Well, I can't say that this palette generator pen is my original idea because I got the design inspiration from another palette generator website, but I definitely coded it myself. There were several cool features about that site that I wanted to emulate:

  • 5 colors vertically positioned across the screen
  • Random generation with the click of a button
  • Several themes to choose from (monochromatic, triad, etc)
  • Ability to adjust hue, saturation, etc
  • Drag and drop colors around

So I used several JavaScript tools (jscolor for the color picker, tinycolor for manipulation of the colors in JavaScript, and jquery for drag-and-drop) to build a functional sort-of replica that I can now use for picking a color scheme for future projects.

I did add two extra features that I really like: the sliding bar on the right side lets you use the buttons to adjust the color settings by any percentage you want, and the animate button generates new colors every 2 seconds (but that setting can be changed). Really awesome! :)

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