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A paranoid bird surrounded by two shy buddies with shifty look. A webgl experiment, using threejs and a little bit of TweenMax


  1. This is just brilliant - really excellent stuff!

  2. Are you serious? hahaha - I gave up!!!! kkk

  3. nailed it

  4. This. is. incredible. Nice work!

  5. Thank you all ! Really appreciate your comments ^^

  6. Man, this is awesome! ANd much to learn from your code. Really cool

  7. @pimskie thanks, the code needs to be cleaned up, I'll try to comment it asap.

  8. Woah, this is amazing!

  9. This is the cutest pen I have seen. <3 it!

  10. no words. Yet commenting :|

  11. Love this! What a great character animation. Wow!

  12. Karim,

    I tried to replicate this code to play with it but when I did that, the JS code didn't work for me. My pen title is: "Starting with three.js." At your comfort of your time, would you be able to help me?

    Best, Vijay

  13. Hi @eulerianial, just add Threejs and Greensock Tweenmax librairies in the js panel. Or simply fork my codepen and check out the panels settings. Good luck!

  14. Thanks @Yakudoo It worked now.

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