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                  <div class="abeamer-story" id=story>
    <div class="abeamer-scene" id=scene1>
      <div id=hello>Hello
        <span id=world>World</span>



                $abeamer-width: 640;
$abeamer-height: 480;

.abeamer-scene {
  width: $abeamer-width + px;
  height: $abeamer-height + px;

#hello {
  position: absolute;
  color: red;
  left: 50px;
  top: 40px;


                // twitter:
// website:

// support this animation framework by adding a star on github:

/* ---------------
* To generate a png file sequence, gif or .mp4 file of your work:
* 1. Install ABeamer, read the instructions:
* 2. Create a project using abeamer: abeamer create foo
* 3. Copy the:
*     - scss code to css/main.scss   (compile it)
*     - ts code to js/main.ts or if it's javascript to js/main.js
*     - html code inside the story to code inside the story in index.html
*     - the dimensions code at the top of scss code to abeamer.ini
* 4. To generate a file sequence: abeamer render foo
* 5. To generate an animated gif file (after step 4): abeamer gif foo
* 6. To generate a .mp4 file (after step 4): abeamer movie foo
* ---------------- */

// It uses the `load` event insted of `ready` to ensure when it's rendered in the server
// all assets are loaded before it starts. 
// For client rendering and if you know all the positions, you can use `ready` event.
$(window).on("load", () => {

  const story: ABeamer.Story = ABeamer.createStory(/*FPS:*/25);

  const scene1 = story.scenes[0];
  // These animations instructions are executed in parallel.
  // The longest takes 2s, and it's at 25 frames per second.
  // When you render using `abeamer render`, it will generate 50 png files.
  // This animation will take around 2s when it's execute on the browser,
  // When it's render to file, it will run at full speed.
    selector: '#hello',
    duration: '2s',
    props: [{
      // pixel property animation.
      // uses CSS property `left` to determine the start value.
      prop: 'left',
      // this is the end value. it must be numeric.
      value: 100,
      // formatted numerical property animation.
      prop: 'transform',
      valueFormat: 'rotate(%fdeg)',
      // this is the start value,
      // it must be always defined for the property `transform`.
      valueStart: 10,
      // this is the end value. it must be numeric.
      value: 100,
  }, {
    selector: '#world',
    duration: '2s',
    props: [{
      // textual property animation.
      prop: 'text',
      // it will iterate the list bellow in 2s
      // you can use an easing to change the iteration process.
      valueText: ['World', 'Mars', 'Jupiter'],