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                <div class="o-page-grid o-container">
  <header class="c-page-header c-page-header--event o-grid__item--full">
  <div class="c-page-header__image">
    <img src="" alt="A stock image of ballet dancers" />
  <div class="c-page-header__container o-container">
    <h1 class="c-page-header__title h-text--h1"><span class="c-page-header__title-text">
        The event title with ten fields, five are free text
    <span class="c-page-header__producer h-text--pretitle h-text--bold"> Producer or Company<span class="h-accessibility">.</span></span>
    <span class="c-page-header__credit h-text--extra-large">
        Credit for Writer<span class="h-accessibility">.</span> 
    <div class="c-page-header__quote h-only-desktop">
      <blockquote class="c-quote c-quote--featured">
        <p class="c-quote__rating c-quote__rating--five">
    <span class="c-quote__rating--text">Five Stars</span>
        <p class="c-quote__text h-text--extra-large">Example quote that might go on a while. It could be 140ch</p>
        <footer class="c-quote__footer"><cite class="c-quote__cite h-text--pretitle">Example Blurber</cite></footer>
    <section class="c-page-header__infobar">
    <span class="o-container o-page-grid">
      <span class="c-page-header__date h-text--h4 h-text--black h-text--uppercase o-page-grid__item--sidebar">
        <time datetime="2019-03-30T20:30:00+00:00" itemprop="startDate">Sat 30 Mar 2019</time> – <time datetime="2021-01-01T20:15:00+00:00" itemprop="endDate">Fri 1 Jan 2021</time></span>
    <a href="#datesandtimes" class="o-page-grid__sidebar c-page-header__action o-button">Choose dates &amp; Book</a></span>


                .c-page-header {
  //list elements
  @include template(title, producer, credit, quote);
  &__container {
    display: grid;
    grid-template-columns: 7fr 1fr 4fr;
      "producer .     . "
      "title    .  quote "
      "credit   .  quote   "
      ".        .  quote";

    @include media(tablet) {
      grid-template-columns: 10fr 2fr;
        "producer ."
        "title ."
        "credit ."; //The  quote has disappeared! We have turned off quote on phone right in the html with a helper class. If the element is none to the DOM it is ignored by grid, so we can ignore it too.
    @include media(phone) {
      grid-template-columns: 1fr;
  &__title {
    margin-bottom: $b*0.75; //this designer sets bottom margins individually on elements, not as regular proportions of text size (em) or regular spacing (grid gap) so we set margins per element too to honour the spec
  &__credit {
    margin-bottom: $b*1.25;
  &__quote {
     @include monotheme;

  //we're just gonna let infobar full width without having to break it out of container
  &__infobar {
    //this is sticky with vue sticky directive in RL
    @include theme;
    padding: $b 0;
    margin-bottom: $b;

    > .o-page-grid { // here we look at  adding a page grid as an interior grid -- on balance not my preference but good to examine
      align-items: center;
      margin-bottom: 0;
    .c-page-header__date {
      @include media(phone) {
        text-align: center;
        grid-area: 1 /1 / 1 / 13;
    .c-page-header__action {
      padding: 17px 30px;
    @include var(border-color, currentColor);
      @include on-event {
        @include fliptheme;       

  .c-page-header__image {
    max-height: 430px; // in RL this is done with Imager but I've just grabbed a stock imqge from Pexels
    overflow: hidden;
    margin-bottom: $b;
    img {
      height: auto;

//see library for external resources: