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I've tried to use the SVG element to create an animated pattern. This is as far as I've come but unfortunately, the animations aren't very performant, so I've added a toggle to turn them on/off.

Parallax stars by https://codepen.io/saransh/pen/BKJun


  1. Wow, so cool. but how about you try it with a little latency among the same animations? so they are not completely synchronized.

  2. @koorosh-m Originally that was the plan, but I couldn't find a way to do it nicely. I'm using the symbol/use elements, so for each "object", there's an original (hidden) version that has the animation, and many copies that show on screen. So I can't add any delay since it's the same animation. I tried to make it so each copy has its own animation, but encountered some serious performance issues. But really, it's the first time I play around with the element, so I'm happy to hear any suggestion!

  3. Yeah you're right. Adding all these animations separately will put a lot of load maybe even affect the page loading time. I'm pretty new and dumb to these concepts right now, but I'll google it when I got the time to check what others have come up with :-?

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