:31:04.555">tape dispenser get shoved tape dispenser in there your socks just all your laundry really can just go in there now sir</span><br>
<span title="31:05 - 31:11" data-start="00:31:04.534" data-end="00:31:10.506">another bonus of the chakra is it smooth surface I know you're tired of</span><br>
<span title="31:10 - 31:25" data-start="00:31:10.395" data-end="00:31:25.377">Jagged Yonex razor blades on the outside of those you a piece of granite this this thing that I that I stick into my vagina how much does it weigh,</span><br>
<span title="31:25 - 31:34" data-start="00:31:25.410" data-end="00:31:33.740">now the great thing about this is that we've really been able to streamline and reduce the weight so we got it down to.</span><br>
<span title="31:34 - 31:48" data-start="00:31:33.873" data-end="00:31:48.153">One pound
damn now this could also hold the door open sure could awesome how much do I how much do I pay for this.</span><br>
<span title="31:49 - 31:55" data-start="00:31:48.501" data-end="00:31:55.076">Oh well it's out of stock right now but if you were interested it is.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[31:56]</small> <span title="31:56 - 32:09" data-start="00:31:56.126" data-end="00:32:09.281">A bargain at a hundred and fifty nine dollars and ninety nine cents also available in four easy payments of $14 apiece and shipping shipping is probably going to be $20 who had that in.</span><br>
<span title="32:10 - 32:15" data-start="00:32:09.657" data-end="00:32:15.151">Right yeah it's a pound of Rock.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[32:16]</small> <span title="32:16 - 32:24" data-start="00:32:16.003" data-end="00:32:24.054">Rocks going to pound you what are they what are they put on the Customs form
I'm sorry what do they put in the Customs form,</span><br>
<span title="32:24 - 32:37" data-start="00:32:24.105" data-end="00:32:36.873">it's smooth that's all it says that's it yeah Fox tens are there any are there any reviews of this product that we should look so let me tell you we get,</span><br>
<span title="32:37 - 32:42" data-start="00:32:36.879" data-end="00:32:42.068">rave reviews oh yeah you had any question about it and these are all hundred percent real we didn't</span><br>
<span title="32:42 - 32:52" data-start="00:32:42.047" data-end="00:32:52.375">Farm is out of favor okay this is the first review beautifully wait I know kind of kumquats up kumquats are there any reviews of this oh.</span><br>
<span title="32:53 - 33:01" data-start="00:32:52.768" data-end="00:33:01.369">Oh yes yes hello my name is undefined I would like to talk about open love.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[33:02]</small> <span title="33:02 - 33:09" data-start="00:33:02.023" data-end="00:33:08.624">Oh okay The Moment I Saw the product online I knew I had to have it.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[33:10]</small> <span title="33:10 - 33:16" data-start="00:33:09.522" data-end="00:33:16.465">And when I finally received it I couldn't wait to try it out I immediately felt love.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[33:18]</small> <span title="33:18 - 33:26" data-start="00:33:17.597" data-end="00:33:26.098">Came to me at the right time just when I needed it and just what I was looking for.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[33:27]</small> <span title="33:27 - 33:33" data-start="00:33:26.824" data-end="00:33:33.309">Aside from personal struggles I was going through work struggles as well and.</span><br>
<span title="33:34 - 33:41" data-start="00:33:33.711" data-end="00:33:40.501">And the magical thing about it was the week I got it later on after bonding with my.</span><br>
<span title="33:41 - 33:56" data-start="00:33:40.850" data-end="00:33:55.508">Okay the next okay but it wasn't like anyone else in the house I did what I did all right now now it will fight for you yeah I did all the companion loyalty quests and everything.</span><br>
<span title="33:56 - 34:07" data-start="00:33:55.622" data-end="00:34:06.662">Chakrubs I Choose You Pokemon.</span><br>
<span title="34:07 - 34:17" data-start="00:34:07.253" data-end="00:34:16.861">Yeah they did you sitting vagina the next social encounters I had we're all connected to things I needed.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[34:18]</small> <span title="34:18 - 34:27" data-start="00:34:17.669" data-end="00:34:26.566">Like rocks and therapy lots of therapy you don't need therapy you got rocks I.</span><br>
<span title="34:27 - 34:31" data-start="00:34:26.680" data-end="00:34:31.004">Remet old acquaintances who helped me with various dilemmas.</span><br>
<span title="34:31 - 34:42" data-start="00:34:31.316" data-end="00:34:41.969">Probably because they could detect The Rock Inside Me Oh The Rock pussy forums clearly she is in trouble it's jumping Roxanna yeah.</span><br>
<span title="34:42 - 34:47" data-start="00:34:42.362" data-end="00:34:46.911">New new possible projects probably other rocks.</span><br>
<span title="34:47 - 34:56" data-start="00:34:47.052" data-end="00:34:55.814">New contacts new networks and new possibilities I felt no anger means havoc.</span><br>
<span title="34:56 - 35:11" data-start="00:34:55.956" data-end="00:35:10.884">Clean my Center ologists build a pool in my backyard yeah - I felt the love everywhere am glad to have this and I bring it with me to make my trips extra special.</span><br>
<span title="35:11 - 35:13" data-start="00:35:11.214" data-end="00:35:12.838">Smiley face heart.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[35:14]</small> <span title="35:14 - 35:25" data-start="00:35:13.834" data-end="00:35:24.559">How sad is it that this lady is subbing for her own dildo
extremely sheets in a BDSM relationship with her own dildo.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[35:26]</small> <span title="35:26 - 35:36" data-start="00:35:25.888" data-end="00:35:36.478">Okay so there is a there's the the Strega which was $150 but is now $80 but then it was taken offline,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">The Nunchaku</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[35:37]</small> <span title="35:37 - 35:44" data-start="00:35:36.511" data-end="00:35:44.192">I'm just assuming ideal for that price it he I'm just assuming that that one actually tastes like Strega so like Freddy's I think.</span><br>
<span title="35:44 - 35:52" data-start="00:35:44.379" data-end="00:35:52.097">They just took it offline to make it like more rare whose price giveaway this was only given out in,</span><br>
<span title="35:52 - 36:01" data-start="00:35:52.139" data-end="00:36:00.847">UFO catcher machines big celebration for Valley was it was a packs 2016 bonus yeah you can get lunch</span><br>
<span title="36:01 - 36:08" data-start="00:36:00.763" data-end="00:36:07.724">but this this was the specific sex toy that was making me excited about this document.</span><br>
<span title="36:08 - 36:12" data-start="00:36:07.848" data-end="00:36:11.515">This sex toy is called the nunchaku.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[36:12]</small> <span title="36:12 - 36:18" data-start="00:36:12.376" data-end="00:36:17.915">I love being poor Tom so it is yeah it is Crystal.</span><br>
<span title="36:18 - 36:26" data-start="00:36:18.137" data-end="00:36:25.729">Crystal numchucks it's a crystal numchuck dildo wait wait wait wait wait does one nunchuck is it a</span><br>
<span title="36:26 - 36:39" data-start="00:36:25.645" data-end="00:36:39.215">is it a shocker type device with a chain between the two you know what that's up to your imagination yeah I mean it you know and cuz it could be it could be a a dual play it could be a solo Play because I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board if it is,</span><br>
<span title="36:39 - 36:43" data-start="00:36:39.248" data-end="00:36:42.743">did defend yourself from attackers</span><br>
<span title="36:43 - 36:51" data-start="00:36:42.677" data-end="00:36:50.710">yeah I know that's what I was thinking like one for your hoo-ha but then you sort of rotate your lower half pretty well yaxha man yeah do the helicopter it's yeah</span><br>
<span title="36:51 - 37:00" data-start="00:36:50.572" data-end="00:37:00.118">yeah they expect the nunchucks to be in your hands they don't expect it to be in your vagina poor text we tell us about the nunchaku please will I.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[37:00]</small> <span title="37:00 - 37:04" data-start="00:37:00.448" data-end="00:37:04.349">Yeah you will alright then chiming then it.</span><br>
<span title="37:05 - 37:16" data-start="00:37:04.661" data-end="00:37:15.809">The Chuck you interactive sculpture oh yeah wait a minute I'm sorry this gigantic this thing yeah really I mean any sculptures interactive if you're brave enough.</span><br>
<span title="37:16 - 37:20" data-start="00:37:16.085" data-end="00:37:19.742">Come here Venus de Milo</span><br>
<span title="37:20 - 37:30" data-start="00:37:19.569" data-end="00:37:29.888">nunchaku interactive sculpture is a generous double penetrate of wand inspired by Bruce Lee</span><br>
