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  1. awesome - assuming you mean timer, though, a countdown implies that u can set how long it will go for.

  2. Ha, nice. I uploaded my clock only the other day which is similar..couldn't get the perspective working though. http://codepen.io/Gerwinnz/details/vokci

  3. That is looking pretty sweet, well done.

  4. awesome work dude, i have fork it to make a clock : http://codepen.io/10tribu/full/fsrDk and some tweaks...

  5. Great job man, love the way you style those pixels.

  6. Beautiful. This is one of those things that looks simple on the surface but which is actually quite clever! Looks great.

  7. Definitely have to agree with ^.

  8. This is amazing! Great work!

  9. Love the shadows detail!

  10. Incredibly awesome !

  11. this is so cool!

  12. посмотри внимательно, у тебя правая колонка обгоняет левую! RRRrrr!!!

  13. посмотри внимательно, у тебя правая колонка обгоняет левую! RRRrrr!!!

  14. counter moves unevenly! :(

  15. Just wanted to say thanks for this great work. I teach a mobile applications class and have decided to make a time keeping app for the final project. I wanted something with a rock solid animation to use for the final project. I noticed there was no library that puts all this together in a nice DRY and abstract package. After having so much fine with this code, I decided to release my work on a new site. Hopefully the JS community will decide to contribute.

  16. very nice!

  17. Can it be customized for unique visitor hit counter? What code adjustment? Thanks! Awesome job by the way!

  18. OMG ! Perfect ... !

  19. Really really awesome design and animation. I refactored the code to make it (much) shorter: http://codepen.io/testprofile75/pen/bNNYvm

  20. Hey. Guys who know how to fix this error, if more than 100 days and hours are shifted to the right by one cell. The site 127 (-) days (..) hours (..) minutes (..) seconds. But the days of the cell occupied by 2 days, 1 hour cell, watches occupy one cell in hours and minutes per cell. Minutes in turn take one cell minutes and 1 second cell. A cell 3 is allocated to second in the overall. I need to fix it, all properly displayed. Time Left 100+ days... JS code:

    `var clock; clock = $(".clock").FlipClock({ clockFace : "DailyCounter", autoStart : false, countdown : true });

    var dt = "November 24 2016 00:00:00";
    var first = new Date(dt);
    var last = Date.now();
    var remaining = first - last;
    remaining /= 1000;

    CSS I have taken from the official site FlipClocks.js

  21. That's great.

    How to start from a specific time?

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