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  1. 404


  1. you can fork projects, so that you don't need to copy/paste the code

  2. well done! I like this a lot.

  3. hi @moklick, I have written source of ?

  4. yeah, everythings ok, but I mean its more easy just to fork a project ;) I like the idea with the "404 no signal page"

  5. Very cool, but it pounds my CPU at ~25%. Maybe cycle through some spritesheets instead of using canvas?

  6. Actually it might be a combination of the CSS3 transforms/filters AND the canvas chugging away.

  7. Inspired me to create this http://codepen.io/joeyhoer/pen/CojIk - using CSS for the static rather than canvas

  8. !!!WOW!!! best version "404 page"!

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