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                <link href="" rel="stylesheet">


<body class="gradient">

 <div class ="burritoWrap">
  <h1> Shopping List </h1>
<select name = "Cathegory" id="dropDown" class="dropdown btn"> 
    <option value="uncategorised">Uncategorized</option>
  <option value="vegetables">Vegetables & Fruits</option>
  <option value="dairy">Dairy products</option>
  <option value="grains">Grains</option>
  <option value="meatFish">Meat & Fish</option>
  <input type="text" id="input" class="btn" placeholder="Enter Items" onsubmit="emptyText();"> </input>
<button id="add" class="btn"> Add </button>
  <button id="remove" class="btn" onlick ="return emptyText();"> Remove Last </button>

  <ul id="list">


</div> <!-- wrap -->



                .del {text-decoration: line-through;}

h1 {padding:5%; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size: 40px; color: #7FA6FF}

.gradient {height:1000px;

#dropDown {margin-bottom:3%; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:20px;}

.burritoWrap {margin:0 auto; width: 500px; margin-top:8%; ; padding-bottom:5%; padding-top:1%; text-align:center; border-radius:5%; background-color:#061539; ; box-shadow:5px 5px  1px #162955;}

#add {margin-left: 2%; color:black; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:20px; background-color: #7FA6FF; margin-right:1%;}

#input{color:black; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; padding-right:10%; font-size:20px; }

#remove{color:black; font-family: 'Open Sans Condensed', sans-serif; font-size:20px; background-color: #7FA6FF; margin-left:1%}

.checked{float:right; color:black; font-size:15px; background-color: #7FA6FF;}

.liEl {; width: 250px; padding:2%; background-color:#734C8E; margin-left:8%; border-radius:5%; font-family: sans-serif; font-size:25px; color:whit;}


/* TODO. add stylying, make a drop down menu to select a cathgory, each cathegory change the appearance and colour of the line.. */ 


/* Function starting when pressing the button with the add id */
$(function () {
	$("#add").click(function() {
    /*var input: gets the value of the input field, that is the text entered in "Enter Items" box. 
    var check: creates a button of the class checked. 
    var newEl: creates a li element of the class liEl */
    var input = $('#input').val(); 
    var check = $('<button class="checked btn">Check</button>');
		var newEl = $('<li class="liEl"></li>');
 /* Appends the input value, the text, to the li element */
/* appends the check button to every new li */
 /* appends the newEls to the ul */   
 /* makes the input text box empty again after submitting an item */
  /* Adds an animation, but for now, to the wrong element */  
      newEl.addClass("animated bounce"); 

  /* If a category is selected, apply that css to the new li elements, a mix of jQuery and javascript to have an if/else*/
    if($("#dropDown").val() == "vegetables") { 
  $(newEl).css("background-color", "#5FAE57");
} else if ($("#dropDown").val() == "meatFish") {
  $(newEl).css("background-color", "#D3696C");
} else if ($("#dropDown").val() == "grains") {
  $(newEl).css("background-color", "#FFF7AA");
}else if ($("#dropDown").val() == "dairy") {
  $(newEl).css("background-color", "#7FA6FF");
  /* when the check button is pressed, the parent of this element, that is the Li element that is appended to and creates it, get this css style, in this case a line crossing it, otherwise all of the li elements would get crossed.*/
$(check).click(function() {
$(this).parent().css('text-decoration', 'line-through');

  /* remove the last liEl element */
   $('#remove').click(function(evt) {  
		var lastEl = $('li.liEl').last();
  /* This makes the Enter key work like the add button, the keycode for the enter key is 13 */
	 $('#input').keypress(function(evt) { 
		if (evt.keyCode === 13) {


/* Old code: 

document.getElementById("add").addEventListener('click', function() {

  var check = document.createElement("button");
  var input = document.getElementById("input").value;
  var newEl = document.createElement("li");
  var newText = document.createTextNode(input);
  var buttonText = document.createTextNode("Check");
  newEl.className = "liEl";
  check.setAttribute("class", "checked");

 $("button.checked").on('click', function() {

 var position = document.getElementsByTagName("ul")[0];
 document.getElementById("input").value = "";

document.getElementById('input').onkeypress = function(e) {
  if (e.keyCode == 13) {
    document.getElementById('add').click(); /*  adds an event listener to the submit text, keyCode 13 equals the enter key so when it's pressed it presses the add button. */

/* Delete last item function: */
document.getElementById("remove").addEventListener('click', function() {
  var els = document.getElementsByTagName("li");
  var removeEl = els[els.length - 1]; // <-- fetching last el, If els is an array, it has indices from 0 to els.length - 1. 0 is the first, els.length - 1 is the last index.
  var containerEl = removeEl.parentNode;

  document.getElementsByClassName("liEl").addEventListener("click", function(){
  var del = document.createElement("del");
    var liEl = document.getElementsByClassName("liEl");