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CSS only animated checkbox toggle on/off switch


  1. SK @SebboDeluxe on

    Damn. This is cool.

  2. This is real cool!

  3. Very cool and straight forward design :)

  4. Every day somebody has a 'meh' toggle switch pen that gets picked, but this simple and sleek animation is probably the first CSS-only switch I've seen since I joined this site that I would actually use. Very cool.

  5. I was curious why you needed JS to change the background, so I started looking into it. I found out the effect can be achieved with CSS only https://codepen.io/zoreet/pen/NBBrVq

  6. I was able to remove the JS completely! ... https://codepen.io/quinlo/pen/NBLqBM

    Awesome toggle!!

  7. @quinlo @zoreet Nice! Honestly wasn't too concerned with the background color because it was just an extra for demo purposes on Codepen. ;)

  8. @agoodwin for sure! Keep up the great work :)

  9. Very nice work! Though I instinctively tried to click "ON" and "OFF" labels and expected those to work.

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