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                <a href='javascript:(function(){var t;t=function(){function t(){}return{return this.getImages(),this.buildCanvas(),this.process(),this.clean()},t.prototype.getImages=function(){return this.images=document.getElementsByTagName("img")},t.prototype.buildCanvas=function(){return this.canvas=document.createElement("canvas"),this.stage=this.canvas.getContext("2d"),document.body.appendChild(this.canvas),this.resizeCanvas(1,1)},t.prototype.resizeCanvas=function(t,e){return this.canvas.setAttribute("style","width: "+t+"px; height: "+e+"px; position: fixed; opacity: 0; left: -"+t+"px; top: -"+e+"px;"),this.canvas.setAttribute("width",t),this.canvas.setAttribute("height",e)},t.prototype.process=function(){var t,e,i,a,s,n;for(s=this.images,n=[],i=0,a=s.length;a>i;i++){e=s[i];try{this.image=e,this.allow(),this.setScale(),this.getImageData(),this.glitchData(),n.push(this.setData())}catch(r){t=r,n.push(console.log(t))}}return n},t.prototype.allow=function(){return this.image.setAttribute("crossOrigin","anonymous")},t.prototype.setScale=function(){var t,e;return e=this.image.offsetWidth,t=this.image.offsetHeight,this.resizeCanvas(e,t)},t.prototype.getImageData=function(){return this.stage.drawImage(this.image,0,0),"image/jpeg")},t.prototype.glitchData=function(){var t,e,i,a,s;for(,",")+1),",")+1),t=0,i=1+Math.floor(10*Math.random());i>t;)a=Math.round(Math.random()*e.length-1),e=e.substr(0,a)+e.charAt(a+1)+e.charAt(a)+e.substr(a+2),t++;return},t.prototype.setData=function(){var t;return t=document.createElement("img"),t.setAttribute("width",this.image.offsetWidth),t.setAttribute("height",this.image.offsetHeight),t.setAttribute("src",,document.body.insertBefore(t,this.image),this.image.parentNode.removeChild(this.image)},t.prototype.clean=function(){return this.canvas.parentNode.removeChild(this.canvas),this.image=null,},t}(),window.glitch=new t,}).call(this);' class="bookmarklet">Glitch</a>
<p>Drag the button above into your bookmarks, open any image in a new tab, and then click the bookmark to glitch the image.<br /><span>(Right click on the background image and open it in a new tab to try it out.)</span></p>
<img src="" />


                @import compass

html , body
  overflow: hidden
  position: absolute
  height: 100%
  width: 100%
  left: 0
  top: 0

  background-image: url( )
  background-position: left center
  background-size: cover
  background-color: rgba( 0 , 0 , 0 , 0.3 )
  position: absolute
  opacity: 0
  width: 100%
  height: 100%
  left: 0
  top: 0

p , .bookmarklet
  text-shadow: 0 0 15px rgba( 0, 0, 0, 0.4 )
  font-weight: 100
  letter-spacing: 0.05em
  font-family: sans-serif
  text-align: center
  position: absolute
  z-index: 2
  color: white
  left: 50%
  top: 50%
  @include translate( -50% , 0 )
  width: 400px
  line-height: 18px
  font-size: 15px
  margin-top: 80px
    display: block
    margin: 50px
    width: 300px
    font-size: 11px
    line-height: 14px

  @include translate( -50% , -50% )
  cursor: -webkit-grab
  cursor: grab
  margin: -3px 0 0 -3px
  box-shadow: 5px 5px 0 0 white
  font-size: 21px
  text-decoration: none
  background-color: red
  padding: 15px
    cursor: -webkit-grabbing
    cursor: grabbing


                # here's the source for anyone that's interested
class Glitch

	# call this to run the script,
	# ``
	run: ->
		# find all the images

		# make a canvas to edit them

		# actually glitch the images

		# remove extra dom elements once finished

	getImages: ->

		# store all image elements to this class
		@.images = document.getElementsByTagName "img"

	buildCanvas: ->

		# make the canvas element
		@.canvas = document.createElement "canvas"

		# get the context for printing image data
		@.stage = @.canvas.getContext "2d"

		# add the canvas to the dom
		document.body.appendChild @.canvas

		# set its inital style
		@.resizeCanvas 1 , 1

	resizeCanvas: ( w , h ) ->

		# set the style attributes for it
		@.canvas.setAttribute "style" , "width: #{w}px; height: #{h}px; position: fixed; opacity: 0; left: -#{w}px; top: -#{h}px;"

		# also set the element attributes
		@.canvas.setAttribute "width" , w
		@.canvas.setAttribute "height" , h

	process: ->

		# loop through each image
		for image in @.images

			# wrap this in a try/catch so security issues don't break it

				# store the image so we can edit it
				@.image = image

				# security hack?

				# rescale the canvas

				# put the image on the canvas so we can get its image data

				# glitch the data uri

				# put the image data back into the image element

			catch error

				# log the error for those interested
				console.log error

	allow: ->

		@.image.setAttribute "crossOrigin" , "anonymous"

	setScale: ->

		# get the image size
		w = @.image.offsetWidth
		h = @.image.offsetHeight

		# scale the canvas
		@.resizeCanvas w , h

	getImageData: ->

		# draw the image onto the canvas
		@.stage.drawImage @.image , 0 , 0

		# get the image data = @.canvas.toDataURL "image/jpeg"

	glitchData: ->

		# get the part of the string that can be glitched and the prefix
		prefix = 0 , "," ) + 1 )
		image =",") + 1 )

		# run for a random number of iterations
		i = 0
		p = 1 + Math.floor( Math.random() * 10 )
		while i < p

			# find the point we split at
			point = Math.round( Math.random() * image.length - 1 )

			# rejoin and save it
			image = image.substr( 0 , point ) + image.charAt( point + 1 ) + image.charAt( point ) + image.substr( point + 2 )


		# store the data again = prefix + image

	setData: ->

		# make a new element to place it into
		img = document.createElement "img"

		# get the original scale
		img.setAttribute "width" , @.image.offsetWidth
		img.setAttribute "height" , @.image.offsetHeight

		# apply the source
		img.setAttribute "src" ,

		# append the new image and remove the old
		document.body.insertBefore img , @.image
		@.image.parentNode.removeChild @.image

	clean: ->

		# destroy the canvas element
		@.canvas.parentNode.removeChild @.canvas

		# stop referencing the last image
		@.image = null

		# clear image data from class = null

window.glitch = new Glitch