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  <h1>GitHub Contributions Chart I</h1>
  <input type="checkbox" id="Toggle"> <label for="Toggle">Change fill</label><br>
  <input type="checkbox" id="Embiggen"> <label for="Embiggen">Make bigger</label><br>
  <input type="checkbox" id="Borderize"> <label for="Borderize">Add Borders</label>
  <div role="region" aria-labelledby="Cap1" tabindex="0">
      <caption id="Cap1">56 contributions in the last year</caption>
      <tr id="years">
        <th rowspan="2" scope="col" id="w"><span>Weekday</span></th>
        <th colspan="49" id="y17"><span>2017</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" id="y18"><span>2018</span></th>
        <th headers="y17" id="Jan17"><span>Jan</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" headers="y17" id="Feb17"><span aria-hidden="true">Feb</span><span class="sronly">February</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" headers="y17" id="Mar17"><span aria-hidden="true">Mar</span><span class="sronly">March</span></th>
        <th colspan="5" headers="y17" id="Apr17"><span aria-hidden="true">Apr</span><span class="sronly">April</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" headers="y17" id="May17"><span aria-hidden="true">May</span><span class="sronly">May</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" headers="y17" id="Jun17"><span aria-hidden="true">Jun</span><span class="sronly">June</span></th>
        <th colspan="5" headers="y17" id="Jul17"><span aria-hidden="true">Jul</span><span class="sronly">July</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" headers="y17" id="Aug17"><span aria-hidden="true">Aug</span><span class="sronly">August</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" headers="y17" id="Sep17"><span aria-hidden="true">Sep</span><span class="sronly">September</span></th>
        <th colspan="5" headers="y17" id="Oct17"><span aria-hidden="true">Oct</span><span class="sronly">October</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" headers="y17" id="Nov17"><span aria-hidden="true">Nov</span><span class="sronly">November</span></th>
        <th colspan="5" headers="y17" id="Dec17"><span aria-hidden="true">Dec</span><span class="sronly">December</span></th>
        <th colspan="4" headers="y17" id="Jan18"><span aria-hidden="true">Jan</span><span class="sronly">January</span></th>
        <th scope="row" id="Sun"><span class="sronly">Sunday</span></th>
        <td headers="Jan17 y17 Sun" class="amtb" aria-labelledby="c20170129"><a href="foo" aria-label="2 contributions on January 29, 2017." id="c20170129"><span>2 contributions, 29</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Sun"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Sun"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Sun"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Sun"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Sun"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Sun"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Sun"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Sun"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sun"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sun"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sun"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sun"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sun"><span>30</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Sun"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Sun"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Sun"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Sun"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Sun"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Sun"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Sun"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Sun"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sun"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sun"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sun"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sun"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sun" class="amtb" aria-labelledby="c20170730"><a href="foo" aria-label="2 contributions on July 30, 2017." id="c20170730"><span>2 contributions, 30</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Sun"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Sun"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Sun"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Sun"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sun"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sun"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sun"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sun" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20170924"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on September 24, 2017." id="c20170924"><span>1 contribution, 24</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sun"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sun"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sun"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sun"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sun"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Sun"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Sun"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Sun"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Sun"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sun"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sun"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sun"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sun"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sun"><span>31</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Sun"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Sun"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Sun"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Sun"><span>28</span></td>
        <th scope="row" id="Mon"><span aria-hidden="true">Mon</span><span class="sronly">Monday</span></th>
        <td headers="Jan17 y17 Mon"><span>30</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Mon"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Mon"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Mon"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Mon"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Mon"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Mon"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Mon"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Mon"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Mon"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Mon"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Mon"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Mon"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Mon"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Mon"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Mon"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Mon"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Mon"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Mon"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Mon"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Mon"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Mon"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Mon" class="amtd" aria-labelledby="c20170703"><a href="foo" aria-label="5 contributions on July 3, 2017." id="c20170703"><span>5 contributions, 3</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Mon"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Mon"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Mon"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Mon" class="amtb" aria-labelledby="c20170731"><a href="foo" aria-label="2 contributions on July 31, 2017." id="c20170731"><span>2 contributions, 31</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Mon"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Mon"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Mon"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Mon"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Mon"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Mon"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Mon" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20170918"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on September 18, 2017." id="c20170918"><span>1 contribution, 18</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Mon"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Mon"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Mon"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Mon"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Mon"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Mon"><span>30</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Mon"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Mon"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Mon"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Mon"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Mon"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Mon"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Mon"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Mon"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Mon"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Mon"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Mon"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Mon"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Mon" class="amtb" aria-labelledby="c20180129"><a href="foo" aria-label="2 contributions on January 29, 2018." id="c20180129"><span>2 contributions, 29</span></a></td>