<span title="37:30 - 37:42" data-start="00:37:29.723" data-end="00:37:41.654">be like water though State know about this I mean yeah but one inch punch to keep deleting emails.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[37:43]</small> <span title="37:43 - 37:55" data-start="00:37:43.335" data-end="00:37:55.013">Made with pure black obsidian and connected by stainless steel this Ode to the martial arts pays honor to how we learn to preserve our most sacred property ourselves.</span><br>
<span title="37:55 - 38:09" data-start="00:37:55.164" data-end="00:38:09.426">I hope they have like a mace attachment as well if this is me in self-defense hey I'm in the BBC dipping black chalk ooh yeah can I put like Excalibur there can I get ya brass knuckles yeah can get like soon would Kong staff</span><br>
<span title="38:09 - 38:17" data-start="00:38:09.378" data-end="00:38:17.465">just jam it in me why doesn't this require batteries this thing needs to light up I mean you're right this is basically.</span><br>
<span title="38:18 - 38:29" data-start="00:38:17.597" data-end="00:38:28.772">It's obsidian I don't that's the best part of it a creative instrument the nunchaku is designed to stimulate conversation and erotic situations.</span><br>
<span title="38:29 - 38:39" data-start="00:38:28.958" data-end="00:38:39.151">Excuse me I have a nunchaku inside me let us talk about it,</span><br>
<span title="38:39 - 38:46" data-start="00:38:39.158" data-end="00:38:46.443">the black and nunchaku can it specifically assist with absorbing negative energy and releasing stress to improve emotional well-being</span><br>
<span title="38:46 - 38:55" data-start="00:38:46.423" data-end="00:38:55.410">alleviate fears and worries to allow one to become more comfortable within themselves and their surroundings increasing stamina and vigor.</span><br>
<span title="38:56 - 39:09" data-start="00:38:55.596" data-end="00:39:09.291">And encouraging wise decision making no I don't think mr. you put it in your meat like oh that was a bad idea don't do this again after school don't like this very much why did I do that.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[39:10]</small> <span title="39:10 - 39:14" data-start="00:39:09.703" data-end="00:39:14.450">Promoting self control and keeping excessive emotions and passions under control.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[39:15]</small> <span title="39:15 - 39:20" data-start="00:39:15.095" data-end="00:39:20.337">Don't Panic he's a heart rate monitor.</span><br>
<span title="39:21 - 39:28" data-start="00:39:20.505" data-end="00:39:27.899">If you're jamming at a certain place doing is reducing your passion like.</span><br>
<span title="39:41 - 39:48" data-start="00:39:41.399" data-end="00:39:48.307">Gone with the Chuck ooh easing past relationship trauma and overcoming emotional strain.</span><br>
<span title="39:49 - 39:57" data-start="00:39:48.583" data-end="00:39:56.508">Passionately sonship trauma really relationship trauma this is like your because if he comes back I'm done checking is that oh that's true,</span><br>
<span title="39:57 - 40:09" data-start="00:39:56.586" data-end="00:40:09.048">I changed the locks for a reason most fostering a most probably really hurt somebody with us yeah yeah probably kill someone It's Made of Stone.</span><br>
<span title="40:09 - 40:18" data-start="00:40:09.397" data-end="00:40:18.122">Very large dildos de Piedra fostering emotional stability learning and implementing self-control.</span><br>
<span title="40:19 - 40:30" data-start="00:40:18.570" data-end="00:40:30.492">Come on I have self-control because I brought stuff I bought Stone nunchucks from the internet right I'm oh we still these are not being inserted into people.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[40:31]</small> <span title="40:31 - 40:44" data-start="00:40:31.263" data-end="00:40:44.454">No this is loggers know they're definitely made karaoke to people ya know thank you so much because I was getting concerned that they were just decorative and these definitely belong in vaginas that's salut</span><br>
<span title="40:44 - 40:53" data-start="00:40:44.370" data-end="00:40:52.970">this is the f plus things are being inserted into penis is like okay I'm if I get the cupcakes from the fridge,</span><br>
<span title="40:53 - 41:07" data-start="00:40:53.076" data-end="00:41:06.807">I'm going to have to punish myself by shoving nunchucks then they're only you go you know this is like a Catholic asceticism thinking bro I wanted to apologize for what I did with your nunchucks like you know I bought my own</span><br>
<span title="41:07 - 41:16" data-start="00:41:06.678" data-end="00:41:15.647">yeah promoting positive sexual health and eating in easing the root chakra and reproductive system.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[41:16]</small> <span title="41:16 - 41:26" data-start="00:41:16.076" data-end="00:41:25.964">I don't think anything's exam abilities with those things shoved in there that's fine not so much you release this makes a big path releasing sexual shame and healing related traumas.</span><br>
<span title="41:26 - 41:34" data-start="00:41:26.276" data-end="00:41:33.868">Port X did you did you tell us how much these numchucks why did not they are there how much they weigh.</span><br>
<span title="41:34 - 41:37" data-start="00:41:34.207" data-end="00:41:37.109">How much do they waste the way let's see here.</span><br>
<span title="41:37 - 41:48" data-start="00:41:37.421" data-end="00:41:47.605">Yeah it weighs 5 pounds but think of all the pounds of Shame you're losing every yeah that's so that is it like balances total one ways,</span><br>
<span title="41:48 - 41:51" data-start="00:41:47.701" data-end="00:41:50.639">each one weighs two and a half pounds well-</span><br>
<span title="41:50 - 42:04" data-start="00:41:50.474" data-end="00:42:04.178">- Shane wait yeah well stainless steel so that's pretty light so that's yeah and then and then how much how much do I pay for this product you pay just a it's a steal at $325</span><br>
<span title="42:04 - 42:12" data-start="00:42:03.941" data-end="00:42:11.848">I just want to bring back that the original chakrubs lock is only 159</span><br>
<span title="42:12 - 42:24" data-start="00:42:11.800" data-end="00:42:23.974">it's a bit it's a much better bargain yeah Finance this and get like one stick / you know yeah but you can't go halfsies on it yeah you just get the hardware like it's like dice,</span><br>
<span title="42:24 - 42:32" data-start="00:42:23.998" data-end="00:42:32.256">yeah you and you and your roommate can both buy your own individual challenge just like slide Extender on the Chain but yeah.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[42:33]</small> <span title="42:33 - 42:44" data-start="00:42:32.776" data-end="00:42:44.157">This is like a good night run across the room like a cable with like duct tape yeah that's how you can actually use site has been chokku as a as a flashlight holder.</span><br>
<span title="42:45 - 42:53" data-start="00:42:44.632" data-end="00:42:53.376">Are you good you gotta let me have the the chain extension you can also like play jump rope with it that's true get some are you.</span><br>
<span title="42:54 - 43:05" data-start="00:42:53.526" data-end="00:43:05.106">All of my nunchucks Are Wireless these days I get the Bluetooth ones you're missing out just for double dutch alone roll hit you if you hit your mouth on that you'll get a blue.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">The Talu - Jupi</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[43:06]</small> <span title="43:06 - 43:10" data-start="00:43:05.508" data-end="00:43:09.787">So there's actually this,</span><br>
<span title="43:10 - 43:16" data-start="00:43:09.811" data-end="00:43:16.458">this document was provided to us not that long ago in fact basically two weeks ago and in that time,</span><br>
<span title="43:16 - 43:27" data-start="00:43:16.473" data-end="00:43:27.125">not only have products been sold out but they've actually been removed from the store multiple products in this document have been removed from the store including the talu - Jupe</span><br>
<span title="43:27 - 43:32" data-start="00:43:26.933" data-end="00:43:31.788">and so we don't actually have a page that's going to show us a picture.</span><br>
<span title="43:32 - 43:42" data-start="00:43:31.903" data-end="00:43:42.015">Of the talu - Jupe but but but Lou I think if you if you'll sort of describe this it would I think it will.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[43:43]</small> <span title="43:43 - 43:46" data-start="00:43:42.696" data-end="00:43:45.607">The description I think we'll probably put a picture in our mind.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[43:48]</small> <span title="43:48 - 43:56" data-start="00:43:48.323" data-end="00:43:55.824">Clear your minds could be prepared to have the image of the talu Jupe insert it.</span><br>
<span title="43:56 - 44:05" data-start="00:43:56.227" data-end="00:44:04.800">No at a custom piece to get in touch with a lesser-known chakra called the talu located in the mouth.</span><br>
<span title="44:05 - 44:10" data-start="00:44:05.166" data-end="00:44:10.282">Talu has two stainless steel chains one connecting at the back of the head.</span><br>
<span title="44:11 - 44:21" data-start="00:44:10.648" data-end="00:44:20.725">And one on top and is finished off with a pure crystal ball gag
