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  <script src=""></script>

  <div class="slidecontainer">
    <label class="label" for="myRange">
      Black body temperature: <strong id ='myTemp'>5800K</strong></label>
    <input type="range" step="50" min="3000" max="7000" value="5800" class="slider" id="myRange">
      <p>Radiance on Earth's surface: <strong id="powerValue"></strong></p>

  <div id="graph"></div>



                html, body {
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  font-family: sans-serif;

.slidecontainer {
  padding: 30px; /* Width of the outside container */

/* The slider itself */
.slider {
  -webkit-appearance: none;  /* Override default CSS styles */
  appearance: none;
  width: 100%; /* Full-width */
  height: 25px; /* Specified height */
  background: #d3d3d3; /* Grey background */
  outline: none; /* Remove outline */
  opacity: 0.7; /* Set transparency (for mouse-over effects on hover) */
  -webkit-transition: .2s; /* 0.2 seconds transition on hover */
  transition: opacity .2s;

/* Mouse-over effects */
.slider:hover {
  opacity: 1; /* Fully shown on mouse-over */

/* The slider handle (use -webkit- (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge) and -moz- (Firefox) to override default look) */ 
.slider::-webkit-slider-thumb {
  -webkit-appearance: none; /* Override default look */
  appearance: none;
  width: 25px; /* Set a specific slider handle width */
  height: 25px; /* Slider handle height */
  background: #ff0000; /* Green background */
  cursor: pointer; /* Cursor on hover */

.slider::-moz-range-thumb {
  width: 25px; /* Set a specific slider handle width */
  height: 25px; /* Slider handle height */
  background: #4CAF50; /* Green background */
  cursor: pointer; /* Cursor on hover */


                var dl=10; // wavelength intervals in nm
var mx =[];

var slider = document.getElementById("myRange");
var sliderTemp = document.getElementById("myTemp");
var powerValue = document.getElementById("powerValue")

var k=1.3806485279e-23;
var h=6.62607015e-34;
var c=2.99792458e8; //m/s
var Rsol = 0.0046491; //au
var Re = 1.0; //au

function PLANK_RADIANCE(lambda, T) {
  var l = lambda/1000000000.0; //convert from nm to m.
  return ((2.0*h*Math.pow(c, 2.0))/Math.pow(l, 5.0))*(1/(Math.exp((h*c)/(k*T*l))-1.0)); 

function PLANK_IRRADIANCE(lambda,T) {
  var f=Math.PI * Math.pow(Rsol/Re,2.0);
  return f*PLANK_RADIANCE(lambda,T);

function dataUpdate(T){
  var l=0;
  var my= [];
  while (l < 7000){
      l +=dl;
  p= integrate(mx,my).toFixed(0);
  return {radiance:my, power: p};

 var lo = {
    xaxis: {
      title: 'Wavelength-nm',
      range: [000, 4000]
    yaxis: {
      title: 'Radiance-W/m\xB2/nm	'

d = dataUpdate(5800);
powerValue.innerHTML = d.power + ' W/m&sup2;';

    data: [{x: mx,y: d.radiance}],

// Update the current slider value (each time you drag the slider handle)
slider.oninput = function() {
  var temp = this.value;
  sliderTemp.innerHTML = temp + ' K';
  bb_data = dataUpdate(temp);
  powerValue.innerHTML = bb_data.power + ' W/m&sup2;';
  var graphupdate = {
  data: [{x:mx, y: bb_data.radiance}],

function integrate(x,y) {

	// define the variable for area
	area = 0;
	//loop to calculate the area of each trapezoid and sum.
	for (i = 0; i < x.length-1; i++) {
    dx = x[i+1] - x[i];
		// the area of each trapezoid
		ai = dx * (y[i] + y[i+1])/ 2.;
		// cumulatively sum the areas
		area += ai	
	return area;