        <th scope="row" id="Tue"><span class="sronly">Tuesday</span></th>
        <td headers="Jan17 y17 Tue"><span>31</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Tue"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Tue"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Tue"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Tue"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Tue"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Tue"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Tue"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Tue"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Tue" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20170404"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on April 4, 2017." id="c20170404"><span>1 contribution, 4</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Tue"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Tue"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Tue"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Tue"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Tue"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Tue"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Tue"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Tue"><span>30</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Tue"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Tue"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Tue"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Tue"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Tue"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Tue"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Tue"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Tue"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Tue" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20170801"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on August 1, 2017." id="c20170801"><span>1 contribution, 1</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Tue"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Tue"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Tue"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Tue"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Tue"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Tue"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Tue"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Tue"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Tue"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Tue" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20171010"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on October 10, 2017." id="c20171010"><span>1 contribution, 10</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Tue"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Tue"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Tue"><span>31</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Tue"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Tue"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Tue"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Tue"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Tue"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Tue"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Tue"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Tue"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Tue"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Tue" class="amtc" aria-labelledby="c20180109"><a href="foo" aria-label="3 contributions on January 9, 2017." id="c20180109"><span>3 contributions, 9</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Tue"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Tue"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Tue"><span>30</span></td>
        <th scope="row" id="Wed"><span aria-hidden="true">Wed</span><span class="sronly">Wednesday</span></th>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Wed"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Wed"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Wed"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Wed"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Wed"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Wed"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Wed"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Wed"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Wed"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Wed"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Wed"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Wed"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Wed"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Wed"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Wed"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Wed"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Wed"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Wed"><span>31</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Wed"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Wed"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Wed"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Wed"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Wed"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Wed"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Wed"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Wed"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Wed"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Wed" class="amtc" aria-labelledby="c20170809"><a href="foo" aria-label="3 contributions on August 9, 2017." id="c20170809"><span>3 contributions, 9</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Wed"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Wed"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Wed"><span>30</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Wed"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Wed"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Wed" class="amtc" aria-labelledby="c20170920"><a href="foo" aria-label="3 contributions on September 20, 2017." id="c20170920"><span>3 contributions, 20</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Wed"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Wed"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Wed"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Wed"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Wed"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Wed"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Wed"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Wed"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Wed"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Wed"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Wed"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Wed"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Wed"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Wed" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20171227"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on December 27, 2017." id="c20171227"><span>1 contribution, 27</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Wed"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Wed"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Wed" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20180117"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on January 17, 2018." id="c20180117"><span>1 contribution, 17</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Wed"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Wed"><span>31</span></td>
        <th scope="row" id="Thu"><span class="sronly">Thursday</span></th>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Thu"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Thu"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Thu"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Thu"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Thu"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Thu"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Thu"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Thu"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Thu" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20170330"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on March 30, 2017." id="c20170330"><span>1 contribution, 30</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Thu"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Thu"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Thu"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Thu"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Thu"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Thu"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Thu"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Thu"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Thu"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Thu"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Thu"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Thu"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Thu" class="amtd" aria-labelledby="c20170629"><a href="foo" aria-label="4 contributions on June 29, 2017." id="c20170629"><span>4 contributions, 