see you in the future with that thing.</span><br>
<span title="44:21 - 44:23" data-start="00:44:21.010" data-end="00:44:23.290">Say goodbye your teeth.</span><br>
<span title="44:24 - 44:38" data-start="00:44:23.657" data-end="00:44:37.838">This design gets you in touch with your sacred discipline and your local dental Reconstructionist the talu to is a collaboration between chakrubs and effect metals.</span><br>
<span title="44:38 - 44:43" data-start="00:44:38.150" data-end="00:44:42.852">With the original talu concept designed by Vanessa Cuccia.</span><br>
<span title="44:43 - 44:49" data-start="00:44:43.291" data-end="00:44:49.073">Made with hard crystalline charged metal Des Des Des deeply meditative piece,</span><br>
<span title="44:49 - 45:03" data-start="00:44:49.142" data-end="00:45:02.567">helps to ease reflection and encourage play the delicacy of the hard woven metal facilitates feelings of safety as well as exploration
feeling so safety.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[45:03]</small> <span title="45:03 - 45:13" data-start="00:45:03.339" data-end="00:45:13.235">I have this metal my mouth well the crystal helps to ease our this is the this is the bonus the crystal helps to ease communication.</span><br>
<span title="45:13 - 45:24" data-start="00:45:13.439" data-end="00:45:24.064">Before during and after being gagged uh-huh it's mostly your Suffocation it's mostly during yeah exactly.</span><br>
<span title="45:24 - 45:29" data-start="00:45:24.197" data-end="00:45:28.584">The ball gag is sculpted from Pure sodalite.</span><br>
<span title="45:29 - 45:38" data-start="00:45:28.797" data-end="00:45:38.288">Of course something everyone knows which is the which is thought to stimulate the pineal gland is thought by one who is writing.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[45:39]</small> <span title="45:39 - 45:48" data-start="00:45:39.168" data-end="00:45:47.966">Was a movie from Beyond looking yeah talu could have goat is the name</span><br>
<span title="45:48 - 45:52" data-start="00:45:47.891" data-end="00:45:52.278">talu is the name of the lesser-known chakra that is located in the mouth,</span><br>
<span title="45:52 - 46:01" data-start="00:45:52.320" data-end="00:46:01.415">and the gland that it corresponds with is the pineal gland stones of that indigo color or rep also represented the bridge between the throat.</span><br>
<span title="46:02 - 46:06" data-start="00:46:01.700" data-end="00:46:05.718">And the third eye and are thought to open up Clarity in that area.</span><br>
<span title="46:06 - 46:16" data-start="00:46:06.093" data-end="00:46:16.395">Open your Clarity open your fucking Clarity goatse the shock to you the chakrubs</span><br>
<span title="46:16 - 46:24" data-start="00:46:16.329" data-end="00:46:24.119">X effect Metals crystal ball gag has an adjustable clasp if you are in need of a size adjustment</span><br>
<span title="46:24 - 46:38" data-start="00:46:24.116" data-end="00:46:37.703">please contact effect Metals at just I mean to me I need help right now it's stuck again can you come over here we have a Smith over to cut me out of this damn place we have a.</span><br>
<span title="46:38 - 46:50" data-start="00:46:37.907" data-end="00:46:50.099">Nationwide deal with Safelite they will come and they will chip that glass ball gag out of your mouth please note while this ball gag is able to be used during play we recommend exercising caution.</span><br>
<span title="46:51 - 46:59" data-start="00:46:50.502" data-end="00:46:59.272">Do the hard nature of the crystal it can't be utilize for meditation or encouraging the exploration of ironic situations.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[47:00]</small> <span title="47:00 - 47:07" data-start="00:47:00.323" data-end="00:47:06.663">It can also be worn as a necklace to a power protect
and encourage clear communication.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[47:08]</small> <span title="47:08 - 47:16" data-start="00:47:07.759" data-end="00:47:15.891">May this chain and power and protect you gosh I wonder why this one got pulled off of pulled off of the market.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[47:17]</small> <span title="47:17 - 47:19" data-start="00:47:16.545" data-end="00:47:19.258">Price $325.</span><br>
<span title="47:19 - 47:31" data-start="00:47:19.444" data-end="00:47:31.023">$325 yet did not only did this one get pulled off but another product got pulled off but it was called el mundo Mondo.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Integrated Promotional Marketing From The Freque</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[47:31]</small> <span title="47:31 - 47:41" data-start="00:47:31.408" data-end="00:47:40.593">The description of a little Mondo is it fits snugly</span><br>
<span title="47:41 - 47:46" data-start="00:47:40.545" data-end="00:47:45.715">unknown got the whole world</span><br>
<span title="47:46 - 47:56" data-start="00:47:45.604" data-end="00:47:56.077">in micro has a kumquats up well well we were spending time with their you were looking at the freque I pronounce it freck like check.</span><br>
<span title="47:56 - 48:06" data-start="00:47:56.416" data-end="00:48:05.520">Oh so this is this is the the sister Blogspot the blog site that yes it's the writes about</span><br>
<span title="48:05 - 48:16" data-start="00:48:05.391" data-end="00:48:15.954">putting these things in vagina yeah and that's not transparent that all ya know it's you know that now there just happens to be a crystal sex toy industry blog alongside the oh yeah</span><br>
<span title="48:16 - 48:22" data-start="00:48:15.816" data-end="00:48:22.021">yeah yeah that that specifically talks about one specific brand of yes oh yeah how convenient.</span><br>
<span title="48:23 - 48:27" data-start="00:48:22.532" data-end="00:48:26.702">Excuse me I want to know do chakrubs work.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[48:28]</small> <span title="48:28 - 48:35" data-start="00:48:27.654" data-end="00:48:34.580">Every time I am asked this question.</span><br>
<span title="48:35 - 48:44" data-start="00:48:34.838" data-end="00:48:44.068">Hi smile I so look forward to opening this conversation and offering my perspective.</span><br>
<span title="48:44 - 48:49" data-start="00:48:44.497" data-end="00:48:49.388">I have never been asked this question by one.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[48:51]</small> <span title="48:51 - 49:00" data-start="00:48:50.610" data-end="00:48:59.687">Many men asked this question sometimes has a Vibe of are you replacing my penis to it.</span><br>
<span title="49:00 - 49:14" data-start="00:49:00.071" data-end="00:49:13.515">With that because I don't understand what's happening look I'll willingly replace my penis with nunchucks in your life can you please replace my penis ninja turtle with a nunchuck.</span><br>
<span title="49:14 - 49:19" data-start="00:49:13.782" data-end="00:49:19.465">It's that it's that Sealab episode would you to play changes Lumiere of numb chucks.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[49:21]</small> <span title="49:21 - 49:30" data-start="00:49:20.965" data-end="00:49:30.358">Haha either way the verbiage used tells me that there is an alternative way of thinking about orgasms.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[49:31]</small> <span title="49:31 - 49:46" data-start="00:49:30.967" data-end="00:49:45.770">Hmm okay okay okay okay that's a that sounds like a product doesn't work out and how we perceive our impact on our partners impact is in rocks impacting our partners that's right in the brain like.</span><br>
<span title="49:46 - 49:56" data-start="00:49:46.001" data-end="00:49:55.978">Like a meteorite or or a colon a colon can also be impacted
do chakrubs work no.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[49:57]</small> <span title="49:57 - 50:07" data-start="00:49:56.749" data-end="00:50:06.664">Once you could have led with Mia spent all this time talking about how they do work hey hey hey now hey</span><br>
<span title="50:07 - 50:09" data-start="00:50:06.589" data-end="00:50:09.239">hey everybody stop your recording</span><br>
<span title="50:09 - 50:22" data-start="00:50:09.101" data-end="00:50:22.112">check goodbye wow you know our first and only attempt to sponsored content is not going well yeah it's oh no.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[50:23]</small> <span title="50:23 - 50:25" data-start="00:50:23.117" data-end="00:50:24.686">Hey Frank West here.</span><br>
<span title="50:25 - 50:35" data-start="00:50:25.224" data-end="00:50:35.084">Chakrubs do not work they be oh snap that caught me off guard with a pivot.</span><br>
<span title="50:35 - 50:47" data-start="00:50:35.261" data-end="00:50:47.003">They be expensive I be a pirate rocks vaginas be shopping chakrubs P vagina rocks they allow.</span><br>
<span title="50:47 - 50:54" data-start="00:50:47.252" data-end="00:50:53.728">Chakrubs being made of crystal have perfect molecular structures.</span><br>
<span title="50:54 - 51:03" data-start="00:50:53.842" data-end="00:51:02.685">And can have can have positive effects on our electromagnetic fields.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[51:04]</small> <span title="51:04 - 51:12" data-start="00:51:04.014" data-end="00:51:11.696">They do this who has never had to like actually answer her question or be held accountable for anything they've ever done in their entire life</span><br>
