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              <div class ="container "><div class="jumbotron"><div class ="text-center"><h1>Neil Degrasse Tyson</h1>
	<div class="thumbnail text-center">
<img src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b0/Tyson_-_Apollo_40th_anniversary.jpg/1024px-Tyson_-_Apollo_40th_anniversary.jpg" alt="Neil Degrasse Tyson"
	class="img-responsive"><div class="caption">The Grand Wizard Of The Cosmos Using The Jedi Mind Trick To Make His Audiance Love Star Trek!</div> </div>
	<h2>His Journey From Birth To the Cosmos</h2>
	<ul><li><b>1958 - </b> He is born the second of three children in Manhattan, New York  it is also the year of the birth of NASA.</li>
<li><b>1972 -</b>  He Attended the Bronx High School of Science where he was captain of the wrestling team and editor-in-chief of the Physical Science Journal. </li>
		<li><b>1975 -</b> Sagan invited the 17-year-old to spend a day in Ithaca. </li>
				<li><b>1980 -</b>earned an AB degree in physics at Harvard College </li>
						<li><b>1983 -</b> he received an MA degree in astronomy in University of Texas at Austin </li>
	<li><b>1989 -</b> he earned an MPhil degree in astrophysics in Columbia University and a PhD degree in astrophysics in 1991 </li>
	<li><b>1996 -</b>  He became the director of the Hyaden planetarium and I was 5 years old</li>
		<li><b>2009 -</b> He launches the  Star talk radio podcast bringing a piece of the universe to our ears</li>
		<li><b>2016 -</b>  My Inspiration for being a S.T.E.M Educator </li></ul>
	<h3> You can get a glimps of the man's awesome brain at his <a href="http://www.startalkradio.net/?sfid=9947&sort_order=date+asc" target="blank"> Star Talk Radio Podcast </a></h3>
	</div ><p class="text-center"> Written and coded by <a href="https://github.com/SageNeonel/BootStrapResume">Irving Buelto A.K.A SageNeonel A.K.A Bodacious Buelto A.K.A Chocolate Thunder</a></div>
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