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      <h1>Taylor Amanda Hall</h1>
      <p>1545 S State St # 705 | Chicago, IL 60605 <br>
      (817)-501-0605 |
  <hr/ >
    <h2>Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University</h2>
    <p>Evanston, IL 
      <br>Candidate for Master of Science in Journalism <br>
    Degree conferral expected December 2015</p>
    <h2>University of Chicago Divinity School</h2>
    <p>Chicago, IL <br>
      Master of Arts in Hebrew Bible <br>
      December 2014 </p>
    <h2>Rice University</h2>
    <p>Houston, TX<br>
      Bachelor of Arts in English & Religious Studies<br>
      May 2012 </p>
    <h2>Hebrew University of Jerusalem</h2>
    <p>Jerusalem, Israel<br>
      Harvard University Spring in Jerusalem Honors program<br>
      January-June 2011</p>
    <h1>Professional Experience
      <h2>Research Assistant, Dr. Dwight Hopkins</h2>
      <p>University of Chicago Divinity School<br>
        Assistant Manuscript Editor, <i> Teaching Theology in a Global and Transnational Context</i><br>
        March-December 2014</p>
      <h2>Dissertation Office Assistant Editor</h2>
      <p>University of Chicago Dissertation Office<br>
        January-December 2014</p>
      <h2>Grant-Writing & Publishing Intern</h2>
      <p>The Jerusalem Foundation<br>
        January-June 2011</p>
      <h2>Writing Consultant</h2>
      <p>Rice University Program for Communication Excellence<br>
        August 2010-May 2012</p>
      <h2>Assistant Editor, <i>Rice Cultivator</i></h2>
      <p>Baker Institute Student Forum Public Policy Research Journal<br>
        August 2008-May 2012</p>
      <h1>Awards & Grants</h1>
      <h3>Athena Robbins Scholarship</h3>
      Medill School of Journalism, 2015
      <h3>Steve Saler Scholarship</h3>
      Medill School of Journalism, 2015
      <h3>Summer Language Funding Award</h3>
      University of Chicago, 2014
      <h3>Dean's Fellowship</h3>
      University of Chicago, 2012-2014
      <h3>Saba Prize for Excellence in Religion</h3>
      Rice University, 2012
      <h3>President's Honor Roll</h3>
      Rice University, 2009-2011
      <h3>Minter Scholar</h3>
      Rice University, 2009-2010
      <h1>Language Proficiency</h1>
      <p>Ancient: Classical Hebrew, Attic Greek </p>
        <p>Modern: Hebrew, reading knowledge of Spanish & French </p>