<span title="51:12 - 51:20" data-start="00:51:11.540" data-end="00:51:20.356">agree agree just even just stuff like hey who took the last slice of pizza that's just a thing that happens</span><br>
<span title="51:20 - 51:27" data-start="00:51:20.300" data-end="00:51:26.856">the piece is meaner just be in my stomach.</span><br>
<span title="51:27 - 51:37" data-start="00:51:27.303" data-end="00:51:36.687">It has perfect molecular structure for deliciousness they they do this simply by being.</span><br>
<span title="51:37 - 51:46" data-start="00:51:36.972" data-end="00:51:46.013">What they are chakrubs assist many people in various ways you know you can use them like a mortar and pestle,</span><br>
<span title="51:46 - 51:59" data-start="00:51:46.037" data-end="00:51:58.787">like make a great dry rub with this you know every every time I'm making my own pesto with my dick</span><br>
<span title="51:59 - 52:05" data-start="00:51:58.784" data-end="00:52:05.179">I myself wishing there's gotta be a better way I find myself wishing like deck was a rock.</span><br>
<span title="52:06 - 52:18" data-start="00:52:05.536" data-end="00:52:17.800">You could make such great pesto if your dick was nunchucks though don't you think that's right yeah no no that's like twice first thing came to mind I do like passed out.</span><br>
<span title="52:18 - 52:22" data-start="00:52:18.328" data-end="00:52:22.067">They are tools that have a purpose.</span><br>
<span title="52:22 - 52:31" data-start="00:52:22.415" data-end="00:52:31.447">But more than I could say for myself they do not work to fulfill this purpose.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[52:32]</small> <span title="52:32 - 52:41" data-start="00:52:32.273" data-end="00:52:40.909">In the physics sense
but what inviting chakrubs into my lovemaking.</span><br>
<span title="52:41 - 52:47" data-start="00:52:41.041" data-end="00:52:47.381">I know it is up to me to Center myself quiet my mind and.</span><br>
<span title="52:48 - 52:53" data-start="00:52:47.550" data-end="00:52:52.593">Relax in order to feel the healing energy of the crystal.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[52:54]</small> <span title="52:54 - 53:01" data-start="00:52:53.500" data-end="00:53:01.083">I'm feeling something in there yeah do you have a chakrubs inside you.</span><br>
<span title="53:02 - 53:11" data-start="00:53:01.629" data-end="00:53:11.228">I'll never tell shrug really.</span><br>
<span title="53:12 - 53:17" data-start="00:53:11.712" data-end="00:53:17.017">Confidentially it's Roxanne.</span><br>
<span title="53:17 - 53:28" data-start="00:53:17.203" data-end="00:53:28.431">We've secretly replaced her Folgers crystals we've secretly replaced her empty vagina with a vagina filled with a giant Stone.</span><br>
<span title="53:32 - 53:39" data-start="00:53:31.580" data-end="00:53:39.072">It is up to me to learn how I best like to touch it and be touched by it.</span><br>
<span title="53:39 - 53:46" data-start="00:53:39.403" data-end="00:53:45.815">And knowing that this Crystal is here to allow me to feel pleasure,</span><br>
<span title="53:46 - 53:56" data-start="00:53:45.875" data-end="00:53:55.501">that's what it's here to do hey hey hey no that's not with Chris Chris was not just there for your pleasure hey flying inside me</span><br>
<span title="53:55 - 54:05" data-start="00:53:55.436" data-end="00:54:05.008">395 dollars worth of crystals and she's still having rotten sex yeah can I just point out that the</span><br>
<span title="54:05 - 54:09" data-start="00:54:05.005" data-end="00:54:08.555">the photo of her is using its she's holding.</span><br>
<span title="54:09 - 54:19" data-start="00:54:09.083" data-end="00:54:18.736">I'm assuming this is her the four giant crystal dong in her hand and she's clearly using it to point at someone during a conversation.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[54:19]</small> <span title="54:19 - 54:36" data-start="00:54:19.382" data-end="00:54:35.508">Mmm you know I feel like if you want to make an impact in a conversation it's pretty intimidating plot your chakra and during nose pointing man at work like II usually I usually use the Jeff Stryker myself</span><br>
<span title="54:35 - 54:40" data-start="00:54:35.289" data-end="00:54:40.189">but like you know this is another way to go I mean maybe I maybe off-camera there's like a</span><br>
<span title="54:40 - 54:50" data-start="00:54:39.997" data-end="00:54:49.596">chart with some pie charts and some graphs and is using it as a business well then this is needs a laser pointer and you control a PowerPoint with it</span><br>
<span title="54:50 - 54:54" data-start="00:54:49.530" data-end="00:54:53.701">yeah with your mind and you're running your vag yeah.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[54:55]</small> <span title="54:55 - 55:04" data-start="00:54:54.554" data-end="00:55:04.018">Yeah yeah I apologize ah yeah yeah and and it allows me to go through</span><br>
<span title="55:04 - 55:13" data-start="00:55:03.997" data-end="00:55:12.606">what I need to in order to accept ecstasy in my life oh this is crystal meth</span><br>
<span title="55:13 - 55:22" data-start="00:55:12.558" data-end="00:55:22.337">mmm we're talking okay you don't go from meth to ecstasy you're doing it backwards tell me</span><br>
<span title="55:22 - 55:29" data-start="00:55:22.335" data-end="00:55:29.485">the fat build a high come on the fact that so many men ask me.</span><br>
<span title="55:30 - 55:40" data-start="00:55:29.815" data-end="00:55:39.811">Do chakrubs work leads me to believe that they think they have to work to bring their partner to orgasm.</span><br>
<span title="55:40 - 55:48" data-start="00:55:40.204" data-end="00:55:47.949">Never have to invent something what works I just point at the woman and say orgasm God damn it.</span><br>
<span title="55:48 - 55:55" data-start="00:55:48.225" data-end="00:55:54.601">That's her job I mean I'm gonna point with a purple dildo from now on just like Milady there,</span><br>
<span title="55:55 - 56:04" data-start="00:55:54.689" data-end="00:56:03.874">I used I usually use a giant stones but then I realized I was Michelangelo.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[56:05]</small> <span title="56:05 - 56:12" data-start="00:56:04.690" data-end="00:56:12.435">I when I think about my past relationships with men and having trouble orgasm.</span><br>
<span title="56:13 - 56:22" data-start="00:56:12.576" data-end="00:56:22.220">I realize they did feel like it was work to get me off that that may have been the issue and what led me to create chakrubs.</span><br>
<span title="56:23 - 56:23" data-start="00:56:22.677" data-end="00:56:23.454">Hmm.</span><br>
<span title="56:24 - 56:33" data-start="00:56:23.586" data-end="00:56:32.906">So so next time next time okay I'm taking your advice or taking an advice and the next time should it happen that I you know I get intimate with a lady it'll be,</span><br>
<span title="56:33 - 56:37" data-start="00:56:33.011" data-end="00:56:36.633">and there we go okay well work.</span><br>
<span title="56:37 - 56:48" data-start="00:56:36.774" data-end="00:56:47.985">I don't have to work so so set it forget it as you Crock-Pot doing there</span><br>
<span title="56:48 - 56:52" data-start="00:56:47.928" data-end="00:56:51.901">can I fry potatoes at the same time.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[56:53]</small> <span title="56:53 - 57:05" data-start="00:56:52.654" data-end="00:57:05.017">Multi death you finally just weekends very in the very last thing in the section coming very close to the end but the very last thing in the section of all of these sex toys available which just keep getting pulled from the shelves these</span><br>
<span title="57:05 - 57:12" data-start="00:57:04.978" data-end="00:57:11.643">he's faced these products it's a vapor where these are vapor until there's this to also limited edition</span><br>
<span title="57:12 - 57:25" data-start="00:57:11.568" data-end="00:57:25.245">dude lawsuit you know who's getting rid of a man who were being threatened but I'm gonna give you a choice and it is up to you to decide which of these sex toys you would like Tariq I guess sex toy is not accurate here that we're talking about.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Cockring Or Buttplug?</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[57:27]</small> <span title="57:27 - 57:41" data-start="00:57:26.656" data-end="00:57:41.107">Rock sex accoutrement thing I don't know what a pro this is not a mature it's not prosumer this is like a pro level sex toy yeah yeah yeah again toys anyway so so boots to that end your choice yeah,</span><br>
<span title="57:41 - 57:46" data-start="00:57:41.122" data-end="00:57:45.717">cockring or buttplug woo well is this</span><br>
<span title="57:46 - 58:01" data-start="00:57:45.606" data-end="00:58:00.516">that's my favorite game show is this who would win yeah name that buttplug I'm gonna go cock ring because I feel like all right feel like we've covered butt plugs an awful lot in this podcast and I definitely I definitely see you've played</span><br>
