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  1. Awesome work !!! check out the binary one ( i have modified some of your work "fork" ) , it looks like the matrix !

  2. no cursor: pointer on the button #howdareyou? Awesome shuffle!

  3. hello. i am new with js. this is amazing! for how long are you coding js? :-)

  4. hi @Krstic1 glad you like it :) I think I've started ~five years ago.

  5. Awesome Work :D

  6. hi @Boris100 please check your email account.. there seems to be an error :(

  7. Awsome job dude ~! keep it up :)

  8. @SaschaSigl Hello there, I need a help here in my code. I want to apply this effect to each li element of nav tag. I tried changing different values of code, but couldn't make it. The effect is applying only to first element with id=shuffler but I want it to apply to all other li elements on onclick.

  9. @s_o_satyaleela Please note multiple elements with the same ID are not allowed. I added a span inside the ahref with the class "effect". Then I selected all these new elements with getElementsByClassName and then applied the effect to each one of them. To make it a little bit easier I made up a new function "applyTextEffect" that takes the object itself as parameter. https://codepen.io/SaschaSigl/pen/WMMjGd

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