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    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <title>Snap.SVG Infographic </title>
  <meta name="author" content="Ivaylo Gerchev">
    <script src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">

window.onload = function () {

  var snap = Snap(912,912);
  var p_line1 = snap.paper.line(0,0, 8,8).attr({stroke: '#00ADEF'});
  var p_line2 = snap.paper.line(8,0, 0,8).attr({stroke: '#00ADEF'});
  var p_rect = snap.paper.rect(0,0, 8,8).attr({fill: '#3A54A4', opacity: 0.9});

  var pattern = snap.paper.g(p_line1, p_line2, p_rect).pattern(0,0, 8,8);

  var background = snap.paper.rect(0,0, 912,912).attr({fill: pattern});

  var headline = snap.paper.text(56,100, ['The Three Layers','of','Every Web Page']).attr({fill: '#FBAF3F', fontFamily: 'Impact'});'tspan:first-of-type').attr({fontSize: '2.8em'})'tspan:nth-of-type(2)').attr({fill: 'none', stroke: '#FBAF3F', fontSize: '2.2em', dx: '15px', dy: '5px'});'tspan:last-of-type').attr({fontSize: '3.6em', x: '56px', y: '160px'});
  var f_Shadow = snap.paper.filter(Snap.filter.shadow(-2, 4, 4));

  var html_layer = snap.paper.rect(490,110, 200,30).attr({fill: '#00ADEF'}).transform('skewX(45)');
  var css_layer = snap.paper.rect(500,100, 200,30).attr({fill: '#8CC63E', filter: f_Shadow}).transform('skewX(45)');
  var js_layer = snap.paper.rect(510,90, 200,30).attr({fill: '#ED1C24', filter: f_Shadow}).transform('skewX(45)');

  var underline = snap.paper.line(56,180, 856,180).attr({stroke: '#FBAF3F', strokeWidth: '5px'});

// Grid 

  var arrow = snap.paper.polygon([0,10, 4,10, 2,0, 0,10]).attr({fill: '#FFF'}).transform('r270');
  var marker = arrow.marker(0,0, 10,10, 0,5);

  var grid_hl1 = snap.paper.line(56,380, 856,380).attr({stroke: '#FFF', strokeWidth: '2px'});
  var grid_hl2 = grid_hl1.clone().transform('t0,200');
  var grid_hl3 = grid_hl1.clone().transform('t0,400');
  var grid_vl1 = snap.paper.line(256,200, 256,800).attr({stroke: '#FFF', strokeWidth: '2px', markerStart: marker});
  var grid_vl2 = grid_vl1.clone().transform('t330,0');

// Shapes

  var html_square = snap.paper.rect(96,620, 120,120).attr({fill: '#00ADEF', stroke: '#FFF', strokeWidth: '2px', filter: f_Shadow}); 
  var html_square_text = snap.paper.text(110,693, 'HTML').attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Comic Sans MS', fontSize: '2em', fontWeight: 'bold'});

  var css_circle =,480, 60).attr({fill: '#8CC63E', stroke: '#FFF', strokeWidth: '2px', filter: f_Shadow});
  var css_circle_text = snap.paper.text(124,493, 'CSS').attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Comic Sans MS', fontSize: '2em', fontWeight: 'bold'});

  var js_triangle = snap.paper.polygon([96,325, 216,325, 156,235]).attr({fill: '#ED1C24', stroke: '#FFF', strokeWidth: '2px', filter: f_Shadow});
  var js_triangle_text = snap.paper.text(132,306, 'JS').attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Comic Sans MS', fontSize: '2em', fontWeight: 'bold'});

