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Pure CSS mobile phone, based on iphone X mockup. Everything is made byc CSS, no svg, no base64


  1. Its so Awesome bro - well done. Take it a step further now and make it functional XD

  2. congratulations it is awesome! I really want to watch this in a live coding video. good work!

  3. thanks for this - i forked it for the inspiration of what you can do with CSS and a lot of creativity. Well done!

  4. lol, wizard

  5. Wow great job on this!

  6. This is awesome. I forked this and replaced the display with an iframe to see if it would work: https://codepen.io/bjankord/pen/gzBoWp

  7. Incredible lol

  8. That's beautiful

  9. Awesome work, Grzegorz. Astonishing css skills. I did another fork, small change over the @bjankord iframe test. Basically, blocking pointer events on reflection divs, so you can actually navigate in the iframed page.


  10. Sensational, fabulous work with the styling!

  11. At first I was like ... "What has he done...", until I realized that you designed this entire phone in CSS. Chapeau! Great work bud!!

  12. wow this is really insane! Looks like real!

  13. @unpezvivo Try to open your pen on the mobile of your pen and so on ! infinite mirror ! :D:D:D

  14. This is incredible!

  15. this is nuts

  16. Es incredible, mi amigo! Muy bien!

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