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              body {
  position: absolute;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;
/* canvas {
  width: 300px;
  height: 300px;
} */
              // --------------------------
// Setup Canvas / Inital Vars
// --------------------------

// canvas
var c = $('#wall');
// get canvas context so we can draw on it later
var ctx = c[0].getContext('2d');
// image(s) we will be drawing...
var wall_image_urls = [
var image_ready = false;

function resize_canvas() {
  var winWidth = $('body').outerWidth();
  var winHeight = $('body').outerHeight();
  c[0].width = winWidth;
  c[0].height = winHeight;
  // try playing around with these values to see how it affects the canvas
  // c[0].width = 400;
  // c[0].height = 200;
  // c.css({
  //   width: 600+'px',
  //   height: 200+'px'
  // });
// immediately resize canvas  
// resize canvas again if window is resized
var debounce_resize;
$(window).on('resize orientationchange', function(){
  // The timeout acts as a debounce as well has a timeout for mobile devices as they take about 2-300 ms to complete an orientationchange
  debounce_resize = setTimeout(function(){
    // we have to now redraw the canvas or what is on it may be stretched
    if( image_ready ) { // lets make sure the images have been loaded
  }, 300);

// --------------------------
// load a wall image
// --------------------------

var wall_image_data;
wall_image = new Image();
// make sure you add the onload event before the src or the image may load be fire this func is defined
wall_image.onload = function(){
  imgWidth = this.width;
  imgHeight = this.height; 
  // store image obj in array
  wall_image_data = {
    img: this, // image obj to be drawn by canvas
    imgWidth: imgWidth,
    imgHeight: imgHeight
  image_ready = true;
  // draw the image
wall_image.src = wall_image_urls[0];

// function draw the image
function draw() {
  // get the image/canvas ratio
  var wallHeight = c.height();
  // draw away...
  ctx.drawImage(wall_image_data.img, 0, 0, wall_image_data.imgWidth,wall_image_data.imgHeight);
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