<span title="58:00 - 58:06" data-start="00:58:00.432" data-end="00:58:06.296">pluggy spoony before.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[58:07]</small> <span title="58:07 - 58:18" data-start="00:58:06.815" data-end="00:58:17.855">Definitely have and here's my ears I made a quick I made it I made an error earlier on ill Mondo is actually the name of the cockring mmm wow.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Il Mondo</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[58:18]</small> <span title="58:18 - 58:28" data-start="00:58:18.158" data-end="00:58:27.874">Before it was on the side it was disc it got discounted from $85 to $50 yep agreed you'll Mondo.</span><br>
<span title="58:28 - 58:37" data-start="00:58:28.177" data-end="00:58:37.083">$50 cockring what a big deal we gotta move these little Mondo's people come on Meg Wilcox and kind of ring themselves.</span><br>
<span title="58:38 - 58:41" data-start="00:58:37.540" data-end="00:58:41.369">This is a good forwards to start with.</span><br>
<span title="58:42 - 58:48" data-start="00:58:41.807" data-end="00:58:47.886">In Italian tarot tradition.</span><br>
<span title="58:48 - 58:55" data-start="00:58:48.135" data-end="00:58:55.214">I see an erection in your future my first one.</span><br>
<span title="58:56 - 59:00" data-start="00:58:55.526" data-end="00:59:00.228">Your Mondo translate the first card is the Wang Fu Realty.</span><br>
<span title="59:01 - 59:07" data-start="00:59:00.549" data-end="00:59:07.439">When does it actually mean Wang though in Tarot,</span><br>
<span title="59:07 - 59:20" data-start="00:59:07.490" data-end="00:59:19.601">Mondo translates to the world a card that represents wholeness and culmination the Mondo cockring is made from Maple Wood and can be dyed with Logwood no no.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[59:20]</small> <span title="59:20 - 59:27" data-start="00:59:20.147" data-end="00:59:27.361">Indigo and iron salts giving it a blue or black color depending on your preference I want rocks on my dick.</span><br>
<span title="59:28 - 59:37" data-start="00:59:27.547" data-end="00:59:37.255">Very natural sorry you just let her would it comes with bath salts oh you're right</span><br>
<span title="59:37 - 59:48" data-start="00:59:37.252" data-end="00:59:47.508">it could also remain as clear as a clear finish pictured oh it fits snugly and stifles blood circulation increasing sensitivity</span><br>
<span title="59:48 - 59:54" data-start="00:59:47.505" data-end="00:59:53.909">Indigo lens protective qualities for those experimenting with sacred discipline,</span><br>
<span title="59:54 - 1:00:05" data-start="00:59:53.987" data-end="01:00:05.198">or power exchange Dynamics I thought I didn't need that in splinters lots and lots of Splinter okay now when I would describe this as a walnut,</span><br>
<span title="1:00:05 - 1:00:16" data-start="01:00:05.294" data-end="01:00:15.775">hi color described as a super bad idea to put anything on there that cuts off circulation that you can't take off at a moment's notice you're bad at describing colors now chef,</span><br>
<span title="1:00:16 - 1:00:24" data-start="01:00:15.808" data-end="01:00:23.724">but also also that's we're talking about cochrane's well that's why you need a level that's what I'm that's why you need the Rocks now you can practice,</span><br>
<span title="1:00:24 - 1:00:30" data-start="01:00:23.829" data-end="01:00:30.143">good decision-making or whatever the hell they would have to make that that Shelby make that argument this product wouldn't exist and,</span><br>
<span title="1:00:30 - 1:00:38" data-start="01:00:30.239" data-end="01:00:38.335">here we are and then and then where would we be where is there a Yoni that you can use to drop these on your measurement.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:00:39]</small> <span title="1:00:39 - 1:00:51" data-start="01:00:38.971" data-end="01:00:50.803">The forest line is coated with an eco-conscious wooden peplow I got to start the sentence over again please long said that's a very long sentence with lots of hyphens,</span><br>
<span title="1:00:51 - 1:00:58" data-start="01:00:50.881" data-end="01:00:57.546">yeah the first line is coated is coated with an eco-conscious wooden pleasure line.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:00:58]</small> <span title="1:00:58 - 1:01:09" data-start="01:00:58.434" data-end="01:01:08.744">Patentable pleasure line patentable finish it's ensuring that each piece is Silky Smooth odorless non-porous hypoallergenic and body safe.</span><br>
<span title="1:01:09 - 1:01:13" data-start="01:01:08.931" data-end="01:01:13.480">That's a state-of-the-art glaze is compatible with all known lubricants.</span><br>
<span title="1:01:14 - 1:01:25" data-start="01:01:13.828" data-end="01:01:24.526">Several unknown lubricant yeah I want you to know that this was a patentable finish but I'm not like that,</span><br>
<span title="1:01:25 - 1:01:31" data-start="01:01:24.613" data-end="01:01:30.611">not going to patent it and I want people to build the world's idea.</span><br>
<span title="1:01:31 - 1:01:40" data-start="01:01:31.049" data-end="01:01:39.568">All of them oh no.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:01:41]</small> <span title="1:01:41 - 1:01:46" data-start="01:01:40.673" data-end="01:01:46.383">Science has yet to invent the lubricant the defenseless Cocker right.</span><br>
<span title="1:01:47 - 1:01:56" data-start="01:01:46.974" data-end="01:01:56.367">And allows the naturally insulated would too warm and retain body heat the wood used for the forest line is a walnut and Maple.</span><br>
<span title="1:01:57 - 1:02:03" data-start="01:01:56.940" data-end="01:02:02.929">Is a walnut and maple I was right wait whose nickname is Rock maple.</span><br>
<span title="1:02:03 - 1:02:08" data-start="01:02:03.070" data-end="01:02:08.141">Right and it's being shaped at a facility in Long Island New York.</span><br>
<span title="1:02:09 - 1:02:13" data-start="01:02:08.661" data-end="01:02:13.327">Maybe it's they know they're only going to be making a dozen of these.</span><br>
<span title="1:02:14 - 1:02:23" data-start="01:02:13.504" data-end="01:02:22.815">So they just have a piece of wood they make a lot of cock rings out of a tree yeah devote more rocks.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:02:23]</small> <span title="1:02:23 - 1:02:31" data-start="01:02:23.425" data-end="01:02:31.025">I did I did about 78 films under the name Rock Maple really how long how long was each.</span><br>
<span title="1:02:31 - 1:02:37" data-start="01:02:31.185" data-end="01:02:37.255">I'm sure every tree grows up thinking like I think I'm about five hundred cockring is now,</span><br>
<span title="1:02:37 - 1:02:49" data-start="01:02:37.297" data-end="01:02:49.291">this is definitely the worst the worst possible ending to The Giving Tree.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:02:50]</small> <span title="1:02:50 - 1:02:58" data-start="01:02:49.999" data-end="01:02:58.005">Then the man came back to me sad on my stump and said.</span><br>
<span title="1:02:58 - 1:03:04" data-start="01:02:58.344" data-end="01:03:03.830">I want to turn the rest of you into cock rings and then stick a splinter in my dick.</span><br>
<span title="1:03:04 - 1:03:18" data-start="01:03:04.007" data-end="01:03:17.585">Well that's that's fine they'll just be like reasonably priced right that's course you know $85 why would you be bargaining with The Giving Tree on how many cockring you're gonna drink</span><br>
<span title="1:03:17 - 1:03:22" data-start="01:03:17.492" data-end="01:03:22.347">I only know have so many cockring has to give.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:03:24]</small> <span title="1:03:24 - 1:03:29" data-start="01:03:23.533" data-end="01:03:29.018">But I'm happy to do it that's I am nature please take a seat.</span><br>
<span title="1:03:29 - 1:03:35" data-start="01:03:29.168" data-end="01:03:34.581">Okay your mom you Mondo.</span><br>
<span title="1:03:35 - 1:03:42" data-start="01:03:34.957" data-end="01:03:41.873">Wait what okay yeah okay you'll Mondo is between 45 millimeters in diameter.</span><br>
<span title="1:03:42 - 1:03:51" data-start="01:03:42.140" data-end="01:03:50.957">Is a mother talking about itself good thank you it's between one value for the sake of 45 millimeter range its</span><br>
<span title="1:03:51 - 1:04:05" data-start="01:03:50.774" data-end="01:04:05.126">it is between 45 millimeters whoo maybe it's like between 45 millimeters in inches that's an abbreviated in almost 25 inches it's in the theoretical space.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:04:06]</small> <span title="1:04:06 - 1:04:13" data-start="01:04:05.771" data-end="01:04:13.228">45 inches has a very it's a very large and unsightly before you is the dumbest product ever made man.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:04:15]</small> <span title="1:04:15 - 1:04:21" data-start="01:04:14.945" data-end="01:04:21.231">If you are in need of a custom size please everyone is no no,</span><br>
<span title="1:04:21 - 1:04:33" data-start="01:04:21.300" data-end="01:04:32.583">I have a standard issue yeah yeah primo and off-the-shelf now that's mrs. ill Mondo is for me now that's what I call product Market fit.</span><br>
