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  1. Best WebGL smoke/fluid demo I've seen in a while. Congrats!

  2. Super awesome! Even makes Kelvin-Helmholtz Effect swirls. Very realistic.

  3. Phenomenal! So much fun to toy with. Setting DENSITY_DISSIPATION to a higher value like 0.995 and watching different colors interact is just beautiful.

  4. This is incredible! Amazing work!

  5. That really is quite awesome!

  6. nice and props for using vanilla webgl!

  7. It doesn't work on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Chrome or Firefox 😣 sounds cool though

  8. This is insane! Dude... ur a wizard.

  9. Wonderful !!! :)))

  10. Beautiful!

  11. Motherffffff!! 😵😵😵


  12. Wow, that's awesome

  13. Impressive.

  14. I'm gonna spend the rest of life watching this ❤

  15. Absolutely mind blowing

  16. This might be my favorite thing I've ever seen on this site

  17. Awesome!!

  18. Incredible! I've never seen such a visually and functionally beautiful simulation before.

  19. how to change background black

  20. Cool. Is it possible to migrate to threejs?

  21. 好厉害

  22. Hello good afternoon

    Is it possible to leave the background transparent?

  23. This is insane.

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