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UPDATED DEMO FOR MY BLOG POST TUTORIAL How to Create Windows-8-like Animations with CSS3 and jQuery http://blog.sarasoueidan.com/windows8-animations



  1. awesome! nice blog btw ;)

  2. Thank u! :))

  3. Mind if I use this in an app I'm thinking of making?

  4. Sure :) would love to see the app when it's done! will u link back to it? :)

  5. i... wow that's fantastic sara!

  6. Sara > MS. We knew it, she did it. : ]

  7. @Bounasser Thank u :))

  8. @Hugo thanks a lot! ^.^

  9. Nice work. Lovely background by the way. :)

  10. Thanks Hugo ^.^ and thanks @Tammy and @sriramajeyam

  11. perfection is here..

  12. Very neat. Comment 148th line in the CSS and see the text transition more smoothly on hovers. Cheers!

  13. Great job, this is really slick and beautiful.

  14. Thanks @everyone :))

  15. coolstuff!

  16. Someone to use online mobile developement to embed Sara code into an Apps ? (See: Build.PhoneGap.com, Tiggzi.com, ApplicationCraft.com )

  17. @Hugo u need to build an app first to add these interactions to it :) I mean have an idea, subject, content, etc..

  18. [-FR-]Bravo très jolie travail. juste une petite question au sujet de la compatibilité IE. IE8, IE9 ne sont pas compatible ? [-EN-]Congratulations beautiful work. just a quick question about IE compatibility. IE8, IE9 is not compatible?

  19. Hi thanks Dufresne, as far as I know IE8 is not compatible, and IE9 needs -ms- prefixes, IE 10 is compatible, you can check more on caniuse.com :)

  20. Thank you for your answer, very fast.

  21. and thank you for your comment :)

  22. It`s cool!

  23. 300+ loves. Insane.

  24. Yeah I know! :>

  25. I thought I commented on this... like everyone has said, amazing work. I can't wait until I can code even CLOSE to as good as this. If you take on any "students" let me know! I'd be glad to learn some things from you

  26. yi haaa it is just awesome :)

  27. Thank u everyone! :)

  28. The icons stopped working! ;/

  29. Fixed! :) thank u for the heads up :) I had changed the demo's folder name on my server and forgot to rename it here :) thank u for the heads up @CrocoDillion

  30. Was wondering if anyone could kindly help me out please, would it be possible that the boxes shrink instead of go underneath each other ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  31. awesome :)

  32. Gorgeous!!

  33. Hi,

    Thanks for Posting Such a Nice information, i am not able to click if put in side Only can open page bu right click open in new window.

    I want to open in click


  34. Looks unique and clean! Cheers for Arabs

  35. @ElmahdiMahmoud Thank you Mahdi =)

  36. @SaraSoueidan This is beautiful! Such a talented coder!

  37. The Instagram and picasa tile on hover rotates but doesn't show the backface text in Firefox browser and IE . Do you have any solution to that . If yes please reply!!

  38. Awesome! Love those colors! :)


  40. awesome work! looks really cool

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