29</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Thu"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Thu"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Thu"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Thu"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Thu"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Thu"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Thu"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Thu"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Thu"><span>31</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Thu"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Thu"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Thu"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Thu"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Thu"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Thu"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Thu"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Thu"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Thu"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Thu"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Thu"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Thu"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Thu"><span>30</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Thu"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Thu"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Thu" class="amtc" aria-labelledby="c20171221"><a href="foo" aria-label="3 contributions on December 21, 2017." id="c20171221"><span>3 contributions, 21</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Thu" class="amtd" aria-labelledby="c20171228"><a href="foo" aria-label="3 contributions on December 28, 2017." id="c20171228"><span>6 contributions, 28</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Thu" class="amtc" aria-labelledby="c20180104"><a href="foo" aria-label="3 contributions on January 4, 2018." id="c20180104"><span>3 contributions, 4</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Thu"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Thu"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Thu"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y18 Thu"><span>1</span></td>
        <th scope="row" id="Fri"><span aria-hidden="true">Fri</span><span class="sronly">Friday</span></th>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Fri"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Fri"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Fri"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Fri"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Fri"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Fri"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Fri"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Fri" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20170324"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on March 24, 2017." id="c20170324"><span>1 contribution, 24</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Fri"><span>31</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Fri"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Fri"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Fri"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Fri"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Fri"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Fri"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Fri"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Fri"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Fri"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Fri"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Fri"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Fri"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Fri"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Fri"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Fri"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Fri"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Fri"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Fri"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Fri"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Fri"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Fri"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Fri"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Fri"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Fri"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Fri"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Fri"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Fri"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Fri"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Fri"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Fri"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Fri"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Fri"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Fri"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Fri"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Fri"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Fri"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Fri"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Fri" class="amtb" aria-labelledby="c20171222"><a href="foo" aria-label="2 contributions on December 22, 2017." id="c20171222"><span>2 contributions, 22</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Fri"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Fri"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Fri"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Fri"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Fri"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y18 Fri"><span>2</span></td>
        <th scope="row" id="Sat"><span class="sronly">Saturday</span></th>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Sat"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Sat"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Sat"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y17 Sat"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Sat"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Sat"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Sat"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Mar17 y17 Sat"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sat"><span>1</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sat"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sat"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sat"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Apr17 y17 Sat"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Sat"><span>6</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Sat"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Sat"><span>20</span></td>
        <td headers="May17 y17 Sat"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Sat"><span>3</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Sat"><span>10</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Sat"><span>17</span></td>
        <td headers="Jun17 y17 Sat"><span>24</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sat"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sat"><span>8</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sat"><span>15</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sat"><span>22</span></td>
        <td headers="Jul17 y17 Sat"><span>29</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Sat"><span>5</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Sat"><span>12</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Sat"><span>19</span></td>
        <td headers="Aug17 y17 Sat"><span>26</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sat" class="amta" aria-labelledby="c20170902"><a href="foo" aria-label="1 contribution on September 2, 2017." id="c20170902"><span>1 contribution, 2</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sat"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sat"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sat"><span>23</span></td>
        <td headers="Sep17 y17 Sat"><span>30</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sat"><span>7</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sat"><span>14</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sat"><span>21</span></td>
        <td headers="Oct17 y17 Sat"><span>28</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Sat"><span>4</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Sat"><span>11</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Sat"><span>18</span></td>
        <td headers="Nov17 y17 Sat"><span>25</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sat"><span>2</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sat"><span>9</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sat"><span>16</span></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sat" class="amtb" aria-labelledby="c20171223"><a href="foo" aria-label="2 contributions on December 23, 2017." id="c20171223"><span>2 contributions, 23</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Dec17 y17 Sat"><span>30</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Sat" class="amtb" aria-labelledby="c20180106"><a href="foo" aria-label="2 contributions on January 6, 2018." id="c20180106"><span>2 contributions, 6</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Sat"><span>13</span></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Sat" class="amtb" aria-labelledby="c20180120"><a href="foo" aria-label="2 contributions on January 20, 2018." id="c20180120"><span>2 contributions, 20</span></a></td>
        <td headers="Jan18 y18 Sat"><span>27</span></td>
        <td headers="Feb17 y18 Sat"></td>
    <a href="">Read the blog post behind this</a>.


