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A Radial menu, currently a little restrictive, as i have fixed the number of menus/sub-menus. I Think this can only be solved using js to position the elements. But is a nice start of a concept.


  1. nice work! very smooth!

  2. incredible ideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea!!

  3. amazing

  4. This is cool. I'm a student, and would like to use the interactivity of this menu in my project. Appreicate if you can advise me on how to use this. Currently I have the Start button on the screen but when I click on it nothing is happening. I've processed the SCSS code to CSS and included that file in my project directory. My question is can I just include the JS code in my html

  5. or do I need to save it into another js file and link to it

  6. Hello, i dont know anything about coding... is it possible to insert a picture for each circle ?

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

  7. I love the menu, have you found a way to add/remove menus and have it adjust automatically?

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