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A simple Lightbox made without JavaScript. It simply works with :focus pseudo-class on the trigger element.

Note 1: I used background-image because once coupled with display: none on its parent, it doesn't load image on page load.

Note 2: I didn't use flexbox for the image placement because of weird effects on responsive resize.


  1. Not too bad. Safari doesn't like you though. Here's my take from a while back, using a similar technique. Instead of :focus, I used :target. http://codepen.io/designcouch/pen/DEkcf

  2. @designcouch > Yes, I already tried this technique, but I wanted to create an easy example of lightbox without JavaScript, even if the "lazy load" technique complexify the thing :-/ Also note that I tried to fix this f*****g issue on Safari iOS (and others browsers :/), but unfortunately even the Bootstrap teem didn't succeed, for now → https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/15935

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