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                <h1>Examples of Description Lists</h1>

<h2>Example 1: Key-Value Pairs</h2>
<p>A common use-case of description lists are for displaying meta-data or key-value pairs. In this case, each term (defined by the DT element) has a single value (defined by the DD element).</p>

<h3>Document Details</h3>
  <dd>Wendi Jollymore</dd>
  <dt>Date Published</dt>
  <dd>June 25, 2019</dd>
  <dt>Published Title</dt>
  <dd>50 Wines of the Niagara Region</dd>

<h2>Example 2: Each term has multiple descriptions</h2>

<h3>Generation Terminology</h3>
  <dt>The Lost Generation</dt>
  <dd>people born 1883 - 1900</dd>
  <dd>represented by huge loss of life and mass immigration because of WWI</dd>
  <dd>purposeless, aimlessness</dd>
  <dt>The Greatest Generation</dt>
  <dd>people born 1901 - 1924</dd>
  <dd>grew up in the great depression, possibly fought in WWII</dd>
  <dd>moralistic attitude towards war</dd>
  <dt>The Silent Generation</dt>
  <dd>people born 1925 - 1945</dd>
  <dd>accepting government rather than speaking out against it, pursuing modest careers and secure domestic life</dd>
  <dd>accepting, conflict avoidance, seeking security</dd>
  <dt>The Baby Boomer Generation</dt>
  <dd>people born 1946 - 1964</dd>
  <dd>result of population boom after WWII, saw several important events (moon landing, assassinations of MLK and JFK, civil rights movement, etc)</dd>
  <dd>pointed out (and protested for awareness of) issues that we revisit today such as consumerism, poverty, climate change, etc</dd>
  <dd>national optimism, prosperity, consumerism</dd>
  <dt>Generation X</dt>
  <dd>people born 1965 - 1980</dd>
  <dd>strong independence as boomer parents both held full time jobs away from home, high inflation and expensive food/housing/etc; witnessed fall of Berlin Wall and introduction of personal computers</dd>
  <dd>here began the importance of and emphasis on education, particularly post-secondary education (college, university); this was not as important or necessary to previous generaitons</dd>
  <dd>mistrust of institutional authority, rebellion, self-reliance</dd>
  <dt>Generation Y, aka "Millennials"</dt>
  <dd>people born 1981 - 1996</dd>
  <dd>became adults at the turn of the century</dd>
  <dd>experienced 9/11, the growth of the Internet, the Great Recession</dd>
  <dt>Generation Z, aka "iGen"</dt>
  <dd>people born 1997 - 2012</dd>
  <dd>the first generation to grow up with personal/mobile technology, dealing with mass-shooting violence</dd>
  <dd>took up many causes started by the Boomer generation and pushed them onto social media (poverty, consumerism, climate change, etc)</dd>
  <dd>more diverse, more familiar and accepting of non-heteronormative identities, social activism, the most depressed generation</dd>

<h2>Example 3: Multiple terms associated with one or more descriptions</h2>

<h3>Foods that help with everyday health issues</h3>
  <dd>Ginger root: fresh ginger root, ginger capsules, ginger juice/tea/syrup.</dd>
  <dd>Mint tea, although mint tea might aggrivate hearburn in some people.</dd>
  <dt>Cough from a Cold</dt>
  <dd>Ginger tea with lemon</dd>
  <dd>Raw honey has antibiotic properties and also soothes a scratchy throat.</dd>


body {
  font: 16px Arial, sans-serif;

/* Uncomment the code below to see how you can format a description list. */

dl {
  border-bottom: 2px solid #0D47A1;
  border-top: 2px solid #0D47A1;
  padding: 10px 2px;

dt {
  background-color: #BBDEFB;
  font-weight: bold;
  margin: 2px;
  padding: 3px;
dd {
  margin: 5px 0px 5px 2.5em;