// Ribbons & Text Areas

  var html_ribbon = snap.paper.polygon([296,798, 546,798, 526,780, 546,762, 296,762, 316,780, 296,798]).attr({fill: '#00ADEF', filter: f_Shadow});
  var css_ribbon = html_ribbon.clone().attr({fill: '#8CC63E'}).transform('t0,-200');
  var js_ribbon = html_ribbon.clone().attr({fill: '#ED1C24'}).transform('t0,-400');

  var html_ribbon_text = snap.paper.text(355,790, 'STRUCTURE').attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Comic Sans MS', fontSize: '1.4em'});
  var css_ribbon_text = snap.paper.text(333,590, 'PRESENTATION').attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Comic Sans MS', fontSize: '1.4em'});
  var js_ribbon_text = snap.paper.text(330,390, 'INTERACTIVITY').attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Comic Sans MS', fontSize: '1.4em'});

  var html_textarea = snap.paper.text(300,630, ['HTML adds structure to a website\'s', 'content (text, images, and so on).', 'You can think of it as the anatomy', 'of the web pages.']).attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Trebuchet MS', fontStyle: 'italic'});
  var css_textarea = snap.paper.text(300,430, ['CSS adds style to the content.', 'It makes the web page\'s components', 'to appear in different colors, sizes,', 'and so on.']).attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Trebuchet MS', fontStyle: 'italic'});
  var js_textarea = snap.paper.text(300,230, ['JavaScript adds behavior', 'to the content. It makes the latter', 'responsive to user\'s actions.', 'Click the first post\'s image to see', 'an interactive example.']).attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Trebuchet MS', fontStyle: 'italic'});

  var textareas = [html_textarea, css_textarea, js_textarea];

  for (var i = 0; i < textareas.length; i++) {

    textareas[i].selectAll('tspan').attr({x: '300px', dy: '1.2em'});


// Wireframes

  var page = snap.paper.rect(610,400, 230,160).attr({fill: '#DFEDCC', filter: f_Shadow});
  var logo = snap.paper.rect(625,410, 70,30).attr({fill: '#BDD1EC'});
  var nav = snap.paper.line(620,450, 830,450).attr({stroke: '#652C90', strokeWidth: '6px', strokeDasharray: '25 5'});

  var post_img = snap.paper.rect(625,464, 50,50).attr({fill: '#1B75BB'});
  var post_txt = snap.paper.line(650,520, 650,550).attr({stroke: '#939597', strokeWidth: '50px', strokeDasharray: '3 7'});

  var post = snap.paper.g(post_img, post_txt);
  var post_2 = post.clone().transform('t70,0');
  var post_3 = post.clone().transform('t140,0');

  var f_Saturate = snap.paper.filter(Snap.filter.saturate(1));

  var css_wireframe = snap.paper.g(page, logo, nav, post, post_2, post_3);
  var html_wireframe = css_wireframe.clone().transform('t0,200').attr({filter: f_Saturate});
  var js_wireframe = css_wireframe.clone().transform('t0,-200');

  var panel = snap.paper.rect(650,200, 150,100, 3,3).attr({fill: '#1C98BA'});

  var circle =,200, 10).attr({fill: '#1B75BB', stroke: '#DFEDCC', strokeWidth: '2px'});
  var close_icon = snap.paper.text(796,204, 'x').attr({fill: '#FFF', fontFamily: 'Verdana'});
  var close_button = snap.paper.g(circle, close_icon);

  var lightbox = snap.paper.g(panel, close_button).attr({opacity: 0}).insertBefore(js_wireframe);

  var ipost ='g:first-of-type>rect').attr({fill: '#1B75BB'})
                            this.attr({fill: '#003EBA', cursor: 'pointer'});
                            this.attr({fill: '#1B75BB'});

    lightbox.animate({transform: 't0,30', opacity: 1}, 400)



    this.attr({cursor: 'pointer'});


    lightbox.animate({transform: 't0,0', opacity: 0}, 400, function(){




  var footer_text = snap.paper.text(543,872, ['Made with','for']).attr({fill: '#B5DD25', fontFamily: 'Comic Sans MS', fontSize: '1.2em'});'tspan:nth-child(2)').attr({dx: '45px'});'#heart').appendTo(snap);'path').attr({fill: '#EC008B', stroke: '#FFF'}).transform('t645,850').insertAfter(background);



<!-- SVG Heart Shape -->

<svg version="1.1" id="heart" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" x="0px" y="0px"
     width="24px" height="24px" viewBox="0 0 24 24" enable-background="new 0 0 24 24" xml:space="preserve">
<path fill-rule="evenodd" clip-rule="evenodd" fill="none" d="M11.995,6.243C8.888-2.079,0.057-0.138-0.001,9.521



                @import "compass/css3";