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Print Netrunner cards at home with this free proxy printing tool.

Mirror: https://martinc.de/netrunner-proxy-generator/


  1. [update] The generator now supports cards that are hosted on cardgamedb.com.

  2. Hey dude! Is there any chance this could be made to display IDs? Currently they don't show up, even as a broken link.

  3. @manveruppd thanks for your feedback. I added a tooltip with card id and card name that displays when you hover over a card.

    I hope you enjoy the proxy generator I made, please let me know if you have other feature wishes or if you find bugs.

  4. Hey @Theavon thanks for your reply! The tooltip is actually really handy, nice job there, but it's not what I meant at all! I was actually trying to print out identity cards, but I've since realised that the reason it wasn't working is because it wants their title as well as their name (so it's "Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie" rather than just "Andromeda"). So my bad, I thought it couldn't display IDs at all, but turns out I was just doing it wrong!

    And yeah I'm enjoying it, this is gonna be a really valuable resource now that stock is mostly gone from stores! I've already used it myself when I travelled to a tournament and decided to tweak my decks the night before, but hadn't brought the cards I wanted to add! Proxies being legal at events now is great! Thanks! :)

  5. Earlier this year i was thinking about buying a domain to publish my proxy generator there, but then decided against it once FFG discontinued Android Netrunner.

    I actually don't play the game that much anymore, but I still want to maintain this tool for other people that use it. My motivation to do this project was to be able to print the cards that don't come as a playset in the core set.

    @manveruppd, I am happy that you like my Netrunner Proxy Generator.

  6. Hey! Thanks for making and maintaining this tool, I'm getting ready to print a couple decks for myself and a couple friends, we kind of got into netrunner as soon as it was being cancelled which is a giant bummer, but we'll keep on playing because it's a fun game.

    There's a couple things that aren't working well though.

    1: It doesn't seem to run well on Firefox, but I can make it work on Chrome. 2: I can't print Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined, the backsides don't exist in netrunnerdb or cardgamedb, they're legal cards but the graphics aren't available in those sites, they however exist in Project ANCUR. Not sure if they have an API to get the images though (I'm making a few decks involving this ID), this probably also applies to The Collective, an identity that wasn't released but the art is also available.

    If there's no easy solution there's always good ol' photoshop for me and those cards, I'll be using this for the rest of them though

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