<span title="1:04:33 - 1:04:41" data-start="01:04:33.021" data-end="01:04:41.360">Please allow us the six weeks for any custom sizes so I guess yeah presumably they ran out of rock Maple can you put a rod a drawstring.</span><br>
<span title="1:04:42 - 1:04:49" data-start="01:04:41.744" data-end="01:04:48.895">They ran out of the tree they called Rock Maple with that's why capital r capital M.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:04:49]</small> <span title="1:04:49 - 1:04:56" data-start="01:04:49.423" data-end="01:04:56.214">Oh man okay so there's an entire testimonial section.</span><br>
<span title="1:04:56 - 1:05:00" data-start="01:04:56.490" data-end="01:05:00.355">Before getting to that I wanted to mention that shit.</span><br>
<span title="1:05:01 - 1:05:09" data-start="01:05:00.658" data-end="01:05:09.105">Your view is also found Frick or check I think you said for ectric so-so</span><br>
<span title="1:05:09 - 1:05:19" data-start="01:05:09.093" data-end="01:05:18.593">your view is also found freck and put a two things and document available on th e FP l dot us and one of those two articles.</span><br>
<span title="1:05:19 - 1:05:31" data-start="01:05:18.987" data-end="01:05:31.386">Is titled consent culture at Burning Man and what I saw in the orgy Dome to coxeter one cochlea.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">Testamonials</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:05:33]</small> <span title="1:05:33 - 1:05:43" data-start="01:05:33.336" data-end="01:05:42.710">It's a very good but but I think maybe our only testimonial nutshell you have a testimonial to share right oh boy do I great.</span><br>
<span title="1:05:43 - 1:05:47" data-start="01:05:43.041" data-end="01:05:47.149">So it's not about me loving this product this product loves me.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:05:48]</small> <span title="1:05:48 - 1:05:58" data-start="01:05:47.803" data-end="01:05:57.880">I was again I was not sure what to expect easy my chakra for the first time but as soon as I held it in my hands a powerful sense of calm rippled through me,</span><br>
<span title="1:05:58 - 1:06:08" data-start="01:05:58.444" data-end="01:06:08.106">my experience using my crystals been one of intense healing and sexual pleasure in a uniquely personal space that I ever created through my relationship with my.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:06:09]</small> <span title="1:06:09 - 1:06:17" data-start="01:06:08.580" data-end="01:06:16.991">Having a safe place to meditate my crystal has allowed me to explore my connection with sex and love on a deeper more sacred level,</span><br>
<span title="1:06:17 - 1:06:25" data-start="01:06:16.997" data-end="01:06:25.093">I have grown in my appreciation for my gorgeous rose quartz wand and appreciate you at every day.</span><br>
<span title="1:06:25 - 1:06:35" data-start="01:06:25.297" data-end="01:06:35.365">Perfect shape and sensuous curves it really is a luxury item and Indulgence that I'm glad to spoil myself with and the more I use it.</span><br>
<span title="1:06:36 - 1:06:43" data-start="01:06:35.587" data-end="01:06:43.359">The phone derived grow hey what'd you spend your tax return on you splurge on anything cool well no no don't worry about it</span><br>
<span title="1:06:43 - 1:06:58" data-start="01:06:43.275" data-end="01:06:57.538">see the crystal means you can cleanse and program it and that's exactly what I have done wrong grammar now bathed in Moonlight and a tooth with sacred vibration I warm my wand and lukewarm water to take off the chill,</span><br>
<span title="1:06:58 - 1:07:03" data-start="01:06:57.571" data-end="01:07:02.615">and in a moment of sublime inspiration thought to glaze it in organic or coconut oil,</span><br>
<span title="1:07:03 - 1:07:08" data-start="01:07:02.630" data-end="01:07:08.124">before enjoying its natural sensual pulse is is programming it just</span><br>
<span title="1:07:08 - 1:07:20" data-start="01:07:08.013" data-end="01:07:20.160">like drawing an on and off button and then just going like set you'll be inside me magic spells
it's like a TV remotes like a TV room</span><br>
<span title="1:07:20 - 1:07:25" data-start="01:07:20.139" data-end="01:07:24.580">rip take it out off put on shelf</span><br>
<span title="1:07:24 - 1:07:30" data-start="01:07:24.478" data-end="01:07:30.396">put in moonlights for sterilization not enough moonlight.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:07:31]</small> <span title="1:07:31 - 1:07:40" data-start="01:07:30.735" data-end="01:07:40.343">Alright actually you know what one more one more one more review Bunny Bread yeah yeah yeah is it true that this product makes you feel more alive,</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">A Tasteful Depiction Of American-Italian Culture</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:07:40]</small> <span title="1:07:40 - 1:07:43" data-start="01:07:40.439" data-end="01:07:42.522">tell me what.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:07:43]</small> <span title="1:07:43 - 1:07:57" data-start="01:07:42.861" data-end="01:07:57.088">Oh I've never been alone on that within I don't know okay oh okay I'm glad you you come to me I want to tell you my phone oh boy this agrees though,</span><br>
<span title="1:07:57 - 1:08:02" data-start="01:07:57.202" data-end="01:08:01.868">has a change in my life and in my relationships and I'ma forever thankful,</span><br>
<span title="1:08:02 - 1:08:09" data-start="01:08:01.928" data-end="01:08:08.871">as a gentle her trustworthy presence you know it essentially has a helping in all the way is a listed in the description</span><br>
<span title="1:08:09 - 1:08:17" data-start="01:08:08.806" data-end="01:08:17.063">has helped with the issues pertaining to the the sacral and then the solar plexus the chakras they self worth.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:08:17]</small> <span title="1:08:17 - 1:08:25" data-start="01:08:17.097" data-end="01:08:25.490">The pleasure and has helped me heal deeply embedded issues from a my childhood that I don't like this local pizza commercial</span><br>
<span title="1:08:25 - 1:08:41" data-start="01:08:25.388" data-end="01:08:41.342">what's the matter you you got deeply personal issues for my childhood hey you gonna get a larger Pizza Pie tell you a story about how I felt inadequate as a child</span><br>
<span title="1:08:41 - 1:08:48" data-start="01:08:41.151" data-end="01:08:48.301">something a new comes up every time I work with you there's a something about it having his sad you.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:08:48]</small> <span title="1:08:48 - 1:08:54" data-start="01:08:48.254" data-end="01:08:53.775">Then arrivals and it helps to release and heal a lot of deeply embedded the trauma</span><br>
<span title="1:08:54 - 1:09:22" data-start="01:08:53.610" data-end="01:09:22.114">this is also help me get in touch with sexuality that is a balance and rooted in the real the Lord I'm already great too if you're dealing with the trust issues and nobody is around here quality is amazing and the package is put together with a genuine love and again I just like Mama used to fuck</span><br>
<span title="1:09:22 - 1:09:41" data-start="01:09:21.931" data-end="01:09:40.730">were they every pain all the deleted a great addition to any healing Journey no okay okay okay I thought Chef Boyardee was just going to read from his book I wasn't expecting this like personal</span><br>
<span title="1:09:50 - 1:10:00" data-start="01:09:49.505" data-end="01:10:00.211">okay okay there's there's there's some real gold in the second so turn it down a little bit all he's in the second one torn down or turn it off.</span><br>
<span title="1:10:00 - 1:10:08" data-start="01:10:00.398" data-end="01:10:08.070">Wherever the night out is some essential oils yeah cleanse the texting with moonlight like a rocket.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:10:09]</small> <span title="1:10:09 - 1:10:19" data-start="01:10:08.968" data-end="01:10:18.540">So anywho my adventure with the my new black Sonic's chakrubs been absolutely amazing I feel as if some,</span><br>
<span title="1:10:19 - 1:10:34" data-start="01:10:18.609" data-end="01:10:34.105">paternal blockage has started simple all the other rights the Rocks yeah it's a Mudslide 30s and Sam</span><br>
<span title="1:10:34 - 1:10:35" data-start="01:10:33.949" data-end="01:10:34.888">Scott.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:10:37]</small> <span title="1:10:37 - 1:10:47" data-start="01:10:37.037" data-end="01:10:46.996">Oh Christ I can finally walking normal memories haven't come to light,</span><br>
<span title="1:10:47 - 1:11:00" data-start="01:10:47.039" data-end="01:11:00.266">and I've been able to go back to some past events that I hadn't fully dealt with after many years I don't think it's coincidental that these things happen at the same time as am I receiving my chakra began.</span><br>
<span title="1:11:01 - 1:11:02" data-start="01:11:00.668" data-end="01:11:02.138">On a sexual level</span><br>
<span title="1:11:02 - 1:11:17" data-start="01:11:02.135" data-end="01:11:16.811">yeah no no no no point sitting on a sexual level previously I could have had a vaginal orgasms you know the who wouldn't aha but I would only ever ejaculate with my partner if I'd had some alcohol to relax before little Vino,</span><br>
