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  body{background-color: black}
  #quote {color: red; margin: 100px;}
  h1 {color: red;}
  h1 {font-size: 70px;}
  h2 {color: red;}
  h2 {font-size: 30px;}
  h3 {color: red;}
  h3 {font-size: 70px;}
  ul {color: white; width: 700px; font-size: 15px}
  #white-text {color: white; font-size: 20px;}
  #thin-white-border {border-color: white; border-width: 5px;}
  figcaption {font-size: 15px;}
  #link {color: white}
  span {font-weight: bold}
<div class="silver-background"><h1 id="h1"><center>Tribute</h1>
  <h2 id="h2"><center><em>This isn't the greatest page in the world. No! This is just a tribute to Tribute by Tenacious D</em></h2>
    <center><img style="border:10px solid red;" src="" alt="Tenacious D" border="5"></img><figcaption style="text-align: center-left">The greatest band in the world</figcaption>
   <p><center>This is an accurate series of events that led to the creation of the tribute to the greatest song in the world:</p>
    <ul style="text-align: left"><li><span>A long time ago,</span> JB and his brother KG where hitch hiking down a long and lonesome road</li><li><span>All of a sudden</span> there shined a shiny demon in the middle of the road</li><li><span>The demon</span> threatened to eat their souls if they didn't play the best song in the world</li><li><span>At this point</span> JB and KG looked at each other</li><li><span>Then</span> they each said, "OKAY!"</li><li><span>They played</span> the first thing that came to their heads and it just so happened to be the best song in the world, and it saved their butts</li><li><span>The demon</span> would have killed them but he was forced to set them free by the honor code that demons have to live by</li><li><span>Needless to say,</span> the beast was stunned</li><li><span>"Whip-crack"</span> went his whoompy tail and the beast was done</li><li><span>The demon</span> then asked them, "Be you angels?"</li><li><span>They replied,</span> "Nay. We are but men."</li> </ul>
   <p id="quote"><em>"This is not The Greatest Song in the World, no.
This is just a tribute.
Couldn't remember The Greatest Song in the World, no, no.
This is a tribute, oh, to The Greatest Song in the World,
All right! It was The Greatest Song in the World,
      All right! It was the best muthafuckin' song the greatest song in the world." - Tenacious D</p></div>
  <p id="link">To learn more about Tenacious D and their journey, visit their <a href=""target="_blank">wikipedia page.</a></p>


                body {margin-top: 65px}
.white-text {color: white; font-size: 20px;}
  #thin-white-border {border-color: white; border-width: 5px;}
div {font-size: 20px; color: white;}
h1 {font-size: 45px;}