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<![CDATA[ body { margin: 0; }</p> <h1>navbar</h1> <p>{ background-color: #333; position: fixed; top: -50px; width: 100%; display:block; transition: top 0.3s; }</p> <h1>navbar a</h1> <p>{ float: left; display: block; color: #f2f2f2; text-align: center; padding: 15px; text-decoration: none; font-size: 17px; }</p> <h1>navbar a:hover</h1> <p>{ background-color: #ddd; color: black; } ]]>

This example demonstrates how to slide down a navbar when the user starts to scroll the page.

Globalization is making the availability of businesses or technologies all across the world through the speed of markets. Globalization is making various huge changes in the world where people are moving away from their self-contained countries to the more integrated world. In order to globalize a business, a company need to bring change in a business strategy made for a single country to the special one having ability to operate in multiple countries. Globalization impacts a business and a company in various ways. Globalization impact on businesses in the worldwide market can be described under two broad categories of market globalization and production globalization. Market globalization is the reduction in selling barriers of products or services to other countries other than its home country. It is very necessary for a company to make success easier by effectively globalizing selling products to the international market. Production globalization is the set up of plant in many countries to produce products locally on low labour cost and earn more profit than its home country.

<![CDATA[ // When the user scrolls down 20px from the top of the document, slide down the navbar window.onscroll = function() {scrollFunction()}; function scrollFunction() { if (document.body.scrollTop > 20 || document.documentElement.scrollTop > 20) { document.getElementById("navbar").style.top = "0"; } else { document.getElementById("navbar").style.top = "-50px"; } } ]]>

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