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<title> Valentina Neira-Diez 
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    <h1 class="tab"> Valentina Neira-Diez </h1>
      <body1 class="tab2" </br> (786)872-1271 | 
Clicking the LinkedIn hyperlink will open my resume and a chatbox with me  -->
   <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/valentinaneiradiez"> LinkedIn </a>
      | vxn78@miami.edu
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             CIM111 </br>
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   <body1/> </br>
      <h3>Mailing Address</h3>
   10330 City Center Blvd Pebroke Pines, Fl, 33025 <br>
    <!-- This is the resume of a multipotentialite. If you don't know what that means, or simply want to feel better about being indecisive, look up the Tedtalk on it. -->
  <h3>Education </h3>   
  <body> <a href=https://welcome.miami.edu/> University of Miami </a> May 2020</body> </br>
<body>Bachelor of Science in Communication studies</body> </br>
<body>Bachelor of Arts in Psychology</body> </br>
<body>Minor in creative writing</body> </br> </br>

<p> <h3> <em>Professional Experience</em> </h3> <p>
<p> <strong>Transfer Assistant</strong>, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL August 2019-Present </p>
  <li> mentoring 70 First-Year Transfer Students </li>
  <li> hosting formal and informal one-on-one meetings throughout each semester with mentees </li>
  <li> taking mentees to two existing campus events per semester </li>
  <li> a collateral programming assignment for the course of the full year </li> 
  <li> working with the Assistant Director of the Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement to understand appropriate programming expectations </li>
<li> communicating weekly with mentees and informing them about relevant on and off-campus events and services </li>
<li> providing mentees with advice on important transition topics, answering various virtual questions </li>
  <li> making referrals to appropriate offices and organizations at UM </li>
<li> collaborating with UM resident assistants to create partnered initiatives to bring together commuter and residential students </li> 
<p> <strong>Guide for parents and students (GPS) mentor</strong>, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL May 2018-August 2019 </p> 

  <li> Co-presenting admission information sessions with office Assistant Directors

<li> assisting with increasing student retention and decreasing melt

<li> mentoring first-year students

<li> enrollment management projects

<li> leading campus tours

<li> engaging in incoming student outreach

<li> tracking student progress on pre-arrival requirements

<li> addressing items and common questions surrounding registration orientation, housing, tuition, etc. for campus partners
  <p> <strong>Research Assistant</strong>, Early Head Start-Up Lab, Coral Gables, FL September 2017-December 2017
  <li> Assisting with data collection and data coding in order to help implement improvements in classroom interactions </li>
<p> <strong>Teacher Assistant</strong>,  March 2017-August 2017 | Linda Ray Intervention Center, Miami, FL 

  <li> Assisting with the delivery of interventions in the classroom by assisting teachers with minor data collection while addressing the needs of students from at-risk households </li> </ul>

<p> <strong>Student Outreach Ambassador</strong>, August 2016-December 2016 | Elizabethtown College, PA  
  <li>Calling alumni and friends of the college to update them about upcoming events and asking them for contributions to fund school projects such as scholarships, financial aid, and construction initiatives </li>

<p> <h3> <em>Leadership Experience</em> </h3> <p>

  Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority, Incorporated | January 2018-Present </br> 

ACC Leadership Institute | August 2018

<p> <h3> <em>Butler Center for Service and Leadership</em> </h3> <p>
  Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement Orientation Fellow| August 2017-Present </br>

National Gandhi Day of Service, Group Leader | January 2018 </br> 

Fun Day, Activity Leader | January 2019 </br>

<p> <h3> <em>Activities</em> </h3> <p>
Intensive English Program (IEP) Canes Chat conversation program facilitator | August 2018-Present </br>

Students Together Ending Poverty (STEP) | August 2019-Present </br>

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) | January 2019-Present </br>

Student Alumni Ambassadors | Fall 2018-Present </br>

University of Miami Mindfulness Meditation Organization | January 2019-Present </br>

Speak What You Feel | August 2019-Present </br>

Plant Based Canes | August 2018-Present </br>

Horizons mentor, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs | August 2018 </br>

Resident Hall Association, Leadership Council President | January 2017- December 2018 </br>

Cabinet Member, Council of International Students and Organizations (COISO)| January 2017- December 2018 </br>

Elizabethtown College News Anchor | August 2016-December 2016 </br>

Student Senate Class Representative | August 2016-December 2016 </br>

<p> <h3> <em>Skills</em> </h3> <p>
    <li> Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Prezi, and Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop --Safe space certified, Workday, OrgSync </br>

 <li> Languages: Fluent in Spanish and English, remedial in Portuguese <br>

<li> Soft skills: leadership, public speaking, relationship building, social media </li> </br> 

<p> <h3> <em>Hobbies </em> </h3> <p>
    <li> Putting on face masks
      <li> Karaoke
        <li> Eating Chipotle <li> Brainstorming how to make money <li> Modeling
    <li> Acting
    <li> Spending time with family and family friends</li> </br>

    <h3>All about VND</h3>
     Born in Bogotá, Colombia but raised in North Carolina and South Florida I am a skilled networker. I had to switch elementary schools eight times, middle school three times, high school two times and chose to transfer to the University of Miami from Elizabethtown College.  I'm used to being the new girl and am always ready to befriend a kind soul. I am passionate about serving the community and helping others improve their holistic health. I aspire to merge psychology, traditional chinese medicine, and experience to empower people with the tools to improve their interpersonal relationships through therapy. 


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         <th>Things I've mastered |</th>
        <th>Things I'm working on</th>
        <td>Shaping my eyebrows</td>
        <td>Curling my hair</td>
        <td>How to write a resume</td>
        <td>How to build a website</td>
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