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Four different menu animations for menu button toggle between hamburger, cross and back icon.

Prefer Dots? Go this way: https://codepen.io/Zaku/details/YjRqzB/

Additional Source: https://github.com/tamino-martinius/ui-snippets-menu-animations


  1. Wauw. Those are great.

    Out of curiosity. When debugging is enabled I can view the tracks of the animations (nice!). How come they seems so much longer than what is actually needed?

  2. There were two kinda small reasons to do so:

    • coordinates needed less characters (single char instead of two)
    • i also tried different easings which also hat some overshoot so it needed longer paths - but in the end i preferred a simple easing
  3. These are great!

  4. wow i love getting to see the path! i love this!!!!

  5. You're incredibly inspiring :) I wish I can learn a lot from people like you. Amazingly well done, Tamino.

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