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Glass-like login form with CSS3 flickering effect. Click submit button to toggle between valid and invalid states.


  1. Looks awesome! I found a bug though. If you are focused in the email input and press TAB it'll make the box slide to the left. It has to be in the "Access denied" mode.

  2. Is Beautiful im enjoy Thanks :) good luck

  3. @Ashk4n Hey, thanks! I'm glad you guys like it. @RavingAPD I wasn't able to reproduce the problem. What browser are you using?

  4. @aecend I'm using Chrome.

  5. Shiny. Perhaps work the button colors a bit more? The current ones combined with that shadow seem like they could be hard to read for some :)


  6. @ryanmcnz Thanks for that! I'd never seen that before. I'll adjust the colors tomorrow.

  7. @ryanmcnz Thank you for the tip, I updated the colors so they're compliant now.

  8. @aecend Looks great, nice job :D

  9. @aecend Very cool! good job

  10. This is so beautifully designed! Bravo!

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