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                <form id=form1 action = "">
<input type="checkbox" id="normal"> Normal <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="fire"> Fire <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="water"> Water <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="electric"> Electric <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="grass"> Grass <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="fighting"> Fighting <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="poison"> Poison <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="ground"> Ground <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="flying"> Flying <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="psychic"> Psychic <br>
<input type="checkbox" id="bug"> Bug <br>
<input type="button" value="Calculate best route" onclick="test(this.form)">


<p id="p1">Nothing has been calculated yet.</p>




                function test(form) {
	// Compiled using the source code and Python. 'standard' is when you have no rod equipped, and rod is obviously with a rod
	var routeTypes = {1: {'rod': ['flying', 'normal'], 'standard': ['flying', 'normal']}, 2: {'rod': ['bug', 'bug', 'normal', 'poison', 'poison'], 'standard': ['bug', 'bug', 'normal', 'poison', 'poison']}, 3: {'rod': ['flying', 'normal', 'flying', 'ground', 'normal', 'fighting'], 'standard': ['flying', 'normal', 'flying', 'ground', 'normal', 'fighting']}, 4: {'rod': ['normal', 'flying', 'poison', 'ground', 'fighting', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['normal', 'flying', 'poison', 'ground', 'fighting']}, 5: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal', 'grass', 'normal', 'fighting', 'psychic', 'grass'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal', 'grass', 'normal', 'fighting', 'psychic', 'grass']}, 6: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal', 'grass', 'normal', 'fighting', 'psychic', 'grass', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal', 'grass', 'normal', 'fighting', 'psychic', 'grass']}, 7: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'fire', 'normal', 'grass', 'normal', 'fighting', 'fire', 'psychic', 'grass'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'fire', 'normal', 'grass', 'normal', 'fighting', 'fire', 'psychic', 'grass']}, 8: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'poison', 'ground', 'fire', 'normal', 'normal', 'fighting', 'fire', 'psychic', 'psychic'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'poison', 'ground', 'fire', 'normal', 'normal', 'fighting', 'fire', 'psychic', 'psychic']}, 9: {'rod': ['normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'flying', 'poison', 'ground', 'poison', 'poison', 'poison', 'poison'], 'standard': ['normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'flying', 'poison', 'ground', 'poison', 'poison', 'poison', 'poison']}, 10: {'rod': ['normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'poison', 'ground', 'poison', 'poison', 'fighting', 'electric', 'electric', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'poison', 'ground', 'poison', 'poison', 'fighting', 'electric', 'electric']}, 11: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'poison', 'ground', 'psychic', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'poison', 'ground', 'psychic']}, 12: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'normal', 'normal', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'normal', 'normal']}, 13: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'normal', 'normal', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'normal', 'normal']}, 14: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'normal', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'normal']}, 15: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'normal'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'grass', 'normal']}, 16: {'rod': ['normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal'], 'standard': ['normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal']}, 17: {'rod': ['normal', 'flying', 'flying', 'fire', 'normal', 'normal', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['normal', 'flying', 'flying', 'fire', 'normal', 'normal']}, 18: {'rod': ['normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['normal', 'normal', 'flying', 'flying', 'normal']}, 19: {'rod': ['water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['Rattata', 'Raticate', 'Spearow', 'Fearow', 'Doduo']}, 20: {'rod': ['water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['Rattata', 'Raticate', 'Spearow', 'Fearow', 'Doduo']}, 21: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal', 'grass', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'normal', 'normal', 'grass']}, 22: {'rod': ['normal', 'flying', 'poison', 'poison', 'fighting', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['normal', 'flying', 'poison', 'poison', 'fighting']}, 23: {'rod': ['flying', 'flying', 'poison', 'poison', 'ground', 'ground', 'poison', 'poison', 'fighting', 'fighting', 'normal', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['flying', 'flying', 'poison', 'poison', 'ground', 'ground', 'poison', 'poison', 'fighting', 'fighting', 'normal']}, 24: {'rod': ['bug', 'bug', 'bug', 'bug', 'flying', 'flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'psychic', 'grass', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['bug', 'bug', 'bug', 'bug', 'flying', 'flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'psychic', 'grass']}, 25: {'rod': ['bug', 'bug', 'bug', 'bug', 'flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'psychic', 'grass', 'water', 'water', 'water', 'water'], 'standard': ['bug', 'bug', 'bug', 'bug', 'flying', 'flying', 'grass', 'grass', 'psychic', 'grass']}}

	// Get a list of the selected types
	var allTypes = ["normal", "fire", "water", "electric", "grass", "fighting", "poison", "ground", "flying", "psychic", "bug"]
	var types = []
	for (var i in allTypes) {
		if (form[i].checked) {
	if (types.length == 0){
		document.getElementById("p1").innerHTML = "No shard type selected."

	// For each route, count how many often a matching type will show up. For example, if the user picks Grass and Normal, the total number of grass and normal pokemon on each route.
	routeShards = []
	for (var id in routeTypes){
		route = routeTypes[id]
		// If you're going for water shards, you'll have the rod equipped. If not, you shouldn't.
		if (types.indexOf("water") != -1){
			shards = routeTypes[id]["rod"]
			shards = routeTypes[id]["standard"]
		// d = denominator (total number of shards in a route), n = numerator (number of matching shards)
		d = shards.length
		n = 0
		for (var type in types){
			n += shards.filter(function(x){return x==types[type]}).length	// get count of matching shards
		/* The second element in the list is the number of hits it takes you to defeat a pokemon on that route. So like if you have 17k attack, it takes 1 hit to beat route 10, 2 for route 19, and 3 for 25. The last element is how much time there is, on average, between each enounter of the poke-type you're looking for. */
		routeShards.push([id, 1, n, d, calcTime(1, n, d)])
		routeShards.push([id, 2, n, d, calcTime(2, n, d)])
		routeShards.push([id, 3, n, d, calcTime(3, n, d)])

	// Print the 10 best routes. 
	s = "Best routes for "
	for (var i in types){
		s += types[i].capitalize() + ", "
	s = s.slice(0, -2) + "<br>"
	for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++){
		route = routeShards[i]
		s += i+1 + ". Route " + route[0] + " (if you can " + route[1] + "-shot): "
		if (route[4] != 60){
			s += route[4].toFixed(3) + " seconds per shard<br>"
			s += "Never!<br>"
	document.getElementById("p1").innerHTML = s

/* time per encounter / shards per encounter = time per shard
(.75 + 1*shots ) / (n/d)
(.75 + 1*shots) * d / n
(3+4*shots) * d / 4n
I did it this way to try and minimize any odd floating point errors. This way there's only one computation (the final one) that results in non-integer numbers. */
// return 60 if n is 0, ie that route has no pokemon of the right type. Also avoiding division by zero
function calcTime(shots, n, d){
	if (n == 0){
		return 60
	return d*(3+4*shots) / (4*n)

// Sort by time per shard, ascending. If times are equal, sort by route # descending. The idea is that if two routes are equal, you should do the harder route for more money/tokens/exp. 
function compareRoutes(route1, route2){
	if (route1[4] == route2[4]){
		return route2[0] - route1[0]
	return route1[4] - route2[4]

// Capitalize the first letter of a word
String.prototype.capitalize = function() {
    return this.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + this.slice(1);