                body {
  font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Helvetica, Arial,
    sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol"; /* GitHub's order, not ideal */
  font-size: 100%;
  line-height: 1.5;
  color: #24292e;
  background-color: #fff; /* GitHub failed to define this */

div[role="region"] {
  overflow: auto;
  width: 100%;
  padding: 0.8em 0;

#Embiggen:checked ~ div[role="region"] {
  font-size: 200%;

#years span,
td span,
.sronly {
  position: absolute;
  top: auto;
  overflow: hidden;
  clip: rect(1px 1px 1px 1px); /* IE 6/7 */
  clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px);
  width: 1px;
  height: 1px;
  white-space: nowrap;

table {
  font-size: 65%;
  border-collapse: separate;
  border-spacing: 0.2em 0;

caption {
  text-align: left;
  font-size: 140%;

th {
  text-align: left;
  font-weight: normal;

td {
  padding: 0;

td::after {
  content: "";
  display: block;
  box-sizing: border-box;
  width: 1em;
  height: 1em;
  background-color: #eee;

td.amtd::after {
  display: none;

td {
  position: relative;

td a {
  display: block;
  box-sizing: border-box;
  width: 1em;
  height: 1em;
  background-color: #eee;
  z-index: 1;
  text-decoration: none;

#Borderize:checked ~ div[role="region"] td::after,
#Borderize:checked ~ div[role="region"] td a {
  /* border: .01em solid #767676; */ /* 4.5:1 */
  border: .01em solid #949494; /* 3:1 */

td a:hover,
td a:focus {
  text-decoration: none;
  outline: 0.1em solid #00d;

td.amta a {
  background-color: #c6e48b;

td.amtb a {
  background-color: #7bc96f;

td.amtc a {
  background-color: #239a3b;

td.amtd a {
  background-color: #196127;

#Toggle:checked ~ div[role="region"] td.amta a {
  background-image: linear-gradient(
    to bottom right,
    #eee 0%,
    #eee 75%,
    #196127 75%,
    #196127 100%

#Toggle:checked ~ div[role="region"] td.amtb a {
  background-image: linear-gradient(
    to bottom right,
    #eee 0%,
    #eee 50%,
    #196127 50%,
    #196127 100%

#Toggle:checked ~ div[role="region"] td.amtc a {
  background-image: linear-gradient(
    to bottom right,
    #eee 0%,
    #eee 25%,
    #196127 25%,
    #196127 100%

#Toggle:checked ~ div[role="region"] td.amtd a {
  background-color: #196127;

td[class^="amt"] a:focus::before,
td[class^="amt"] a:hover::before {
  position: absolute;
  display: block;
  z-index: 1;
  bottom: 1.5em;
  left: -1em;
  width: 12em;
  max-width: 57em;
  padding: 0.5em 0.75em;
  border: 0.05em solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 1);
  border-radius: 0.2em;
  box-shadow: 0.15em 0.15em 0.5em rgba(0, 0, 0, 1);
  content: attr(aria-label);
  background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85);
  color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 1);
  font-size: 110%;
  animation: TOOLTIP 0.1s ease-out 1;

td[class^="amt"]:nth-child(n + 45) a:focus::before,
td[class^="amt"]:nth-child(n + 45) a:hover::before {
  left: -12em;

/* Windows High Contrast Mode Support */
@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active) {
  td.amta a,
  td.amtb a,
  td.amtc a,
  td.amtd a {
    background-color: Highlight;
  #Toggle:checked ~ div[role="region"] td.amta a {
    background-image: linear-gradient(
      to bottom right,
      Window 0%,
      Window 75%,
      Highlight 75%,
      Highlight 100%
  #Toggle:checked ~ div[role="region"] td.amtb a {
    background-image: linear-gradient(
      to bottom right,
      Window 0%,
      Window 50%,
      Highlight 50%,
      Highlight 100%
  #Toggle:checked ~ div[role="region"] td.amtc a {
    background-image: linear-gradient(
      to bottom right,
      Window 0%,
      Window 25%,
      Highlight 25%,
      Highlight 100%
  #Toggle:checked ~ div[role="region"] td.amtd a {
    background-color: Highlight;
  #Borderize:checked ~ div[role="region"] td::after,
  #Borderize:checked ~ div[role="region"] td a {
    border-color: ActiveBorder;

/* The animation */

@keyframes TOOLTIP {
  from {
    bottom: 0.5em;
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
    border: 0.05em solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);
    color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);
    box-shadow: 0 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 1);
  to {
    bottom: 1.5em;
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.85);
    border: 0.05em solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 1);
    color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 1);
    box-shadow: 0.15em 0.15em 0.5em rgba(0, 0, 0, 1);