Saint Vallalar a brief Life Sketch

Swamigal Ramalinga ~ Vallalar - Quotes
  • Oh people of the world, come here! We shall deeply think of the mercy and Love of the Supreme God.
  • We shall bow down and praise his glory with tears.
    He is our rightful Lord.
  • If we praise and worship him, we can get deathless life. My words are neither falsehood nor exaggeration.

I tell only truth,
This is the time to enter into the narrow path and
reach the golden temple which is within our forehead.
~~Ramalinga Vallalar~~


Birth of Vallalar

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Childhood of vallalar

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Education and boy hood

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Mirracles of Vallalar

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coded by Kavitha

Vallalar's Arul perumjothi

vallalar's history - a short film