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  1. so so so so complex

  2. Can someone direct me toward figuring out how!? so many questions.

  3. Watch face based on some real watches product?

  4. Mega efekt! :)

  5. Can you explain the process? Did you start in After Effects/another program and then transfer across?

  6. Really Amazing!

  7. @tillyoswellwheeler from the looks of the code i'd say it was all written down by hand.

  8. @Emergenzone experience and skill i suppose.
    if there is one thing about html, css and javascript that i've learned during my life:
    the versatility and fine grained control you obtain after mastering them is a godsend.
    you can literarily create anything with it and make piles of money in the process.

  9. @GottZ Do you have any recommendations on where to learn this level of CSS skills, any online tutorials you have done, or articles you have read? This is the coding I think is super interesting and I would like to learn and understand the complexities of what is above.

  10. come on, this is not serious anymore. Are you human?

  11. GENIAL!!!

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