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Codevember 2017 #1 Galaxy: STARFOX Arwing !!

This Pen is a fork of Yusuke Nakaya's Pen Only CSS: Codevember #1 STARFOX.


  1. @TheBestProgrammer Thanks a lot!!

  2. @osublake Fox had good technic, right? :)

  3. This is absolutely stunning. Love your work!

  4. @cobra_winfrey Thank a lot, my best friend!! :)

  5. @hugo thanks a lot! :)

  6. This is so cool! Now I really want to go play Star Fox!!

  7. This is so great, amazing job!

    I'm gonna be that guy though ... It's an Arwing, not an A-Wing!

    (Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken!)


  8. Yeah performance boost! Look at all the love you are getting :P kampai

  9. Wonderful! Delightful! Bravo!

  10. The graphics are simple, but yet this is one of the BEST css programs I have seen on codepen.io!!

  11. The star warp effect is fantastic!

  12. This is the most impressive thing I've seen made out of CSS! Wow! Amazing work!

  13. @jonathan-huffman SNES brings back memories! :) I really like that game.

  14. @DapperDirewolf You're right, Paul! Thank a lot. "Arwing" is cool aircraft!

  15. @nodws off the BOOST EFFECT, Performance boosted! Thanks! :)

  16. @AJSIM I'm glad to hear that! Thanks a lot!!

  17. @Glaurung @nelsonr Actually, this Pen is fork from my old Pen. It's such an honor to be told that! Thanks a lot :)

  18. @shubniggurath Cosmic theme is so interesting, right? thanks bro! :)

  19. <3 so much work

  20. My Childhood!! Instant follow! I am a fan. Well done

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