<span title="1:11:17 - 1:11:18" data-start="01:11:16.890" data-end="01:11:18.252">Vino for lavage.</span><br>
<span title="1:11:19 - 1:11:28" data-start="01:11:18.718" data-end="01:11:27.902">Despite that's the confusing sentence that I'm trying to park yeah I don't think about that don't you think there we go God has a plan</span><br>
<span title="1:11:28 - 1:11:33" data-start="01:11:27.720" data-end="01:11:32.710">we move past just like on our childhood trauma we just go right past that yeah all right</span><br>
<span title="1:11:33 - 1:11:41" data-start="01:11:32.527" data-end="01:11:41.028">despite want to do I've never been able to make that happen just tore my own a connection and the breathing and the Setters the first time I used the black onyx shot</span><br>
<span title="1:11:41 - 1:11:49" data-start="01:11:40.818" data-end="01:11:49.013">probe I hold hey hold it right on the different parts of my body as I got into the bed and then put it under my pillow as I want to sleep</span><br>
<span title="1:11:49 - 1:12:00" data-start="01:11:48.785" data-end="01:11:59.969">what $5,300.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:12:01]</small> <span title="1:12:01 - 1:12:08" data-start="01:12:00.956" data-end="01:12:07.819">I need you really protected or not I need this thing there by I'm not gonna get no dildo safe,</span><br>
<span title="1:12:08 - 1:12:22" data-start="01:12:07.852" data-end="01:12:22.457">all right when I woke up you you don't want it going off I mean oh you got you heard me you know I gotta leave it I didn't say gun safe you gotta leave it somewhere for the fuck Rock ferry to pick up.</span><br>
<span title="1:12:23 - 1:12:32" data-start="01:12:22.751" data-end="01:12:31.764">But you paid for this and the ferry leaves two quarters underneath my pillow I me.</span><br>
<span title="1:12:32 - 1:12:35" data-start="01:12:32.032" data-end="01:12:34.988">There was 50 cents under my pillow when I woke up.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:12:36]</small> <span title="1:12:36 - 1:12:45" data-start="01:12:35.597" data-end="01:12:44.926">Three when I woke up in the early hours I held it again and it drifted in and out of the sleep with it when I finally woke fully I began who knows it.</span><br>
<span title="1:12:45 - 1:12:56" data-start="01:12:45.346" data-end="01:12:55.576">And I had almost a phenomenal vaginal orgasm and a whole lot of the ejaculation and wow okay still just cute little confused</span><br>
<span title="1:12:55 - 1:13:02" data-start="01:12:55.348" data-end="01:13:01.679">with a silken female ejaculation lemon a little bit of sauce that was it.</span><br>
<span title="1:13:02 - 1:13:09" data-start="01:13:01.802" data-end="01:13:09.007">I mean that's just pee but okay it's called a Julie Elation actually window yeah that's fine nice so</span><br>
<span title="1:13:09 - 1:13:23" data-start="01:13:08.968" data-end="01:13:23.383">so since then I have been able to both it Julia late and very deep of vaginal orgasms almost every time not only that but I've started to reconnect with my female sexuality in a way that I haven't felt for a years,</span><br>
<span title="1:13:23 - 1:13:31" data-start="01:13:23.390" data-end="01:13:30.955">I'm a basically more aroused and wet throughout the day and I feel that though it's handy to be with all the goddamn day</span><br>
<span title="1:13:31 - 1:13:41" data-start="01:13:30.952" data-end="01:13:41.064">and I feel as if parts of me that were closed and cracked open with new life cracked Lobster Claw.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:13:42]</small> <span title="1:13:42 - 1:13:50" data-start="01:13:41.557" data-end="01:13:50.444">What the hell was that I've never done and there's a pearl in there just like a real oyster.</span><br>
<span title="1:13:51 - 1:14:00" data-start="01:13:50.757" data-end="01:13:59.933">Actually it went well it's a piece of charcoal when I put it in there like five years ago charcoal charcoal,</span><br>
<span title="1:14:00 - 1:14:12" data-start="01:14:00.020" data-end="01:14:11.861">that's how come that's okay that is how stress work though shut up for it yeah he loves ya boy to do I ever.</span><br>
<span title="1:14:12 - 1:14:13" data-start="01:14:11.993" data-end="01:14:12.572">Yeah.</span><br>
<span title="1:14:13 - 1:14:24" data-start="01:14:12.821" data-end="01:14:24.005">All right okay I know I still have a lot of work to do to get Where I Wanna Be but the chakrubs has without a doubt been my best gift to myself in a very long time possibly ever.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:14:24]</small> <span title="1:14:24 - 1:14:31" data-start="01:14:24.335" data-end="01:14:30.955">I hope every woman finds herself looking at this and that every woman considered one just goes for it</span><br>
<span title="1:14:31 - 1:14:45" data-start="01:14:30.898" data-end="01:14:45.259">we all deserve this a ladies I really wasn't sure when I first saw them but I'm so happy that I took with his wrist glad seagrass in wow wow wow I really feel like I need to do something for myself hmm,</span><br>
<span title="1:14:45 - 1:14:49" data-start="01:14:45.347" data-end="01:14:49.472">so I'm going to buy myself $350 worth of.</span><br>
<span title="1:14:50 - 1:15:02" data-start="01:14:49.695" data-end="01:15:02.175">Black nunchucks that I might stick in my vagina might need to pay a lot more yeah you're gonna do go to eBay for those now man it's just.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">What Did We Learn?</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:15:02]</small> <span title="1:15:02 - 1:15:17" data-start="01:15:02.469" data-end="01:15:17.416">What do we learn from any of this f+ what to buy my dear for Christmas some people have more money than sense but I already knew that hmm I learned that I will only ever buy a Chevrolet truck.</span><br>
<span title="1:15:18 - 1:15:20" data-start="01:15:17.935" data-end="01:15:20.134">Because they're like a rock.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:15:21]</small> <span title="1:15:21 - 1:15:31" data-start="01:15:20.870" data-end="01:15:31.153">Oh come on oh no it's alright hey come on he was see we saving that for a while let's come on you showed patience with that one.</span><br>
<span title="1:15:35 - 1:15:44" data-start="01:15:35.264" data-end="01:15:44.485">Do do you think do you think that you have you ever visited a therapist that's that when you've discussed the idea that like you store.</span><br>
<span title="1:15:45 - 1:15:56" data-start="01:15:44.663" data-end="01:15:55.585">You store jokes that bad for like 40 minutes and just like Spritz it on them like a mother hands right away I thought you were gonna say you were gonna therapist and he store and egg.</span><br>
<span title="1:15:56 - 1:16:05" data-start="01:15:55.789" data-end="01:16:05.155">Little decision I'll do that you know what I'm talking about right yeah this guy this guy knows,</span><br>
<span title="1:16:05 - 1:16:15" data-start="01:16:05.197" data-end="01:16:14.715">you're just like all right let's talk about your problems that you just kind of drop your pants and then just egg after egg just falls out over and over again oh kevie surface like good set.</span><br>
<span title="1:16:15 - 1:16:30" data-start="01:16:15.297" data-end="01:16:29.677">Yeah exactly yeah it's just like are you sure have some assets or plastic eggs and they got candy in a candy for you Katie I brought me it supposed to happen I'm not the only one here right listeners hit that's happened to you please leave comments with your stories.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:16:31]</small> <span title="1:16:31 - 1:16:39" data-start="01:16:30.853" data-end="01:16:39.066">I think if I were running this website I'd have a separate site with a different URL that had the exact same products but to sell the audio files.</span><br>
<span title="1:16:43 - 1:16:56" data-start="01:16:43.357" data-end="01:16:55.945">That's it yeah yeah double double dipping for sure I think what we've what we've discovered in this episode was we've actually discovered the opposite of the Amazon review episode</span><br>
<span title="1:16:56 - 1:17:02" data-start="01:16:55.906" data-end="01:17:01.751">because there's two 64 was the Amazon review episode where where where women were buying</span><br>
<span title="1:17:02 - 1:17:09" data-start="01:17:01.695" data-end="01:17:08.683">like $6 dildos that were like setting themselves there were setting them on fire and they're electrocuting them and stuff was leaking out.</span><br>
<span title="1:17:09 - 1:17:18" data-start="01:17:08.843" data-end="01:17:18.307">And we we sold buttons because we were trying to encourage but yeah hey you're worth $27 dildo by yourself a 27 don't you deserve it you deserve it.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:17:19]</small> <span title="1:17:19 - 1:17:23" data-start="01:17:19.294" data-end="01:17:22.781">You know what you're not worth.</span><br>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:17:23]</small> <span title="1:17:23 - 1:18:07" data-start="01:17:22.640" data-end="01:18:06.960">Music.</span><br>

