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Now with bookmark!

CSS only experiment. Page flip with bending effect. Works only on browsers that support transform-style: preserve-3d.


  1. That is SICK!!

  2. This is really nice!

  3. Nicely done!

  4. Super well done, really nice.

  5. WoW! ! Super Cool. (y)

  6. Thank you guys!!!

  7. Very nice! Makes my Firefox scrollbars go a bit crazy but love the demo :)

  8. Fabrizio, just edited this Pen and if you add overflow:hidden to the html/body rule it should stop the browser scrollbars going crazy. Not so practical for real-world implementations but could be added to the 3d object's container instead.

  9. what sorcery is this?

  10. Really quite nice - made my own attempt here:

  11. Awesome. can't stop saying wowww....

  12. The related pen JS maxes out the CPU on this school computer.

  13. Jesh. I thought my skills were pretty darn good until this god decided to put a bunch of random letters together and create this amazing magic trick. I'm going to have to look up what kind of HTML that is because I cam afraid it is totally foreign to me??? hahahaaa.

  14. It seems broken now (I think chrome changed stuff about the z-index). I had the same issue in some of my pens

  15. Freaking astounding.

  16. Really great! I would love to see a tutorial about this effect.

  17. div > div > div is a good ideas, Really great!

    I love it

  18. Bloody amazing... just.... wow. I still have this book too, same cover, in hardback, was the first book I ever got.

    Great job Fabrizio!

  19. there is a little bug on firefox:

  20. Wow! Nicely done!

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