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A tribute to the best fucking series in the world.

Just some CSS and SVG. I created the SVG from the original Logo with Photoshop (path) and Illustrator (SVG).

The making of: http://timpietrusky.com/breaking-bad-logo

The original Logo is © by American Movie Classics Company LLC.


  1. Hey, pretty nice ! Nice job. :)

  2. Thank you :D

  3. GRAY GHOST @grayghostvisuals on

    audio intro please in honor of WW bitch!

  4. Here's your audio intro, BITCH

  5. GRAY GHOST @grayghostvisuals on

    YES!!!!dar dar darnn dar dar eerie snake rattle

  6. Duuuuuuude, sweet.

  7. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!

  8. What the fuck? Why are there so many views?

  9. xfD @ "Here's your audio intro, BITCH"

  10. GRAY GHOST @grayghostvisuals on

    12,000 AND COUNTING!!!

  11. This is fucking awkward...

  12. This is the greatest thing

  13. Frickin' awesome! It's just so.... frickin' awesome!

  14. nicely done

  15. Nicely done Tim!

  16. Thanks! I'm proud that so many people like it.

  17. This is amazing!

  18. It's awesome man, well done!

  19. So cool, I was just watching this today.

  20. GRAY GHOST @grayghostvisuals on

    57,683 AND COUNTING!!!

  21. Great stuff, how long did u work on it?

  22. CSS 2h, SVG 1h, canvas 2h, audio 1h -> 6h

  23. ERMAGERD! :D amazing! :D

  24. Be Good? You are breaking me badly.. JK :)

  25. This is amazing! A lot of code but rightfully so.

  26. "A tribute to the best fucking series in the world." - my man! Great job. Keep it up :)

  27. Awesome work! Thanks for liking my awful Breaking Bad Logo :D Yours is much better :)

  28. Wow fucking awesome !!! A great work for a grat tv show !

  29. Uhh, noob question, but, how do you do the "eaking" and "d" part?

  30. @TheSandwichMan I used SVG! You can read more about it in my article.

  31. As good as it gets!! :)

  32. This is badass! Nice work man. Sad that BB is over... :(

  33. @natewiley thanks! Yeah it's really sad :( I hope they create many spin-offs :D

  34. Is there any way to change the "eaking" and "d" text?

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