<h2 id="chapter">The Trigger</h2>

<small style="opacity: 0.5;">[1:18:07]</small> <span title="1:18:07 - 1:18:16" data-start="01:18:06.808" data-end="01:18:15.646">Ending podcast episodes is so hard fuck that that joke was awesome so fun gonna say yeah that is a walkaway joke.</span><br>


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    button.onclick = function() { hideExportButtons(); } ;

    document.getElementById('export-html').style = '';
    document.getElementById('export-pdf').style = '';
    document.getElementById('export-webvtt').style = '';
    document.getElementById('save-changes').style = '';
    document.getElementById('show-help').style = 'display: none;';

function hideExportButtons() {
    var button = document.getElementById('show-export-buttons');
    button.innerText = 'Export...';
    button.title = '';
    button.onclick = function() { showExportButtons(); } ;

    document.getElementById('export-html').style = 'display: none;';
    document.getElementById('export-pdf').style = 'display: none;';
    document.getElementById('export-webvtt').style = 'display: none;';
    document.getElementById('save-changes').style = 'display: none;';
    document.getElementById('show-help').style = '';

function saveChanges() {

    var head = document.head.innerHTML;
    var body = document.body.innerHTML;

    var pageSource = '<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>' + head + '</head><body>' + body + '</body></html>';
    var filename = location.pathname.substring(location.pathname.lastIndexOf("/") + 1);

    var bl = new Blob([pageSource], {type: "text/html"});
    var a = document.createElement("a");
    a.href = URL.createObjectURL(bl); = filename;
    a.hidden = true;

function exportHTML() {

    var head = document.head.innerHTML;
    var metadata = document.getElementById('metadata').innerHTML;
    var transcript = document.getElementById('transcript').innerHTML;

    transcript = removeSpans(transcript);

    var pageSource = '<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>' + head + '</head><body>' + metadata + '<div class="transcript-base">' + transcript + '</div></body></html>';
    var filename = location.pathname.substring(location.pathname.lastIndexOf("/") + 1);

    var bl = new Blob([pageSource], {type: "text/html"});
    var a = document.createElement("a");
    a.href = URL.createObjectURL(bl); = filename;
    a.hidden = true;


function exportWebVTT() {

    var pageSource = 'WEBVTT\n\n';

    var segments = document.querySelectorAll('span[data-start]');
    for (var i=0; i<segments.length; i++) {
        pageSource += segments[i].getAttribute('data-start') + ' --> ';
        pageSource += segments[i].getAttribute('data-end') + '\n';
        if (segments[i].getAttribute('data-spk') !== null) {
            pageSource += '<v ' + segments[i].getAttribute('data-label') + '>';
        pageSource += removeSpans(segments[i].innerHTML);
        pageSource += '\n\n';

    var filename = location.pathname.substring(location.pathname.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
    filename = filename.substring(0, filename.lastIndexOf('.')) + '.vtt';

    var bl = new Blob([pageSource], {type: 'text/vtt'});
    var a = document.createElement('a');
    a.href = URL.createObjectURL(bl); = filename;
    a.hidden = true;


function getSecondsFromString(timeString) {
    var splitStrg = timeString.split(":");
    var seconds = 0;
    for (var i=0; i<splitStrg.length; i++) {
        if (i == 0) { seconds += parseInt(splitStrg[splitStrg.length - 1]); }
        if (i == 1) { seconds += parseInt(splitStrg[splitStrg.length - 2]) * 60; }
        if (i == 2) { seconds += parseInt(splitStrg[splitStrg.length - 3]) * 3600; }
    return seconds;

function pad(num, size) {
    var s = num + "";
    while (s.length < size) s = "0" + s;
    return s;

function secToTimeString(seconds) {
    var ss = Math.round(seconds);
    var cmin = Math.floor(ss / 60);
    var csec = ss % 60;

    if (cmin < 60) {
        return cmin + ":" + pad(csec, 2);
    } else {
        var ch = Math.floor(cmin / 60);
        var cm = cmin % 60;
        return ch + ":" + pad(cm, 2) + ":" + pad(csec, 2);

function removeActiveClass() {
    var elements = document.querySelectorAll('');
    for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
        // elements[i].classList.add("listened");

function addAudioFile() {
    var txt;
    var url = prompt(
        'Please enter complete URL for the audio file, which should be played along the transcript\n(a local path should start with "file:///"):',
    if (url == null || url == "") { return; }

    var audio = document.getElementById('audio-player');
    var oldSources = document.querySelectorAll('source');
    for (var i=0; i<oldSources.length; i++) {

    var source = document.createElement('source');
    source.src = url;


function addAudioPlayer() {
    var audio = document.getElementById('audio-player');

    document.getElementById('add-audio-file').style = '';
    document.getElementById('toggle-play-on-click').style = 'display: none;';

    audio.oncanplay = function() {
        AUDIO_PLAYER = audio;

        // highlight current audio segment
        if (HAVE_TIMESTAMPS) {
            AUDIO_PLAYER.ontimeupdate = function() {
                if (ARE_PLAYING) {
                    var curTime = secToTimeString(AUDIO_PLAYER.currentTime);
                    elements = document.querySelectorAll('span[title="' + curTime + '"]');
                    for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {

        // setup click handlers to play audio on mouse click
        if (HAVE_TIMESTAMPS) {
            var elements = document.getElementsByTagName('span');
            for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
                if (elements[i].getAttribute('data-start') === null) {  // no data-start attribute
                    try {
                        elements[i].removeEventListener("click", clickHandlerTimestamp);
                    } catch(err) { }
                    elements[i].addEventListener("click", clickHandlerTimestamp);
        } else {
            var elements = document.querySelectorAll('span[data-start]');
            for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
                try {
                    elements[i].removeEventListener("click", clickHandlerSegment);
                } catch(err) { }
                elements[i].addEventListener("click", clickHandlerSegment);


        var button = document.getElementById('add-audio-file'); = "display: none;";


function clickHandlerTimestamp(e) {
    var target = ( ? : e.srcElement;
    var timeString = target.title;
    var timeSec = getSecondsFromString(timeString);
    playAudioSegment(timeSec -0.6, timeSec + 3.4);

function clickHandlerSegment(e) {
        var target = ( ? : e.srcElement;
        var startTimeStrg = target.getAttribute("data-start").split(".")[0];
        var endTimeStrg = target.getAttribute("data-end").split(".")[0];
        var startSec = getSecondsFromString(startTimeStrg);
        var endSec = getSecondsFromString(endTimeStrg) + 1;
        playAudioSegment(startSec, endSec);

function enableAudioClickPlayback() {
    var button = document.getElementById('toggle-play-on-click');
    button.innerText = 'Stop Play-on-click'; = "";
    button.onclick = function() { disableAudioClickPlayback(); } ;

function disableAudioClickPlayback() {
    ARE_PLAYING = false;
    var button = document.getElementById('toggle-play-on-click');
    button.innerText = 'Activate Play-on-click'; = "";
    button.onclick = function() { enableAudioClickPlayback(); } ;
    PLAYBACK_ON_CLICK = false;

function playAudioSegment(start_sec, end_sec) {
    if (AUDIO_PLAYER !== null && PLAYBACK_ON_CLICK) {
        if (PAUSE_TIMEOUT !== null) { clearTimeout(PAUSE_TIMEOUT); }

        AUDIO_PLAYER.currentTime = start_sec;;
        ARE_PLAYING = true;

        var length_ms = (end_sec - start_sec) * 1000;
        PAUSE_TIMEOUT= setTimeout(function(){
            PAUSE_TIMEOUT = null;
            ARE_PLAYING = false;
        }, length_ms);

function setupTranscriptChangeListeners() {
    var trans = document.getElementById('transcript');
    trans.addEventListener("keyup", function(e){
        var editedNode = window.getSelection().anchorNode.parentNode;

        // set background of already edited spans back to white
            var clearNode = editedNode;
            if (clearNode.tagName == "SPAN") {
                if (clearNode.getAttribute("data-start") !== null) {
                    // if we click into the parent span, we have to get the next node!
                    clearNode = window.getSelection().anchorNode.nextSibling;
                if (clearNode.tagName == "SPAN" && clearNode.getAttribute("title") !== null) {
           = 'background: white;';

        // change all speaker names if we change one speaker
        if (editedNode.tagName == "B" && editedNode.getAttribute("data-spk") !== null) {
            var curSpeaker = editedNode.getAttribute("data-spk");

            var elements = document.querySelectorAll('b[data-spk="' + curSpeaker + '"]');
            for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
                if (elements[i] !== editedNode) {
                    elements[i].innerText = editedNode.innerText;

            // for WebVTT export
            var elements = document.querySelectorAll('span[data-spk="' + curSpeaker + '"]');
            var label = editedNode.innerText;
            if (label[label.length -1] == ":") {
                label = label.substring(0, label.length - 1);
            for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
                elements[i].setAttribute("data-label", label);


ARE_PLAYING = false;

window.addEventListener("load", function(){
        var button = document.getElementById('toggle-styling');
        if (button !== null) { button.remove(); }




                body { font-family:"Noto Serif TC",serif; }

#metadata { 
  h1 { font-size:160%; font-weight:600; margin-bottom:0.5em; }
  p { margin-bottom:1em; }

.transcript-base { line-height:180%; padding:2rem;
  h2 { font-size:200%; margin-bottom:0.5em; font-weight:600;  }