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 Couple of things to set up. Those will also changes based on environment, production vs sandbox.
 - The Authorization header is not useful, and no used as the secret.
 - Get merchant private key. This is actually the secret used for encryption.
 - Get the x-affirm-signature header from the webhook.
 - Make sure to pick-up the raw_body.
 We use the CryptoJS library for encryption in this example. Please find the approriate library based on your programming language.
 Webhook signature validation supported:
 - x-affirm-signature

// Can be found in you Affirm dashboard (prod vs sandbox)
let private_key = "A3aut6z2VemhGHPgYF6uBFqczAm4VyyJ";
// Can be found in the webhook payload header
let x_affirm_signature = "t=1597184450,v0=f22309810ee2fc8f7f0ff41e0b1ceb74de98b5077385882e8f93c5d0f5ff86684e38c45531b3d34f07d5dd13a2e7c2c44ddb71d4e67e9a0b781a5976d18e0d42";
// Can be found in the payload (e.g Affirm only supports XML) of the Webhook
let raw_body = "checkout_token=N8R79PUSKRP2UNAJ&created=2020-08-11T22%3A20%3A48.961423&";

const details = parseHeader(x_affirm_signature, "v0");


if (!details || details.timestamp === -1) {
  try {
    throw new Error("Unable to extract timestamp and signature from header")
    console.log("Unable to extract timestamp and signature from header")
  } catch (e) {
    console.log(, e.message);

if (!details || details.signature === -1) {
   try {
    throw new Error("No signature found with expected scheme")
    console.log("No signature found with expected scheme")
  } catch (e) {
    console.log(, e.message);

// This is where the magic happens.
let payload = details.timestamp + "." + raw_body;
let expectedSignature = CryptoJS.HmacSHA512(payload, private_key).toString(CryptoJS.enc.Hex);


if(expectedSignature == details.signature) {
   console.log("Signature match with x-affirm-signature");
function parseHeader(header, scheme) {
  if (typeof header !== 'string') {
    return null;

  return header.split(',').reduce(
    (accum, item) => {
      const kv = item.split('=');

      if (kv[0] === 't') {
        accum.timestamp = kv[1];

      if (kv[0] === scheme) {
        accum.signature = kv[1];

      return accum;
      timestamp: -1,
      signature: -1,